Chen Ziqin wrinkled his nose and said proudly, "Hum! Do you think Chen Ziqin is a liar? Bai Guyi rejected the YuYunZhong request but although this little guy mouth should but bear a grudge and went to find the Bai Guyi big disciple YueWen … "

重庆夜网,重庆耍耍网,重庆桑拿论坛,重庆夜生活论坛桑拿洗浴会所 Chen Ziqin wrinkled his nose and said proudly, "Hum! Do you think Chen Ziqin is a liar? Bai Guyi rejected the YuYunZhong request but although this little guy mouth should but bear a grudge and went to find the Bai Guyi big disciple YueWen … "

"You mean he went out of Bai Guyi to find Yue Wen, and you followed him?"
Chen Ziqin smiled with some excitement: "How could I give up halfway for such a fun thing! Okay, don’t interrupt. Listen to me! Then Yu Yunzhong found Yue Wen and said that Yue Wen was also quite angry with you. Plus, they drank some wine and decided to wait until Yuanjiang was released on bail and work together to kill you in the chaos! "
Yi Yu looked at Chen Ziqin with a slight mockery in her eyes and said, "Just because they still want to kill me?"
Chen Ziqin did not give in and snorted coldly: "I can’t see it! You little fool are quite crazy! If you add a blood son Deng Yin! You know, you and he are the hate of taking away your wife! "
Yi Yu couldn’t help thinking, "Is Deng Yin here this time? Why haven’t I heard about it? "
Chen Ziqin snorted: "I’m afraid when you hear that the swords are facing each other on the battlefield!"
Yi Yu frowned and said, "No! I’m afraid the master doesn’t know about this either. If he knew, he couldn’t have warned me just now! By the way, hasn’t the blood son of God already betrayed the Emei Sect? How can it still appear here? Is it … "Thought of the possibility that Yi Yu couldn’t help breaking out in a cold sweat. hurry
: "You hurry up and talk about the details of but!"
"oh! In fact, there’s nothing to say. I’m hiding in the wall and eavesdropping on the two people talking. Deng Yin happened to pass by. You don’t know that guy’s ears are the best, but you may have heard Yu Yunzhong and Yue Wen from a distance. "
"Then what did they say?"
Chen Ziqin said with a smile, "Look, you didn’t say anything in a hurry. Deng Yin said that if they started fighting, he would come to help them not to misunderstand, and so on. How come you are a little afraid of the ex-husband who is innocent now? "
In the face of Chen Ziqin’s banter, Yi Yu did not care at all and asked: "Deng Yin flew from the direction of the Emei Sect!"
Chen Ziqin nodded and said, "Well! I was wondering at the time! Didn’t this Deng Yin turn out to be the Emei Sect? How can you go there at such a sensitive time? "
Yi Yu thought for a moment and looked grim. "I’m afraid I have to go back to Master Zun!" "
Yi Yu and Chen Ziqin hurried to the East Garden where Zhu Mei was located, but suddenly there was a noise just a hundred feet away from the East Garden. A small courtyard that was very quiet when I came over. At this time, life is a mess! Yi Yu couldn’t help wondering, "What is this?"
"oh! The golden spider is being fed there. This scene is very rare! Do you want to go and have a look? "
Yi Yuyi thought, "Deng Yin’s business is important, but it’s not urgent to see what the main force of Yuanjiang’s treasure collection is like at the moment!" And that Chen Ziqin had already dragged him to the yard before Yi Yu responded. The feeling was that she wanted to go sightseeing.
Looking at a face of excitement, Chen Ziqin Yi Yu’s heart andao: "It turned out that the title of Nine-Day Witch was thought to be a cold ice cube! I can’t believe that Chen Ziqin is so humanized. Little woman who loves to watch the excitement and inquire about gossip! "
This garden may be specially prepared for feeding the golden spider, which is dozens of feet in size and very spacious. I am afraid that raising the golden spider will have to be released for a walk every day like raising a dog, otherwise it will also affect its health!
At this time, many young people have gathered in the garden. Obviously, this rare scene on weekdays has attracted many curious people. Yi Yu and Chen Zi found an inconspicuous corner to stand down.
See that when the hospital. There is a giant spider covered in golden light strolling leisurely there! A huge jaw is as big as an ink tray, and it’s ten feet open, Fiona Fang! If it’s only about size, it’s not much worse than Tang Wan’s pair of abnormal poisonous golden silkworm methods! These wild poisonous insects are described as formidable. Has a terrible momentum!
Just then, I saw the huge golden spider suddenly excited and all the fine hairs were moving like gold needles. I saw a pale coachman driving a big carriage into the yard at the door. The car is full of grains and a kind of three-bud red fruit. Yi Yu doesn’t know what it is.
Probably I saw Yi Yu’s confusion, and Chen Ziqin pointed to the fruit and said, "That is, the poisonous fruit of seven birds is very rare and it is the favorite food of this golden spider! Maybe it’s time for Yuanjiang to get the treasure. Reward this beast, or master won’t take it out for it to eat on weekdays. "
Just then, it suddenly changed. The golden spider seemed to have been hungry for too long, and could not wait long to run straight to the carriage. The coachman is a mortal. I’ve never seen such a scene before, and the shit spilled out on the ground. And the mule and horse that pulled the cart had an animal instinct, and at this time they lost their master’s control and ran just visible.
This golden spider will run away when it sees the delicious food in its mouth. How can it let go easily because of the animal nature of food protection? I saw that when the two huge jaws of the big golden spider split to the sides, a white light was ejected, which hit the back of the mule and horse. Red and white things splashed all over the floor, and the mule and horse that pulled the cart immediately fell to the ground.
The eight big feet of the golden spider jumped to the side of the overturned carriage with a tight jump, trying to stuff its moth-eaten food in its mouth. It’s just that although the carriage is not small, how can it withstand such a monster? In a moment, it has been attached to the wheels and entered the mouth of this golden spider!
Just then, the driver who had been scared boneless didn’t know where he got the strength to stand up and drag himself to the golden spider! Perhaps the only business was ruined by the golden spider, which made the ordinary driver burst out with infinite courage, but courage can’t replace strength after all.
I felt this faint murderous look, and the four pairs of giant eyes like stars suddenly lit up. A slight movement of the back foot kicked the driver who rushed up dozens of feet away and was killed immediately. But at this time, there are countless monks watching the scene of bustle around, but no one has made moves for this innocent person.
At this time, I saw a middle-aged Taoist priest on the stone platform in the courtyard with a snort of cold … Please see the next visit of the old father-in-law for details.

