Hey, I’m really unlucky. How can I talk to him?


When Liu Sunseeker returned to the imperial phoenix night to assign her a palace, Zi Yan and Hong Fu were already waiting there. Two people gave Liu Sunseeker a gift. Liu Sunseeker looked at the two little girls at night and was very clever. She still liked to smile and said, "Anyway, we all pay attention to statecraft outside after serving people, just like our sisters."
Ziyan smiled. "Do you want to have a rest first when you know that the girl is tired?"
W w w collect and organize, return or leave the club.
Chapter 637 She is so naive.
Liu Xixi wanted to praise Ziyan when he heard it at night. Oh, my baby is exhausted. You don’t know how abnormal that emperor is.
A face of injustice, but I know I can’t say a word. "I’m really tired. I’ll have a rest."
Red stroke didn’t talk much from beginning to end, but he looked at Liu Xixi carefully and didn’t know what he was thinking.
Liu Sunseeker was able to command the queen Ziyan to wait in the temple and the red stroke in the outer temple because she didn’t want this person to get too close.
Liu Sunseeker had a good night’s sleep. He just got up and soon heard a unruly voice outside. "How bold I am to go to see my sister. Do you know what I am and the girl inside?" I’m her sister. When she finds out, she will punish you severely. "
Mo Yao, Liu Xixi sat up at night and casually pushed the door with a dress.
Sure enough, I saw Mo Yao’s black face reprimanding Hong Fu and Zi Yan.
"Mo Yao, are you here?" Liu Xi accidentally found that Mo Yao didn’t have a girl around him. "Why are you here alone?"
Moyao smell speech eyes finally darkened. "I’m your maid-in-waiting and have seen the elder sister of the big maid-in-waiting." Then Moyao bowed to Liu Sunseeker at night.
Liu Sunseeker was busy helping her up at night and said with a smile, "What’s the matter? My generation is probably a maid-in-waiting. After you were born so beautifully, you have to be a concubine. I hope that you will be polite to my good sister now."
MoYao eyes bright bright mood is good again "elder sister really think I am a princess life? In fact, I was born beautifully, and I actually peeked at some very popular concubines in this palace and the Oriental Yun Qi, which we have also seen, and they are not as beautiful as me. "
Liu Sunseeker nodded with a smile at night. In fact, although she said these words because she was afraid that Mo Yao would do something stupid because of jealousy, it was also true. With Mo Yaocong and beauty, she must not be in the pool in the future.
Two people talking and laughing for a while MoYao eyes turned to gather together in the past to ask Liu Sunseeker night "sister, I have a word to ask you, but don’t be afraid that I may be jealous of Oriental Yun Qi, but I will never be jealous of you. Did you come back last night and meet the temple? The temple kept you for the night, and today it will seal your name as a maid-in-waiting? "
Liu Xi guessed early in the evening that she would ask a smiling tunnel, "Do you think I can talk to Dian Enen and then not throw up on him?"
Mo Yao’s face showed such an expression. There was no sense of disobedience for Liu Sunseeker at night. She laughed happily. "I told you, those military commanders provoked you in front of me this morning and said that you secretly climbed the imperial bed at night. That’s why you got this position. Are both concubines a roommate?"
Liuxi evening smell speech some unhappy "they also have the opportunity to this level we must severely punish them".
"Don’t worry, we are now in the palace and can’t punish them! ! Look at me. "Mo Yao took Liu Xixi’s hand and whispered," I have prepared some gold and silver jewelry. You will take me to the Xiugong to thank and take care of our mother. I will humiliate them when I take the opportunity. "
Liu Xixi feels that Mo Yao is too naive, and it seems that she is not interested in humiliating her to this extent.
W w w collect and organize, return or leave the club.
Chapter 63 Benben wants to save lives
So she pretended to be depressed and said, "I’m clumsy and I don’t want to go."
Mo Yao didn’t care about the faint tunnel. "You need to give me your waist tag, and I’ll humiliate them with this."
Liu Sunseeker wanted to think later and felt that there was nothing wrong with giving Moyao the waist tag.
Mo Yao went out excitedly.
But an hour later, someone came to Liuxi Night. "princess royal invited girls to the Imperial Garden."
Liu Sunseeker leng leng suddenly felt a little bad.
