"Han Muhao? Who is it? " Dizzy! I wonder who this delicate little boy is. I don’t think I’ve heard of that name either. He looks good, but …

重庆夜网,重庆耍耍网,重庆桑拿论坛,重庆夜生活论坛桑拿夜网 "Han Muhao? Who is it? " Dizzy! I wonder who this delicate little boy is. I don’t think I’ve heard of that name either. He looks good, but …

Han Ziying continued to smile. "Teacher Dancing, can I sit here?" Stay a gentleman.
"Oh, I think you’d better stop laughing. Why do you look so distorted? And why do you look so eager to be a pretty boy? " Hehe, it really hit the nail on the head!
Shit! Han Ziying cursed this guy in her heart. Oh, I really want to talk back! Keep going, keep going, keep leaving …
So plan a ended in failure
Plan b, the heroic plan to save the United States
"Take your life!"
A shock of fighting disturbed Ling Dance. Who is fighting here? That’s …
When Ling Dancing is about to take her away, a group of people hold her. What do they want?
"Miss, do you want to play for the old man?" Turned out to be Lulu, Lulu, and their group were dressed up as gangsters and covered their faces with black cloth, so that Mu Xianshuai could be a hero to save the United States. Lulu, that baby sounds knew it was a woman when she was an idiot?
"Do you want to go to dinner with us?" Lan Junhao pointed a broadsword at Ling Dance and let it go outside. How do you feel that they didn’t come to flirt with good women but to rob them?
There seems to be another person, right? Yes-Xiao Yuzhe! At this time, Xiao Yuzhe, Han Ziying and Duanmufeng were sitting in a stone chair not far away, crossing their legs and eating ice cream, looking at being ready to act.
"There is no hope" Han Ziying
"Yeah, it’s hopeless." Duanmufeng
Ling Wu smiled and looked at these two unqualified punks. Should they be new? "I’m in a hurry, I’ll go first." After that, she took a few steps forward, but she was lazy and handsome, blocking Ling Dance. She shook her head and shouted "Come out". A group of boys swarmed out. It was a spectacular scene. The boys all rushed to chase Liu Lu and the two of them, so they both fled for their lives …
"alas! ~ "Duanmufeng
"alas!" Xiao Yuzhe’s hero hasn’t come out yet …
"Stop sighing and run for your life!" Han Ziying told them to run because Lu Lu and Lan Junhao had fled to them! God! So many places to escape here?
So plan b failed
Planning rhetoric meter
This plan is the last chance. If it doesn’t succeed, you will die. It seems that the hope of sending Xia Weixing this time seems very slim …
Let Xia Weixing get the truth out of Ling Dance, so that you can know whether she has any feelings for Mu Xianshuai or else the day will be in vain.
"May I sit down, please?"
"Can" ling dance also don’t lift to continue to busy with her hand.
"You he ah! Mu Xianshuai is willing to talk about it? " Xia Weixing smiled and took a sip of coffee.
Mu xianshuai? Ling Dancing shivered-she looked up at Xia Weixing and smiled. "Are you Xia Weixing?" She looked across at the cherry blossom forest and then sipped her mouth and said nothing.
Her eyes revealed her secret. "What do you think of him?"
How is he? I can’t help laughing at the thought of his dancing. "He’s cute and simple."
Yes, Xia Weixing really admits this. "Do you like … him?"
"Like" Ling Dance replied quietly to the eyes, which made people wonder what she was thinking.
What! You answered so quickly?
She turned her head enough to look at Xia Weixing. Why is there no sound? It turns out that Xia Weixing has fallen asleep. She laughs low. It’s so cute. The girl Ling Dance looks up and looks handsome. I love you.
Everyone is sweating to death! Wei xing actually fell asleep at this time. Did she fail again? ? ?
The brilliance of the setting sun lengthens the lovers’ shadows, and the first love is red, and the love is sweet in my heart.
Han Ziying looked at Mu Xianshuai and Ling Dancing, and the two of them bowed their heads face to face. "Cousin will pick you up and cheer for yourself …" The sunset also reflected a person’s loneliness and fear.
"I like dancing. Would you like to stay with me?" Mu Xianshuai said vaguely with his head down and his face red
Ling Wu nodded and smiled. She likes Mu Xianshuai, cute and simple.
In the sunset lovers phase Chapter 52 Love exposure
Cherry blossoms have gone and can’t stay. Watching them leave love is like cherry blossoms can’t figure out that they won’t come back. So are they … The wind takes the cherry blossoms but can’t take her away. Who will comfort her? I’m tired, but I still have to smile and be strong.
Han Ziying, your fate is like cherry blossoms … You are …
"Well … it’s easy to talk …" Han Ziying sat on the fence with her head down and took a rose from a young boy. Although it was a little small, it seemed like it was going to wither, so there was no disadvantage. She fiddled with the flowers or talked … If only she could see a scene like this! (n_n)~ If the Emperor is still attached to Han Ziying, give her a play.
