"Na Nuo Deng Ham, when you cook tonight, I’ll tell you that my precious apprentice is very picky in taste. If she is not satisfied, she will pinch you."

重庆夜网,重庆耍耍网,重庆桑拿论坛,重庆夜生活论坛桑拿洗浴会所 "Na Nuo Deng Ham, when you cook tonight, I’ll tell you that my precious apprentice is very picky in taste. If she is not satisfied, she will pinch you."

"I didn’t come back for a rest. Besides, the taste of the master elder sister is very simple. To sum up, it’s me, him and meow. Nothing tastes good. She will give you noodles whatever you do."
Brother Bao wronged Baba, and his tears have burst.
"Come on, what’s going on over there?"
"What else can I do? Dig, transport mud and hit the foundation with a knife and watch. When I see nothing, I will come back with Fat first."
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Question. "
"What’s the problem? The only problem is that the spread is too big, and the construction funds are a little small at the same time. I want money from you."
"Wow, it’s tight again, baby. Didn’t you say you just turned 500 million?"
"Wow, 500 million won’t be enough, or you said to speed up. Otherwise, after it is built, Ke Ke will be married, and it is necessary to project high quality and speed, so you can’t burn money to the dead."
"Well, I’ll ask Cai to draw some money later. Are there any problems in the past?"
"It didn’t cooperate with the new district leaders. Hey hey"
"Oh, since it’s nothing, you can cook tonight."
"Don’t do it, don’t do it."
Brother pao would rather die than follow.
"Uncle Bao, can you cook asparagus fried ham?"
The teacher elder sister dadada came running, her eyes blinking with anticipation.
"Why don’t you believe this home-cooked dish of asparagus fried ham? I’m telling you, don’t just let your master cook. Your uncle cannon is also a good cook. Today, your uncle cannon will show you his hands."
Brother Bao took cosette cosette’s little hand and carried the ham into the kitchen. Aunt Wang was "driven" out by him to relax and play with melons.
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Shut your mouth and be honest
Dishonest and honest, and Weibo fans.
"China on the tip of the tongue is poisonous. I won’t watch it tonight."
"Yes, watching this documentary is purely for abuse. See if you can watch it."
"After watching the first one last night, I hid under the covers and cried for a night, and I resolutely refused to watch the abandoned film."
I’ll watch it if I can’t kill Weibo with a smile.
In fact, smoking, good wine, coffee, tea and stimulating things will make people addicted to cough, and so will "being abused"
But tonight is different.
With last night’s "painful" experience mechanism, we will never trip over the same stone twice.
All the departments have prepared beer drinks, potato chips, instant noodles, roasted wings, hamburgers, jelly, plum biscuits, melon, beef, yogurt, nuts, ice cream cakes, milk tea, heart fruit, shredded squid, walnuts, raisins, ice cream, almond, apple, dried fruit, fried yogurt, spicy chicken rice, sauté ed saute spicy chicken pot, strawberry bread, pudding, duck neck, chicken feet, instant noodles, bean curd skin, baked gluten, hand-grabbed cakes, chicken rolls, fish-flavored shredded pork
Now the table is full of food pits. Come on, I’ll see how you can abuse me.
This is not a drill. I repeat, this is not a drill. This is a real battle.
7 p.m.