"Don’t have a hole in the sky!" Zi Xuan saw his one eye figure a phantom and chased the firefly.

重庆夜网,重庆耍耍网,重庆桑拿论坛,重庆夜生活论坛喝茶资源 "Don’t have a hole in the sky!" Zi Xuan saw his one eye figure a phantom and chased the firefly.

Duguying shook her head naively. Should I say she is clever? Or should I say that she is stupid? This woman didn’t notice it all the way.
A faint sigh, a shadow and an illusion also disappear.
Fireflies suddenly listened to it and gathered together as if to say goodbye to Zi Xuan. They turned around her several times and soon flowed out of the cave and dispersed in the night.
However, Zi Xuan was stunned and wait for a while was in the cave.
In front of a big bonfire party, a group of young men and women gathered around the fire, and the dancers and dancers formed a big circle. Everyone raised their glasses to her with a happy face.
This is …
Zi Xuan unconsciously wanted to look back, but the lonely shadow had fallen behind her, gently held her in her arms from behind and said lightly, "Madam, marry her husband."
Madam, marry her husband.
Let’s just say she’s been married once, and she’s pregnant.
Zi Xuan wanted to smile. The contradiction in his words was that he cried, so he couldn’t help but shed tears.
Madam, marry your husband!
"Marry? Madam, "Dugu Audio-visual haunts her ears.
"xianggong, I marry!" Zi Xuan nodded heavily.
"She agreed!" Duguying suddenly shouted forward, just like a child, not like the cold and cruel king before.
As soon as the voice fell, the big fire in front suddenly burst into flames.
"Congratulations to the queen …"
"Congratulations to the queen …"
The clansmen raised their glasses and shouted that they almost drowned out the singing and dancing.
With tears in her eyes, Zi Xuan turned around and looked at Duguying with a small face and pear flower taking rain, but she didn’t know what to say.
"Why are you crying?" Duguying carefully wiped the tears from the corner of her eyes and said to her.
"Happy," Zi Xuan said with a sniffle.
"Smile and see," Dugu Yingrou said.
Zi Xuan watched him smile through tears for a long time, and the curved pear vortex emerged.
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The grassland has not been so lively for a long time, and everyone is immersed in the festival.
However, the nearest county, Jade County, is also more lively than bustling.
The man in black walked aimlessly, holding a piece of jade in his hand and shuttling through the crowd, and he didn’t know whether he should go or not.
Is it time to go back to the cold palace?
I haven’t even gone back after the Qing dynasty.
"benefactor …" familiar voice came from behind.
Cold feather frown back only to see thyme Xuan a face of travel-stained coming towards him.
"The benefactor is me!" Bailixuan smiled and her eyes were clear and clean.
Cold feather in the eyes of a surprise line of sight fell on her abdomen.
Thyme Xuan blushed at once and was at a loss. "I’m … I’m fine. You drove Shan Rou away."
Han Yu realized that he was rude and quickly said, "What can I do for you?"
"I just want to thank you," Bai Jui-chueh blurted out. She didn’t know what would come out to look for him. She just wanted to thank him.
"Do you thank me for helping you?" Cold feather light asked
"You didn’t tell Shanrou that you didn’t expose me, and you really didn’t kill a race," said Bailixuan hastily.
"That you" cold feather said coldly and turned to go.
"It’s nothing serious when the king wakes up." Bailixuan quickly chased him.
Cold feather stop seems to want to say something, but consciousness shook his head is still striding forward.
It was a little difficult for thyme to chase. "Wait for me!"
"Is there anything else?" Cold feather stop turned around.
"Where are you going?" When Prissy asked her, she didn’t know if it was appropriate to know what she wanted to know.
Cold feather silent frowning handsome eyebrows staring at her.
Thyme Jue was staring at some embarrassed, low head and faltered, "I’ll ask … and I’ll tell you … Princess Zi Xuan didn’t die and she came back."