Zhong Tianyi knew the appearance of Li Rucai, the great disciple of Ziwei Gate, and even less the appearance of Liu Xuanyu, a disciple of Youlan Sect who was struggling to pursue. He saw Zhong Tianyi glance around the hall and sat down at a table with Xiao Er’s greeting.

重庆夜网,重庆耍耍网,重庆桑拿论坛,重庆夜生活论坛桑拿夜网 Zhong Tianyi knew the appearance of Li Rucai, the great disciple of Ziwei Gate, and even less the appearance of Liu Xuanyu, a disciple of Youlan Sect who was struggling to pursue. He saw Zhong Tianyi glance around the hall and sat down at a table with Xiao Er’s greeting.

Yangzhou Fulai Inn left too many memories for Zhong Tianyi. Zhong Tianyi’s mind, which was touched by the scene, was full of the beautiful and touching woman.
Her watery and charming eyes, pink and thick lips like jade-like skin, appear in front of Zhong Tianyi all the time.
Zhong Tianyi couldn’t help but pick up a small handleless wine cup and drink it. Jade liquid gradually appeared in front of his eyes as a coral. As can be seen from the slightly drunk eyes, Zhong Tianyi has long been moved by the loveliness of a coral.
"The lovesickness in the jade cup only makes me miss it, and I dare to ask the beauty where to find it all over the world. If it is fate, God will give me a beauty to return today."
Say the wine in your hand and drink it off.
The two brothers, Liu Minglu, were a pair of rough people. They could understand Zhong Tianyi’s words and couldn’t help looking at each other with strange expressions.
Liu Xuanyu in the distance heard a little bleak: "Li Dage, I think this person is also a man of temperament. Seeing that he is in a bad mood at this time, where is there no confidant in the world?" Why don’t you have a drink with this guy? " Say that finish to get up.
When Li Rucai saw it, he quickly stopped: "Brother Liu, you and I have something important to do. I think it’s better; ; ; ; ; ;” Marotta hesitated for a moment.
At this time, two women came in outside the door, that is, Green Tea and Green Tea in Qingluo Villa.
At this time, Zhong Tianyi couldn’t help but look at the two girls, and the girl’s innocence made Zhong Tianyi feel a slight quiver.
"Adult girl" blurted out.
When Lu Ming saw this, he quickly stopped: "Brother, you have mistaken me for someone else; ; ; ; ; ;”
Zhong Tianyi slightly narrowed his eyes and showed a disappointed expression.
Green tea and green tea went straight to the shopkeeper, who was counting the snow-white silver at the counter, and smiled greedily at the happy place, paying no attention to the arrival of green tea.
"manned?" Green tea can not help but improve the mulberry sound "palm; ; ; ; ; ; Cabinet; ; ; ; ; ; Of "
Such a loud cry disturbed all the guests, and Liu Xuanyu and Li Rucai also laughed.
The shopkeeper hurried back when he heard the sound. Although he was a little impatient, he still forced a smile: "Hey; ; ; Are the two women staying at the hotel or eating? "
Green tea said in a provocative way: "The shopkeeper will bring your excellent daughter red quickly and put a pot on your aunt."
Say that finish will be a slightly old hip flask on the table, the manned dare not neglect hurriedly called Xiaoer filled a pot.
Green tea green tea went out contentedly.
Liu Xuanyu laughed and looked at the green tea that walked out of the door. They shook their heads again and again and revealed a helpless smile.
From time to time, Marotta turned her attention to the second floor, where Chengbuyou lived, plotting how to approach Chengbuyou.
Zhong Tianyi’s three people had drunk three rounds, and Zhong Tianyi, who was slightly drunk, looked a little uneasy at the departure of the two green teas, and looked at the two dark brothers Liu Minglu, who were slightly tired because of their journey.
Concerned, he said, "Junior brothers, it’s very hard to travel all the way. Just go and have a rest first. I have some private affairs to do." ; ; ; ; ;”
The honest and honest road blurted out: "Brother Shi; ; ; Before the master left, he told us to protect him, me; ; ; I’m not tired. I’ll go wherever my brother goes. ; ; ; ; ;”
Zhong Tianyi always goes his own way, and hates others to interfere with his instructions. At this time, Zhong Tianyi looks a little ugly, and his slightly drunk eyes squint at the dark road.
