Derby aimar is more attractive to himself.


One is a player who has proved himself in the future, and the other is a player who can’t play in the future.
Who to choose? Isn’t that obvious?
Changsheng didn’t expect to buy Deco without spending money …
Without saying anything, he made a decision-agreeing to Porto’s offer!
When Lei Natuo Tres received the fax from Valencia, he was surprised. This time, he didn’t dare to go to Mourinho again. After all, Mourinho doesn’t have the right to decide on the transfer. It’s ok to talk to him at ordinary times. When it comes to making a decision, he can’t go to him.
We need to talk to the president of the club, Pinto da costa.
Costa was surprised when he saw this fax.
"Do they really agree?" He thought he was dreaming.
Tres nodded desperately: "Yes, they really agree!" " The tone of voice is still a little shaky, and it seems unbelievable.
I don’t trust anyone.
Aimar, worth at least 30 million, plus a 5 million Ferreira, for a Deco?
For Porto, it’s like dreaming.
Although Porto has done many black shops, it is the first time for them to see the other party being hacked so actively.
At that time, the president and manager of the Porto club were somewhat unresponsive.
Fortunately, they soon understood that although this was a deal with brain problems for Valencia, it was absolutely beneficial for Porto!
At this time of aimar is hot, can get aimar is Porto didn’t even think about it before.
But now, this opportunity actually appeared in front of Porto …
In a word on FM: Only a fool would refuse such an offer!
Pinto da costa, the president of Porto, is no fool.
Chapter one hundred and fifty-seven Correct mistakes
Just when the President of Porto Club intended to agree to fulfill this offer, Mourinho stopped him.
"We don’t need aimar." Mourinho persuaded da costa. "And Deco is very important to us, he is our core. Mr. Chairman! "
Da costa felt a pity: "Give us a Deco with aimar Gabriel. We made a profit in this business, Jose."
Mourinho nodded: "Yes, I know. But we don’t need aimar, and aimar may not want to come to Portugal. He played so well in La Liga, why did he come to us? Can we play in the Champions League? Valencia can do the same. aimar has many suitors in the transfer market. I don’t think we can get aimar. Secondly, Deco has made our important players unable to let go. "
Mourinho finally persuaded da costa and Porto cancelled the transfer deal.
Changsheng realized that he had made a mistake after making the decision.
He is still looking at the people in this world with the eyes of the traveler.
For example, he knew that aimar had only played well for three seasons in his own world. After Benitez left, his performance began to decline, and his value dropped year by year.
When he moved from Riverbed to Valencia in 2000, he was worth 21.2 million euros.
Six years later, when he moved to Zaragoza, his value was only 11 million euros, which was reduced.
When he went to Benfica from Zaragoza two years later, the transfer fee was only 8.5 million euros, not even 10 million euros.
Therefore, Chang Sheng feels that aimar is actually not worth much money.
He forgot that it was aimar in that world, not aimar now.
Now aimar has played a good game in Valencia for a season, and his value will only go up, not down.
Even if he thinks that aimar is inferior to Deco, it doesn’t make sense to give it away so cheaply.
What about Deco?
He knows Deco will be awesome in the future, but Deco hasn’t played yet. Such a player is really not worth exchanging aimar and Ferreira.
I made a low-level mistake for a while.
But now that the quotations have been put forward, the decision is on the side of selling players, and there is nothing I can do to stop it.
Only when the player refuses to trade himself can the transfer be cancelled.
But it’s hard to say whether the player will refuse.
His heart is hanging on tenterhooks.
Two days later, he waited for the good news-Porto rejected the transfer!
Changsheng breathed a sigh of relief-mama of, God still cares for me!
Porto rejected the transfer deal because they refused to sell Deco.
Constant victory doesn’t care why Porto refused, as long as it refused.