The two hundred and seventy-eighth visit from my father-in-law
After the coachman was kicked to death by the golden spider, he saw the expressionless way standing on the stone platform in the middle: "Throw out this Shan Ye man who doesn’t know the depth. If you hurt my golden spider, it’s not enough to compensate their family’s life!" Well … pay them a hundred taels of silver in case people say that our bitter bamboo monastery oppresses people. " You don’t have to elaborate if you have your own disciples to clean up.
Chen Ziqin pointed to the middle-aged Taoist and whispered, "That’s my master’s master Zheng Dianxian!"
Yi Yushun saw at a glance a graceful middle-aged Taoist in Shu Ya standing on a small low platform in the middle, carefully watching the golden spider below as if watching her children! It seems that this great master really attaches great importance to this Yuanjiang treasure.
Yi Yu whispered, "Is she a great master? It looks a bit charming, but this temper is too cold! How dare you claim to be the right way? Seeing human life as dirt is not as good as the hair of a golden spider! "
Chen Ziqin smiled and said, "I didn’t expect you, a wicked man called demon fairy, to have such a sense of justice! It’s really hard to tell! But I’m afraid there are not many people in the whole fix true circle who will think so! Although we are ordinary human beings before we practice, I’m afraid there are not many monks who have lived alone for thousands of years except those who have just gone up the mountain to remember that they are human beings … "
"Really?" Yi Yu took a faint look at Chen Ziqin.
Chen Ziqin suddenly covered her mouth and smiled: "Oh! I forgot that you are just a teenager who has just gone up the mountain for a few years! It’s really rude to talk like this! " Just look at her smiling face, but there is no half-apology.
Yi Yu shrugged his shoulders helplessly. Although the beauty around him called him a spring boy, he was a spring boy. However, if he elaborated on it, he would practice the fix-true boundary for thousands of years. He was really a spring boy after twenty years of fix-true.
At this time, the golden spider, who had been satiated with food and drink, waved its huge body and wandered around for a few laps before lazily lying on the ground. At first sight, the people on the big jump knew that it was this lazy thing that had played enough. After a change of tricks, they turned out a Xiao Mu box. The huge golden spider body a slight quiver although seemingly very reluctant. But I also had to fly straight to the people on the big jump. In the blink of an eye, a ten-foot-sized golden spider actually shrank and changed into a half-foot Fiona Fang’s little thing and fell into a wooden box.