"Feng, I love you!" A girl who seems to be sick bowed her head and said to the front of the log, this girl still looks small and looks like she is dying, and her face is as white as a monster. ! "I hope …"
DuanMuFeng is disgusted with this girl. It’s not because her father and his father are good friends that he is too lazy to accompany her here to listen to these disgusting conversations. DuanMuFeng glances at him disdainfully. Shit! He’s leaving. Never stay here for another second. Never!
The girl saw him turn to hug Duanmufeng. She wouldn’t allow him to leave without answering himself. Hold him first, willy-nilly. Duanmufeng belongs to her. Chushuting!
At this time, Duanmufeng wanted to push away her disgust and pushed away Chu Shuting with one hand. How dare you do this? It seems that we can’t underestimate this weak Chu Shuting. In fact, she is terrible. Looking at that eye has a strong sense of occupation.
Han Ziying didn’t know how comfortable it was to see Chu Shuting pushed by Duanmufeng in the center of the earth! ~ but it’s strange that I’ve never seen Duanmufeng, and she’s not alone with other girls except herself. What’s going on here? Would DuanMuFeng be willing to come here with this little anthomaniac? Her heart has never been so sour.
Chu Shuting wasn’t angry. She wasn’t content to be a beauty, so she was pushed away. She must chase Duanmu Feng. When she saw him at Duanmu Feng’s house, she loved him. Chu Shuting got up and kissed Duanmu Feng’s lips. I want his first kiss.
Wow! Kissing on the spot? It’s not the first time I’ve seen it, but this scene makes Han Ziying’s eyes uncomfortable. Push her away!
Duan Mufeng finally reacted to push Chu Shuting away. This woman is really terrible. He thought to himself, "Please stop!" He yelled at her. If she were a man, Duanmufeng would have crippled her! Sure!
It’s really difficult to come to ChuShuting to cry when he is leaving … Whatever! It’s not his practice to push Lala like this. He won’t look at Chu Shuting and move on. If this woman keeps doing this, he will definitely kill her!
Hmm … that’s amazing … Han Ziying looks at Chu Shuting, who is comparable to a pig barking. It’s pathetic to shake her head … She raises her hand and jumps to the ground. "Hmm, this seems to be Miss Chu Shuting?"
Chu Shuting looked up at the girl who had fallen into a wild goose. It was so beautiful that she startled herself … I couldn’t help admiring her! "And you are?" You don’t seem to know this girl, do you?
Don’t know me? It doesn’t matter if she knows her. Chu Shuting’s four mafia groups are the daughter of President An Yan. "Oh! It’ s really pitiful to be pushed away by a boy you like and be scolded! " But also so shameless to kiss Duanmufeng? ! I’m so angry with her! Huh? Why should you be angry? Strange …
You!’ Chu Shuting certainly knows that Han Ziying is mocking herself. Does she also like Duanmufeng? No, she Chu Shuting won’t allow anyone to rob Duanmufeng with her! "Do you like maple? You can grab it with me! " Chushuting shouted out. No, it was screaming out.
Han Ziying really can’t stand the fact that this person is sick, but listening to the sound is very healthy! Well, stay away from her. I want it in my ears! I can’t be destroyed by this crazy woman now, but it’s so comforting to see her like this ~ ~! She Han Ziying will be angry with her! "Crazy woman, I just like maple! How about it? " Unhappy? Hum! Piss you off
Sure enough, Chu Shuting was angry! Eyes wide open as if they were about to burst into flames.
What are you looking at? If eyes can kill people, Han Ziying would be staring at you here long after she died. ! "I’m leaving! ~ lovelorn is actually nothing … "Han Ziying mocked and walked away.
Chu Shuting gawked at Han Ziying’s back and then resumed her evil side. I will definitely let you die!
Do I really like Duanmufeng? Han Ziying was really asked by Chu Shuting about the important points, but she likes her mother? If it’s not for your own sake, your heart will be sour. Well, love feels wonderful and I don’t know what trouble it is ~ ~ ~ I don’t want to …
Duan Mufeng saw Han Ziying leaning against the tree. She seemed very upset. Why? He walked up to her. "What are you listless about?"
"Wow!" She patted her chest and scared her to death. Why is this Duanmufeng always lingering? You can see him everywhere.
"Aren’t you happy to see me?" DuanMuFeng see her face is not very good oh …
No! Thanks to him, he let himself see such a good show and messed up his heart. "No" Han Ziying, don’t be ashamed. I’m really happy to see him …
"Oh … Sakura, I’m glad to see you!"
Oh? So direct! "I’m not happy." Oh, I am … "What’s it like to be kissed?" She gets angry when she talks about it! "That scene is very beautiful"! " Han Ziying also deliberately bit the words "very nice" very hard. "How long did it take to push that ChuShuting away? You still make me like you! Well … Well … "Well, it’s out!