Although there are 40 warships left, the army can achieve rapid fire at this time. Each warship can also throw torpedoes with more than ten holes. Torpedoes may not hit each other. Most of them may pass through the bottom or side of the other ship, but they can further interfere with each other’s formation, making it difficult for them to complete the reorganization.

重庆夜网,重庆耍耍网,重庆桑拿论坛,重庆夜生活论坛品茶论坛 Although there are 40 warships left, the army can achieve rapid fire at this time. Each warship can also throw torpedoes with more than ten holes. Torpedoes may not hit each other. Most of them may pass through the bottom or side of the other ship, but they can further interfere with each other’s formation, making it difficult for them to complete the reorganization.

What Chen Ada wants is this kind of opportunity, which is the opportunity for the US military to be in chaos on the battlefield.
At this time, the bases of the world’s large warships are all laid out with four batteries, with two bows and one stern in the center. The first-class armored ship is equipped with three batteries, with a total of twelve cannons, while the second-class armored ship is equipped with two batteries, with a total cannon caliber of 2mm.
The two central forts are not on the same axis, but are staggered and distributed on one side of the central chimney. This staggered arrangement is designed by Infreiber. This design allows the two central forts to fire at the same time when the ship’s side is against the enemy without affecting each other.
Therefore, the four turrets of the army are finally on fire now, and the tail gun has long been badly suppressed. On the contrary, the US fleet is in trouble for a while and is becoming more and more chaotic.
This time, it was the turn of American warships to be wounded and sunk. The commander of the American fleet didn’t expect this situation. He didn’t expect that his fleet would be in chaos during the maneuver. Their training was very strict and the maneuver was very smooth at ordinary times. Who would have thought that there would be problems in the battle? This is simply fatal.
Where does he know where there may be no problems in tense battles? Even the most mature navy often chooses the simplest formation because the more nervous it is, the more likely it is to have problems. Chen Ada knows this very well. Although he won the naval battle with the French army, it is not perfect. It is strange that the US military should make complex maneuvers in a complex battlefield urgently, even the British navy needs to consider an American who is bold and maneuverable.
Now he has caught it, which is what Americans deserve and their only chance.
Watching the huge ships spewing shells, he knew that the battle was possible.
The U.S. military didn’t want to sit still and wait for the loss of five capital ships, but the formation of other warships was even more chaotic. Because the route was blocked by sinking warships, several ships almost collided. The commander of the U.S. military knew that he couldn’t wait. He ordered the rear cruisers to come to support.
Thirty American armored cruiser horses appeared on the flank of the big fleet to the battlefield. At this time, the big fleet either chose to divide its troops to meet the enemy or adjust its formation to fight.
However, after Chen Ada took a look, he ordered each ship to leave the target of the US armored ship alone. Chen Ada, the cruiser, kept his mind on the main fleet of the US military.
Twenty-five American armored ships have sunk in the attack of forty big armored ships, and their cruisers have finally arrived at the battlefield and entered the range from flank to arms.
However, the military fleet is still aiming at the US armored fleet. When the tenth warship capsized, the US commander gave up the plan of reorganizing the formation on the battlefield. He asked the main fleet to leave the battlefield and asked the cruiser team to move forward to block the army and the US capital ship from retreating to the formation.
Chen Ada saw the intention of the US warships and gave him an order to keep the course and continue the word "Long snake array", which means that they are likely to follow the main fleet of the US, and they intend to collide with the US Cruisers, the main ship of the US.
It did collide with the Guangdong. One of the U.S. cruisers hit each other, and the stern of the other side sank instantly, and the Guangdong was also hit to the other side, blocking a deep water nest. The bow of the ship sank a deep pit, but the Guangdong was still ahead, and the American cruiser sank
All the big warships continue to follow the Guangdong, and the artillery is still bombarding and trying to leave the American armored ships to the northwest. At the same time, they are bombarded by the American cruisers at close range, causing great casualties, but the American cruisers dare not. The torpedoes on both sides are easy to be accidentally injured because of sticking together, but it is taboo for a long snake to cut into the big warships of the American cruisers. Even if the torpedoes pass through their bottoms and hit the rear warships, they are definitely not big warships.
After the torpedo won the victory of three cruisers, the formation of large armored ships crossed the U.S. cruiser fleet to intercept and went deep into the Yucatan Strait, and continued northward. On their flanks, there were still the main armored ships that had withdrawn from the United States
Forty armored ships and thirty were sunk by the US capital ship and passed through the other cruiser. In fact, one ship was not sunk, and a large number of sailors were lost. At this time, the US military was bitten by the army, and there were already 12 armored ships left, and more than half of them were lost.
At this time, observers from all over the world are terrified and excited, while despising the army to fight. There is simply no discipline. Isn’t this a life? They are looking forward to seeing whether the art of conducting is finished
However, the effect is that the American armored fleet regrouped when the army was almost no closer, and the ten pursuit cruisers entered the northwest waters, and the American armored ships were retreating, while the twenty armored ships were after them. Obviously, the armored ships had an absolute advantage over the cruisers, but for the speed advantage of the other side, I am afraid they would have been wiped out.
After your fourteen cruisers got rid of the chase, they didn’t intend to return to the battlefield, but sailed all the way into the two vast Gulf of Mexico. Everyone knew that they were going to break through.
At this time, the capital ships of both sides have passed the Yucatan Peninsula, and half a day has passed. The sun is high overhead in the battle smoke, and the sun is a little hazy.
Fourteen American armored ships arrived near Perez Island in Mexico at this time, and the sea army or thirty armored ships also followed closely. It is still a long snake array here, but at this time, ten American capital ships have appeared in the rear of the army and may attack at any time.
