This is the busiest thing at the club level recently.

重庆夜网,重庆耍耍网,重庆桑拿论坛,重庆夜生活论坛桑拿会所 This is the busiest thing at the club level recently.

Changsheng also has things to be busy with.
After watching a historic Rome derby, Dong Qiudi returned to China contentedly. This time, he was accompanied by officials from Lazio Club. They went to reissue their passports and get Dong Qiudi an Italian work visa.
In addition, Dong Qiudi had to show his parents a showdown-he didn’t tell his parents the truth, so his parents didn’t know that he had been fired from his original company and went to Italy alone …
He’s got a lot on his plate.
Then, when his business is finished, he will return to the training base in Vermelot, Rome, and officially start his video coaching work.
Although he doesn’t have to follow this matter all the time, he still has to take care of it. This Dong Qiudi is really his own baby. Can something go wrong?
Then there is the matter of players being injured.
Cavani was injured in the game against Rome. Everyone was very concerned about her injury. As a result, Klose’s seven goals in a single game directly attracted all the attention. No one cares about cavani’s injury and how long he needs to be absent …
Others don’t care, and the winners can’t care.
Chapter three hundred and thirteen Peace of mind
Cavani’s examination results have come out. His ankle ligament is torn and he needs surgery, and he will directly miss all the rest of the season.
This result made cavani feel depressed. Plus Klose scored seven goals by himself after he came off the bench, which made cavani feel more scared.
Klose is in such a good state that after a season, he will come back from injury. Can this team still have its own position?
Cavani thought so.
Changsheng is here to help him solve this problem.
He knew that cavani would think so, because it is human nature.
In Lazio, the competition is still fierce.
This is the atmosphere created by Changsheng to keep the fierce players competitive.
In order to make cavani feel at ease, maintain peace of mind, don’t rush to come back, and always have a face-to-face talk with cavani.
In the hospital ward, cavani’s wife is helping him pack things. They will be discharged early tomorrow morning, and then they will fly from Italy to Belgium for surgery.
Cavani’s mental state is not very good, some anxiety. However, when he saw Changsheng, the expression on his face was obviously relaxed.
"I’m so glad you came to see me, boss."
Cavani sat in the hospital bed and said to Changsheng.
Changsheng smiled: "You are my player. How could I not come to see you?"? How does it feel? "
He set his eyes on cavani’s ankle.
"When I was lying still in bed, I didn’t feel that there was something wrong with me … I just thought I was dreaming …"
Cavani’s words haven’t finished, he was robbed by his wife.
"He thought there was nothing wrong with his feet, and he had to walk down in the morning. As a result, he just touched the ground and fell down … I told you he couldn’t walk there!"
"Shut up!" Cavani was exposed by his wife and looked very angry. He glared at his wife.
His wife was not afraid of him, and continued to complain to Changsheng: "He watched the game in the hospital. After watching the game, he said that he would not have surgery and should come back as soon as possible. Later, everyone managed to persuade him to have an operation … I don’t know why he is in such a hurry to come back. Even if I don’t understand, I know that his injury will definitely not be cured in a short time, right? "
Cavani’s wife and ever-victorious ignored some frustrated cavani.
Changsheng smiled and nodded: "Yes, his injury is very serious, and it is impossible to get well so soon."
"So you advise him, Mr. Chang. I know that he only listens to you … Even in front of his parents, I have never seen such an obedient side. "
The wife pleaded with Changsheng.
When she said this, cavani was in the hospital bed, looking out of the window, not knowing what she was thinking, and seemed to be angry with his wife.
Changsheng smiled and nodded to reassure his wife that he would solve the problem.
Then Chang Sheng said to cavani, "I know what you are worried about, Addison. Klose’s performance put pressure on you. But it’s foolish of you to think so. First of all, my team implements a rotation policy. You know this. No one can monopolize the starting position. Anyone has enough playing time to prove himself. If you perform well, you will get more competition opportunities than others, especially in key games. "
Hear ever-victorious say so, before turning to look out the window, Edison Cavani looked back at his boss.
"Secondly, Klose is 33 years old, and his physical strength can’t keep up with the requirements of the team. For the rest of the season, no matter how good his performance is, it is impossible to play all the games, not to mention that you are back from injury. So you don’t have to worry that your position will be crowded and you can’t find it. Peace of mind, I will give you a chance to find the state when you come back. "
In fact, cavani knows all these things. His agent and doctors around him have all said this to him.
Even if no one tells him, he can think of it himself.
But before Changsheng told him himself, he was still a little uneasy.
In fact, he just wants to listen to the boss’s personal promise to him. Only when he hears the boss say this to himself, will he really feel at ease.