Nie Renlong nodded at random and swallowed the last two dumplings in the plate in front of him and shouted at the boss, "Two more plates!"

重庆夜网,重庆耍耍网,重庆桑拿论坛,重庆夜生活论坛桑拿夜网 Nie Renlong nodded at random and swallowed the last two dumplings in the plate in front of him and shouted at the boss, "Two more plates!"

Mo Lin and Luo Sandy ate one dumpling, while Nie Renlong ate five more, counting the stacks of plates in front of him. He ate enough food for Mo Lin for five days.
"Shout … finally seventy percent full" Nie Renlong ate the last dish of dumplings in the dumpling stall and patted him with satisfaction.
"Only seventy percent full? Do you want to eat my share? " Ink Lin asked with a wry smile
"My mother said that you can’t eat too much food at night, and seven achievements are enough." Nie Ren’s faucet shook like a rattle, but while talking, he took out a fruit from his pocket and chewed it up and asked for a big bowl of dumpling soup to pour.
Chapter 91 Go home
Chapter 91 Go home
"He’s so good at eating" Los Sandy Trail.
Mo Lin nodded again and again. Mo Lin suspected that even an elephant didn’t eat as much as Nie Renlong. If there was a big stomach king competition, Nie Renlong must be the first to be ashamed.
"Isn’t this Molin?" Zhang Junyan sounded from behind.
Molin looked back and saw Zhang Junyan and Tang Chuan further behind him. Zhong Man came up side by side with Yang while chatting.
"Happy New Year!" Mo Lin got up and saluted them when he saw everyone coming.
"Happy New Year" Zhang Junyan warmly replied, "It’s a pity that I didn’t prepare a red envelope. Don’t say I’m stingy. I’ll give you some small things that we made ourselves in a few days."
"That’s great." Molin rejoiced that the craftsmanship of the Three Musketeers was not a random cover. They said that little things might have a big place for Molin.
"I heard that you are ill?" Zhong Man came along and asked Mo Lin very earnestly.
"By the cold" ink Lin busy way
"Take a good rest and don’t run around." What seems to be hidden in Zhong Man dialect makes Mo Lin move in his heart.
"Can you get up if you are full?" Tang Chuan walked beside Nie Renlong and sighed and asked.
Nie Renlong, hey, hey, smiled and moved his fat body, wobbling up. His belly looked like a huge burden outside, and Mo Lin couldn’t help but sweat it.
"Let’s go patrol" Nie Renlong said.
"How to patrol?" Mo Lin wondered if Mo Zhe Village always keeps the road open at night and doesn’t seem to have a patrol.
"It’s not peaceful in the village these days. Many people’s new year’s goods have been stolen. There seems to be a monster beast like a weasel. There are so many delicious things tonight. It is estimated that it will come across us again and let it go back and forth." Zhang Junyan said.
Mo Lin’s heart moved, and a little white passed a trace of worry.
"I’ll go with you," said Molin eagerly. He was really afraid that Xiaobai would be found by the patrol and wanted to signal it in the mixed team.
"You don’t have to be distracted by us to protect you." Yang Li didn’t communicate with Mo Lin all night. I don’t know how to suddenly come up with such a sentence
Ink Lin froze all over the blood, and his head swelled and his face flushed.
Yang Li’s words are very humiliating. Even if Mo Lin has a good temper, he can’t help staring at Yang Li angrily. "What do you mean?"
"I mean, patrol is a dangerous job, so don’t interfere with us." Yang Li’s expression is still very dull, but Molin feels that he exudes a hostility.
Although I really want to prove that I am by no means a burden, I can say impulsive words, but I am finally suppressed by reason. Lin Bo and the coolie are angry and want to seek justice for Mo Lin, but they are held by Mo Lin in one hand to prevent them from being impulsive.
It’s very peaceful in the future, and the atmosphere of the New Year has been overshadowed by Yang Li’s words, and Molin suddenly found out that this New Year’s winter is a little cold.
"Yang from …" Sandy aside some unhappiness "how can you say that ink Lin is a craftsman and we ink division of labor is different"
Yang Li didn’t refute Los Sandy, but the look in his eyes was white and he mistakenly told Mo Lin a message that he looked down on Mo Lin very much.