Chapter one hundred and fifty-one Lonely stuff fire and water hatred

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Lonely, bitter, bitter
The fog of Erlang Mountain is surrounded by mountain streams. Surrounded by the fog, the endless mountains are even more mysterious. The singing of birds and the fragrance of wild flowers are refreshing, just like walking into the residence of immortals.
A stream slowly flows out from a crevice in the mountainside, flows only to the distance from top to bottom, and unconsciously comes to an open place along the stream. The open place naturally forms a scenic lake with several square meters, and the entrance to a cave just north like a tiger’s mouth is even more mysterious. This is the lair of Erlang Mountain thieves, and now it has been occupied by the desert five poisons.
In a corner of the courtyard, the lion who was surrendered by Liu Xuanyu was still held in a solid iron prison, surrounded by several rusty iron cages, which seemed to be prepared for holding his prey in the future.
After many days of torture, Liu Xuanyu has lost her old look. Looking back, her deeply collapsed and bloodshot eyes are sad, and her thin body seems to have changed a lot. However, Liu Xuanyu’s strong inner world can still be seen through his eyes.
Liu Xuanyu leaned against the cage where the lion was closed and said something to the lion. The lion seemed to understand what he said, sometimes getting up, sometimes crawling, and sometimes making a "grunting" sound.
At this time, Wu Zheng, who was with Liu Xuanyu, came slowly with a tray in his hand.
Wu Zheng’s recent situation is very different from Liu Xuanyu’s. With Wu Zheng’s cleverness, he not only got the reuse of the desert five poisons, but also almost all the affairs of Erlang Mountain were handed over to Wu Zheng. Besides interrogating Liu Xuanyu’s whereabouts, the five old poisons spent almost all their time on drinking and having fun.
Hearing footsteps, Liu Xuanyu turned her head feebly and glanced at Wu Zheng. She stood up with a smile and said, "Brother, it’s hard for you, because I’ve been dealing with them for many days."
Liu Xuanyu’s kind heart shows Wu Zheng’s ulterior motives?
When Wu Zheng heard Liu Xuanyu’s words, his face changed and he smiled and said, "Brother, you and I are both classmates. Why are you polite to me? Come, brother, see what I have brought you? " After that, I handed the wine and meat in the dish to Liu Xuanyu.
Liu Xuanyu gratefully took Wu Zheng’s dishes, and she was not in a hurry to eat them. Instead, she took out a fat roast chicken and gave it to the lion in the cage.
The lion must be hungry, too. He opened his mouth and swallowed it three or two times, then stuck out his tongue and licked it outside his lips for a moment, kneeling on the ground and relishing the fragrance of roast chicken.
With a wry smile, Liu Xuanyu looked back at the remaining vegetarian dishes in her hand and put them on the ground. She looked at Wu Zheng embarrassedly and looked at the lion in the cage. "It hasn’t eaten for a day either ….."
Wu Zheng took a look at the lion that once made him ugly and said, "What a bodhisattva’s heart to treat this evil lion." He said this, but he hated the lion in his heart.
At this time, Liu Xuanyu’s face changed from red to purple. Beads of sweat dripped from his forehead, and his hands holding meals shook involuntarily. He only spilled the food on the floor, and Liu Xuanyu fell to the ground in a moment.
Wu Zheng hurried to help Liu Xuanyu pretend to care and said, "Brother Shi … you have to hold on! That dragon old three is really vicious, so it is poisonous to exemptions. "
In fact, it has long been in their plan to poison Liu Xuanyu, and it has already been strongly approved by Wu Zheng. Today, Wu Zheng pretends to care about it, but it is just a little trick of his own play. There is only one purpose, that is, to make Liu Xuanyu tell the whereabouts of the tiger sword and Kirin satin. Even a little clue is a great thing for Wu Zheng and the ruling. If Liu Xuanyu really died of poisoning, it would be a happy event for Wu Zheng. Isn’t the original intention of his coming to Erlang Mountain to look for opportunities to get rid of Liu Xuanyu?
Liu Xuanyu, who was almost unconscious, still didn’t forget to care about her younger brother Wu Zheng at this time. Liu Xuanyu stammered, "Junior brother, get out of here quickly, and I will be afraid of hurting my younger brother."
Seeing the opportunity coming, Wu Zheng pretended to care and said, "Brother, you and I are like brothers. If anything happens to you, how can I survive? Today, I will advance and retreat with Brother."