The army was attacked on both sides without hesitation. Chen Ada still ordered to attack the American armored ship in front of him.
Bombing has been launched in the rear, and the military fleet has been created. One armored ship has been created, one silent ship has lost power, and fourteen American warships in front of them have been sunk by them. Four of them have been damaged because of their own firepower.
Chen Ada would rather risk the attack of the American armored ship behind him than concentrate on dealing with the American ship in front of him. Obviously, he knows that it is better to break one finger than to hurt it.
After an hour, this finger finally broke completely. Five of the ten ships were sunk again, and the other five were injured and fled into the Mexican port.
At this time, there were 30 ships left in the military fleet to annihilate this American army, and the remaining 30 ships were all damaged, and half of them were seriously injured. The speed of the whole fleet decreased, but now they have to face ten enemy ships that have been chasing them.
After being bombarded with these ten enemy ships for more than an hour, they wounded each other, and three of their own ships lost power, and the other side chose to retreat.
The military fleet has been unable to pursue Chen Ada. At this time, it reached a surprising but very gratifying order. He asked everyone to return to clear the remaining enemy ships and rescue their companions at the same time.
There are twenty armored ships that can carry out this order, and the others are seriously injured, so they can slowly follow and gradually get rid of the whole formation.
When these disabled people crossed the Yucatan Strait again, it was already dark, and they saw a fleet that was regrouping, including 20 capital ships and a warship that lost power and did not sink after emergency repairs.
In this battle, the army paid the price of sinking 12 capital ships and 10 serious injuries, sinking 20 cruisers of American armored ships, which can be said to be almost equal literally.
However, the news that all observers sent back to China after the war was "the battle has been won by the army"!
They spoke highly of the brave spirit of the great navy, from which they saw a strong temperament, but it was a pity that they didn’t see the art of command
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Section seven hundred and seventy More and more like a politician
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After the news of the front mutiny came, Deng Shicai suddenly blacked out and nearly fainted. * Pop-up window? @++www* C
Strong support asked about the specific situation.
He sat in the chair for half an hour before he got up again.
The mutiny on the front line is not serious. A brigade that is about to be ordered to launch an attack on the downtown area of Houston has mutinied. Their soldiers think that this is a waste of life. Two-thirds of their soldiers are recruits with no combat experience, and the brigade commander was a sentry before launching a storm. It is because all the first three brigade commanders were killed.
Now, the heavy attack has once again fallen on their head. These soldiers have reached the limit of their patience. They have long complained privately that they don’t want to fight any more, but they are urged to rush to the enemy positions again and again with gunfire and machine guns like death warrants.
Although the army has occupied the enemy’s main position and torn a 10-kilometer road to Houston, they see that the Americans have rebuilt their defense lines. Do they have to fill the American positions with their lives and feed the American machine guns with blood?
Not only did they receive the mutiny of the assault brigade, but also five brigades and two BGF divisions refused to continue to launch new attacks. Zhang Shan had personally arrived at the front line and even he was detained.
This is the reason why Deng Shicai panicked. The soldiers even detained the former enemy company commanders, which is not far from the total collapse, right?
After thinking for a moment, he went to the front line in person and announced in front of many front-line officers and soldiers that in addition to Zhang Shan’s company commander position, the army was now under his direct command. At the same time, he told everyone to build a position on the spot and surround the front-line soldiers of the US military to take turns to rest in the rear.
After these orders calmed other troops, he began to solve the problem of detaining Zhang Shan’s brigade, which is now out of control. After they announced these orders, they still refused to release Zhang Shan. Their soldiers asked to go home and asked the army to allow them to retire.
This is obviously impossible, even if it is false, it can’t be promised. They promised them. Do you want other troops? Is this war still going on?
Deng Shicai, despite Qinbing’s persuasion, insisted on going to the front line to see that the brigade leader was an elderly veteran who had been injured three times and was promoted to the battalion commander because of his work. It is said that this veteran has really made excellent military exploits and that their troops have suffered heavy casualties, but now the troops are not heavy. Although their situation is very special, who let them make breakthroughs here and let them rush again and again?
On behalf of the mutinous soldiers, the veteran came to negotiate with Deng Shicai. His attitude was very firm, saying that he didn’t care about life and death. He was alone and died. He had to fight for a way out for others. Deng Shicai went out to see all the battalion officers. After a stalemate, the veteran agreed.
"Do you really want to go back?"
Deng Shicai asked with a calm face
No one answered, and everyone was sullen. I could see that many of them were still injured, wrapped in gauze and bandaged.
"This is rebellion. This is treason. Have you considered the consequences?"
His words immediately angered these officers who had lost their minds.
One by one, they were angry and cursed the officials for not treating them as people and saying that their lives were also their lives.
Deng Shicai snapped out of the pistol and slapped it on the table.
"Your life is my life, and so is mine. Take it if you want!"
Although everyone was angry, no one really dared to shoot the company commanders.
Deng Shicai showed cold light in the eyes of dozens of young officers with tight faces.
"If your parents died and someone raised them, now you are treason. Not only will they not get a penny pension, but they will also be poked in the spine. Your father, your mother, your brother and sisters will be unable to lift their heads for a generation."
Deng Shicai’s fierce eyes finally suppressed a group of soldiers on the verge of collapse.
Take the lead in veteran cold hum a "you don’t have to scare everyone. There is no fear of death here, but you just want to earn a way for others. You are an official, and you can’t afford it, but you can’t scare everyone."
My mouth is hard, but my tone is a little soft.
Deng Shicai snorted "you don’t have parents old them? Think about your parents, wife and children. "