"Teacher younger brother is really loyal? When I return to Zhuxianmen, I will definitely tell my father that he is an old man, and I will give my younger brother a big reward. ; ; ; ; ;”
On the contrary, the lukewarm words were not detected by the road.
The road observed Zhong Tianyi’s displeasure tomorrow morning, and quickly said, "Brother Zhong is in private affairs, so it is inconvenient for my brother to follow. Brother Zhong is careful in everything, and if anything happens, my brother and I will arrive immediately." Then he nodded at Zhong Tianyi.
The road is dark and the words are stopped by Liu Ming’s expression of eyes.
Zhong Tianyi picked up the magic sword placed in front of the table and turned away.
Liu Minglu looked at the distant Zhong Tianyi and took a deep breath, then returned to the guest room on the second floor.
I don’t know when Cheng Yuru, Azhu and his party walked out of the inn and headed straight for Li’s house in the outer suburbs of Yangzhou. Maybe they will come back soon.
Marotta took the opportunity to pull up Liu Xuanyu and followed.
Li Fu, the richest man in Yangzhou, has long lost its former glory, and pedestrians who used to flow in the past have also made detours because of Li Fu’s annihilation. Now Li Fu’s courtyard is covered with dust, dead leaves, countless mosquitoes and flies and cobwebs hanging in the air, which seems to be relishing the once arrogant glitz.
Cheng Buyou looked up at the plaque that almost fell, sighed deeply, and flashed a trace of displeasure in his eyes, as if he had sensed being followed behind him.
"Madam, O bead you two waiting at the door, I’ll be right back; ; ; ; ; ;”
It’s strange that Li Fu won’t be worried about being killed. I wonder if I can find a clue by entering Li Fu. Maybe there is something involved with the tiger roaring sword. A wily old fox won’t miss a chance to be worried about being killed.
Chapter 223 Lost prodigal son meter homing
The lost prodigal son returns to his nest.
The second is to lead to the following Li Rucai. Although Li Rucai, a disciple of Cheng Buyou, thinks he is hiding the mystery, he still can’t escape the detection of Cheng Buyou, even if it is a faint breath.
A few steps forward, Cheng Bu’s door rang. At this time, the door creaked and opened. It was poison bee Yin Changge, the left pioneer of Wanling Shinto, who opened the door.
At this time, Yin Changge is still in the costume of the old man, and his slightly sad eyes seem to be still immersed in the pain of losing his master.
Cheng Buyou has no doubt about Yin Changge’s identity, and still thinks that Yin Changge is Li Fu’s loyal slave.
Cheng Buyou said, "Old man, I was an old friend of Li’s before his death, Ziweimen Cheng Buyou, and I hope the old man will lead me to hospital to solve my homesickness for Li."
Yin Changge nodded slightly, without words, he brought no worries into Li Fu.
Suddenly, a figure crossed and landed on the roof. Yin Changge’s eyebrows trembled slightly and he pretended nothing, and they went straight to the living room with Cheng Buyou.
Cheng was not worried about the sudden accumulation of internal forces in his palm, and seriously shouted, "The beast hasn’t shown up yet?"
As soon as the words came out, a stream of true qi rushed out to the roof, only to hear a muffled sound. As several pieces of rubble fell to the ground, Marotta slipped from the roof and fell heavily in front of Cheng Bu.
Cheng Bu took two steps forward and suddenly grabbed Li Rucai on the ground: "Beast, do you have the face to come back?" Look at me except you; ; ; ; ; ;”
Cheng Bu was just about to take Li Rucai’s life, and Yin Changge hurried forward to stop it.
"into; ; ; Don’t get angry when you become a leader; ; ; ; ; ;” Yin Changge quickly stopped.
"Hum; ; ; Such a beast, regardless of the rules of Ziwei Gate, entered Li Fu at night to steal property and hurt innocent people. Only death can offset such a great crime. "
Cheng said seriously.