Liu Xuanyu struggled to push Wu Zheng. Before Wu Zheng could guard against being pushed by Liu Xuanyu one meter away, I saw that Liu Xuanyu’s deep-seated eyes had already been shrouded in a fog, and the already red eyes turned black at this time. Black hole-like eyes stared at Wu Zheng not far away.
Liu Xuanyu only felt that her eyes were getting dark. She subconsciously looked at Wu Zheng’s shadow and shouted, "Don’t worry about me, younger brother, go away quickly."
Wu Zheng stared at Liu Xuanyu’s frightened expression and was still unwilling. He took two steps forward and cried bitterly: "Brother, why are you bothering? How do you ask the younger brother to explain to the master and the master? "
After pretending to be sad, he said, "Brother, you can tell the Mo Hongyan couple’s last words before they die, and the younger brother will make sure that Brother gets the antidote …" Wu Zheng secretly glanced at Liu Xuanyu, who was almost crazy.
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Chapter one hundred and fifty-two Take advantage of danger to kill a lion.
Take advantage of danger to kill a lion.
At this time, Liu Xuanyu’s consciousness gradually blurred, and with only a trace of sobriety, she stammered, "Don’t be older than him … before he died …"
Liu Xuanyu was well-intentioned, and wanted to tell Wu Zheng about the tragic accident of Mo Hongyan and his wife, and the purpose of their coming to the Central Plains, or to cancel the pursuit of himself by everyone in the world. However, before he finished speaking, he was in a coma, and his brain was completely out of his control.
Wu Zhengwen heard that Liu Xuanyu was about to tell Mo Hongyan’s last words, and immediately he was overjoyed. In his heart, he suddenly crossed a trace of joy that was about to be completed, and quickly held Liu Xuanyu.
Can’t wait to ask: "Brother Shi, before dying … what did they say before dying? Or did I leave you something before I died? Exemptions … come on … "
At this moment, Liu Xuanyu has been extremely poisonous.
Dwarf dragon old indeed as expected to diabolical, he gave Liu Xuanyu turned out to be his own unique poison-burning corpse and breaking bones. However, according to Jianghu rumors, this burning corpse and breaking bones and breaking blood seals the throat, instantly killing people, and within half an hour, the body of the deceased will be wiped out with a trace of smoke.
Anyone who is poisoned by the old dragon has no chance of survival if he is slow to respond. Unless the poisoned person immediately draws his sword and cuts off the poisoned part, he can barely save his life. However, imagine that a certain part of his body has been cut off by himself? Is it something that ordinary people can do?
Therefore, one of the notorious five poisons in the desert, the dwarf dragon’s third child, makes Jianghu people turn pale at the news, and ordinary Jianghu people never dare to provoke it easily.
Besides, Liu Xuanyu has been poisoned for a long time, so why didn’t Liu Xuanyu die?
It turns out that Liu Xuanyu was poisoned in the third place of Dragon, not to kill Liu Xuanyu. His purpose was nothing more than to help someone find out the clues of the tiger sword from Liu Xuanyu. If Liu Xuanyu was poisoned by him, he would hide in the Jianghu after the five poisons in the desert.
Wu Zheng, who had originally seen a glimmer of hope, was suddenly kicked ten feet away by Liu Xuanyu. "Poof ……" 1, a pus spurted from Wu Zheng’s mouth. Wu Zheng was inspired by this sudden attack and immediately looked up at Liu Xuanyu.
I saw two black hole-like eyes staring at the distance. As Liu Xuanyu made a gloomy noise, the dark eyes slowly appeared a glimmer of light, which gradually filled the whole pupil. After a little cold light, there was a ghostly light. Looking at it, it was more like a blue light in the dark sky, now looking at Wu Zheng in the distance.
At this time, the lion in the cage did not know when he was waving his claws, and he was crazy and afraid of hitting the iron cage, and he roared from time to time.
Wu Zheng was stunned by Liu Xuanyu’s changing eyes, but he still looked at Liu Xuanyu who was unconscious, and saw that Liu Xuanyu was about to say Mo Hongyan’s last words but lost his mind.
Wu Zheng waved and wiped the blood on the corners of his mouth, subconsciously retreated half a step behind him, suddenly a pain in his heart, and then a mouthful of thick blood gushed out. Wu Zheng looked at this former brother, and an evil thought rushed to his heart.
"Liu Xuanyu, don’t blame me for being cruel. If you don’t die today, I will definitely lose your hand one day."