According to the principle that what is important is generally left behind, the awarding ceremony of the golden ball award for men’s football players must be left at the end.

重庆夜网,重庆耍耍网,重庆桑拿论坛,重庆夜生活论坛桑拿洗浴会所 According to the principle that what is important is generally left behind, the awarding ceremony of the golden ball award for men’s football players must be left at the end.

Previously, all the prizes were small prizes.
For example, the best team of the year, the Puskas Best Goal Award of the Year, the FIFA Fair Play Award, the FIFA President’s Special Award and so on.
As a newly established award, the award of the best head coach is still more important. After all, this is the most important award besides the player’s individual award.
The final result didn’t surprise the media. It beat the world cup winner Del Bosco, the head coach of Spain, and Barcelona coach Guardiola, and became the best head coach in the world football in the past year.
Chang Sheng, with a faint smile on his face, got up from his seat in the applause of everyone, and then high-fived the Lazio players around him one by one, and came out all the way from the inside.
At last he stepped onto the stage.
The guest in charge of awarding the prize is FIFA President Blatter himself.
Holding the trophy in his hand, he extended his hand to Changsheng.
"Congratulations, Chang." He said.
"Thank you, Mr. Chairman." Changsheng shook hands with him and then took the trophy.
Then he delivered a very short acceptance speech: "I am very happy to win this award." This is an affirmation of my work. No one doesn’t like praise and praise, and so do I. I like your praise and affirmation. Thank you! "
Then he raised the trophy to greet everyone.
Then he walked off the stage with applause.
It’s a little surprising that he didn’t make any arrogant declaration.
For example, "I deserve this award because I am the best." "I think the selection is meaningless, and I am definitely the best. Is there any doubt about this?" This kind.
In fact, this time, the protagonist is not always winning. If he is too arrogant, he may usurp the host’s role.
After the award of the best coach, it’s the best player’s turn.
First, the best women’s football player, that is, the golden ball award for women’s football.
Marta, a Brazilian female football player, won this honor for five times in a row and completed the feat of "five consecutive championships".
Then came the Golden Globe Award ceremony for the men’s soccer team.
Three candidates took the stage at the same time, and the publicity videos of the three of them were played on the big screen, which showed their outstanding performance in the competition.
Iniesta’s winner in the World Cup final, Messi’s goal to break the Gerd Müller record, and david silva’s shot of holding the Champions League trophy high have been repeatedly played.
Of the three candidates, david silva stood on the far right, while Iniesta and Messi were on the left.
David silva has an obvious smile on his face, which shows that he is in a good mood.
The expressions of Messi and Iniesta are somewhat calm.
Messi, in particular, may not be an exaggeration to describe it as callous-he knows that he can’t win the prize, so he came up to be a foil for others.
He’s glad that he’s not doing anything for cristiano ronaldo, otherwise, that would make him crazy.
The person in charge of the lottery is Guardiola.
Let a Barcelona coach award prizes to Lazio players … Fortunately, Guardiola and Lazio players are familiar with them, otherwise it will really make people think that FIFA deliberately embarrassed Guardiola …
After Guardiola came to power, there was no nonsense. He just picked up the envelope and said to the camera, "Who won the FIFA Golden Globe Award in 2010?"
After that, he began to lower his head and open the envelope, giving everyone a suspense time.
The meeting was quiet for a moment, and everyone held their breath and looked at his movements.
From the microphone came the sound of opening the paper.
In fact, it was very short, but many people think that after a long time, Guardiola pulled out the paper in the envelope.
That is a folded piece of paper.
He needs to open it to see the contents.
He looked up at the camera and smiled.
At the critical moment, it is necessary to suspense the audience’s appetite.
"Guardiola deliberately sold a imprison here, but it’s really meaningless. Everyone knows that david silva has the greatest chance of winning the Golden Globe Award, which is no suspense …" The supporters of the TV program also laughed.
His words can represent the most common opinion. Most people, except fans of Iniesta and Messi, will think that david silva has almost won the Golden Globe Award.
Yes, there is no suspense.
In the laughter of the commentator, Guardiola bowed his head and opened the paper in his hand.