This isn’t over. Later, the telephone door broke out and many telephone records were exposed, including those between Lecce and Lazio.

重庆夜网,重庆耍耍网,重庆桑拿论坛,重庆夜生活论坛桑拿会所 This isn’t over. Later, the telephone door broke out and many telephone records were exposed, including those between Lecce and Lazio.

Everyone knows why Chang Sheng and Lecce responded with "Hehe" twice in a row, and they also understand why Lecce is so angry-there is indeed a reason for being so despised. It’s just that they are venting their anger on the wrong person …
After understanding this background information, we can understand that it is not wrong for Lecce to be slaughtered by Lazio … They have been enemies.
It’s just that this hatred is not too great, and many people may have forgotten it …
But it can’t be said that there is no injustice or enmity.
There is really no grievance, and only Barry was shot while lying down.
Chapter four hundred and seventeen All Europe is watching.
There are still 30 minutes left in the game, and Lazio are still three goals short of breaking the record. All they have to do is guarantee a goal in ten minutes.
Such ample time did not let Lazio relax.
The situation on the football field is changing rapidly, so is luck. Maybe you can score goals no matter how you shoot now, but maybe after a while, you can kick the football away even if you face an empty net …
So now that you are in good shape and lucky, take the time to score more goals!
Lazio then scored the football into Lecce’s penalty area.
Tommaso Tommaso Tommaso Tommaso Rocchi tried to steal the ball, but Lecce’s goalkeeper, antonio rosati, made an early attack and kicked the football out with his fists.
Football did not fall far, but fell at the feet of Lazio players outside the penalty area.
Meireles’s goal is a direct volley!
The football ran towards the goal, but in the end it was slightly higher than the crossbar.
No goal.
But I still scared Lecce’s players and fans into a cold sweat.
If meireles’s foot ball is pressed down a little, it will be an empty net! Rosati just attacked and is still lying on the ground.
There was no goal in this attack, which did not affect the Lazio players.
They continued to attack.
The goal will come again soon.
In the 69th minute, Lazio used a set-piece match and chiellini scored a goal.
"chiellini! The 127th ball! "
At this time, the whole of Europe is paying attention to the game.
Originally, this is an ordinary league, and it will never win the league title, nor will it be a relegation battle.
The game of nothing did not attract too many people’s attention at first, that is, Italy paid a little attention to it.
But as the game went on, when Lazio scored one goal after another, the news quickly spread all over Europe. Everyone knew that Lazio was attacking the single-season goal record set by Aston Villa 70 years ago.
So the whole of Europe is full of interest in this matter, and they want to see how Lazio is doing.
Major European media continued to pay attention, and many fans also changed channels to watch the match between Lazio and Lecce.
Some people just turn on the TV when they hear their commentator exclaim, "Oh, my God! The 127th ball! Only one goal away from Aston Villa’s record! Crazy! Unbelievable! Unbelievable! This Lazio team has been completely crazy! "
They paused, then glanced at the score on the screen and saw Lazio leading Lecce 9-0!
Lazio is really going to do it?
They really caught up with only one goal!
No wonder the commentator was so surprised …
This is really surprising!
If anyone is upset about this, it must be the English, especially Aston Villa fans.
Aston Villa’s record of 128 goals has always been unknown, but it is their pride.
Now it’s going to be taken over by other countries’ teams, and it’s still a person they don’t like. The team led by Changsheng …
This makes them even more upset.
If other teams broke their records, maybe they would all feel better.
But it happened that it was always winning …
At this time, they still have a little luck. I think Lazio is still one goal away from the record.
The worst result they can accept is that Lazio scored another goal in the remaining game time and then tied Aston Villa’s record.
In this way, the two teams share this record, at least Aston Villa, so that Lazio will not completely erase its name from the honor book.