Bite my lip, I hope it’s not what I think. If I go to ask Emperor Fengye at this time, I don’t know if he will help. It seems that the only thing I have is to help a man who doesn’t know what to do.
Liu Xixi went to the Emperor Phoenix Night Room but couldn’t get in. Emperor Phoenix Night seemed to be meeting someone.
Liu Sunseeker was good at night. He stood outside and said to Xiao Gu, "Xiao Gu’s father-in-law and other temples have got it. Can you give a message to the temple that princess royal doesn’t know something and suddenly wants to call me over?"
When Xiao Gu heard the words princess royal, he was shocked and nodded. "You go first. Don’t let princess royal wait. She has a bad temper."
Liu Xixi was depressed to death last night. I also know that princess royal has a bad temper. I hope you can find a way to inform that smelly fart turtle hair temple as soon as possible.
"Are you the new maid-in-waiting in the temple?" Princess royal Gherardini looked at Liu Sunseeker and let Liu Sunseeker feel scalp pins and needles at night.
"Do you recognize this thing?" A waist tag was left behind in the evening of Liu Xi, and Liu Xi barely picked it up and recognized that it was her waist tag. I couldn’t help but feel tight. This was given to Mo Yao by myself because she said that she would take the waist tag to show off the palace.
With a sigh, the only thing I want to keep a friend is to leave her and feel lonely.
Besides Ye Ze and Mo Ke Mo Yao, she is the third person she knows after losing her memory.
But it seems that everyone is very interested in her and can abandon her at any time, which makes her feel insecure.
No one can believe that no one can rely on her to live so lonely all the time?
She doesn’t think so?
There are always many people who can’t see their faces clearly. They always surround her in their dreams, giving her courage and comfort.
Liu Xixi took a deep breath at night and thought of it here. She seems to be much better.
She showed a puzzled expression "yi? Why is my waist tag here? "
"Hum, you’d better tell the truth. The princess may forgive you. You are my nephew." princess royal said crossly.
Liu Sunseeker’s big eyes are full of fear and timidity. "The handmaiden in princess royal Temple really doesn’t know anything. This waist tag handmaiden was put on the table before going to bed and was called by you before waking up."
"So you mean you didn’t go anywhere last night? ?” Liu Sunseeker timidly nodded at night. "Last night, the temple said that the handmaiden went to bed early without the handmaiden."
"bold! !” Princess royal ruthlessly struck the table and Liu Sunseeker pretended to be scared with tears in his eyes and sat down on the ground
Princess royal took a deep look at Liu Sunseeker’s evening and wondered whether the girl was either too stupid to be framed and didn’t know it, or too clever to act so well that even she was almost fooled.
"Witness" princess royal beside mammy cold way.
Liu Sunseeker hung his eyes and left the witness’s shoes to know who it was.
That red stroke
I thought Ziyan was more reliable before, so she rushed the red stroke to the outside and felt weird when Mo Yao came. Mo Yao was better for the red stroke, and she wanted to wake Mo Yao up. So that’s it! !
Mo Yao is really clever, but when this kind of cleverness is harmful, it makes people feel chilling.
It’s good for Liu Xixi to bite her lips late. She was framed if she didn’t come forward.
Red stroke cried when he saw Liu Sunseeker late. "You are shameless. I told you not to provoke Xu. Why didn’t you listen to me? Now you have angered princess royal and humiliated our temple."
Liu Sunseeker’s eyes widened at night. "Red stroke is just that you like the temple. I didn’t say anything. After all, I am not an empress, but I didn’t expect you to frame me like this."
"Hum I like to set you up? You are in the temple. I can serve you in the outer temple. I can’t get your waist tag. "Red stroke smiled at her.
Liu Xixi thought at night that it was really because of jealousy that the man’s face was so beautiful that it was a disaster that he hated him even more.
"You also said that you are in the outer temple. If you know that my things seem particularly clear? Do you even know that I want to seduce Master Xu? " Liu Xi sneer at night.
Red stroke hesitated. "I watched you sneak out of the palace last night, and I can’t guess that princess royal is asking handmaiden questions today?"
Liu Sunseeker frowned at night and said, "That’s why my house is in collusion with you. There are Ziyan and Moyao in my house. It must not be Moyao. She is my good sister. She defended me the most when she was in Xiugong. She also promised that when she became an imperial concubine, she would let me enjoy herself."
Princess royal smell speech eyebrows a pick face irony slowly emerged.