When Klose was celebrating the goal, the Roman fans in the stands were silent.

重庆夜网,重庆耍耍网,重庆桑拿论坛,重庆夜生活论坛桑拿洗浴会所 When Klose was celebrating the goal, the Roman fans in the stands were silent.

That old guy scored the ball with his first touch!
You know, they were laughing at him before …
Old man, come to Italy’s fiercest derby, and be careful to flash your waist!
Now they are severely slapped by the old guy. Judging from the strength, the old guy is still strong!
Changsheng is also applauding Klose’s goal on the sidelines.
Cavani was injured, and he was very upset, but with Klose, he was not worried about not winning the game.
He is not worried about the next game, he is only worried about whether Klose’s physical fitness can last so many games.
Lazio fans in the stands gave a great cheer, shouting Klose’s nickname "Milo! Milo! Milo! !”
To show their love for klose.
The German striker has proved himself with his actual performance, but he has not conquered here yet.
Until just now, in the same city derby in Rome, he came off the bench and inserted the dagger into the heart of his sworn enemy at the first touch.
Such a bold performance naturally won more favor from Lazio fans.
From this time on, he really entered the hearts of Lazio fans.
Lazio fans will not be too harsh on him even if his state fluctuates and his performance is not good in the future.
Any Lazio player who scores in the same city derby against his sworn enemy can enjoy such treatment.
The same is true in Rome.
This is the sworn enemy in the same city.
The game resumed soon. Rome, which lost a goal, was not willing to lose to Lazio on the road. They wanted to strengthen their attack, equalize the score and bring both sides back to the same starting line.
Even if they know that the attack is going up, Lazio will seize the opportunity to fight back.
But this is the same city derby, you can lose, but you must not lose momentum!
If Lazio scores a goal, Rome will shrink back and let the other side beat him around. What is that?
I’m afraid Roman fans will not spare them.
So Rome pressed out to attack.
A confrontation drama began.
Roman fans in the stands also saw the brave choice of the Roma team. They shouted desperately in the stands, trying to break through Lazio’s blockade and cheer for their team.
In many people’s minds, maybe you should enter one next, I will enter one, and you will come and I will fight as fiercely as playing table tennis, right?
In that case, even if Rome loses, it can be regarded as "a glorious defeat."
After all, losing to Lazio has become a habit in recent years, but as long as Rome can maintain its strong fighting spirit, Roman fans can also console themselves …
Fantasy is always full.
The reality is very skinny.
Holding it in your arms will make you feel flustered.
The two sides fought for about seven or eight minutes, and no one was able to score.
But overall, Lazio has the upper hand. After all, there is no Totti here in Rome, and Derossi is a guest defender in the back, so it is always impossible to organize an attack.
Roma’s attack is far less sharp than Lazio’s.
In the tenth minute when Rome planned to play Lazio, their goal was once again declared lost.
The man who scored this goal was Hernanes.
He dribbled on the left in midfield, cut inside, and suddenly shot a long shot in front of the penalty area. The football played a little high and easily crossed the Roman defense.
If the ball continues to fly like this, it will go to the back stand.
So Roma goalkeeper Sergio didn’t make a jump to save.
But at this time, the football suddenly fell!
And then quickly fell into the far corner of the goal!
Goalkeeper Sergio turned to look at the football and watched it enter the door!
"defoliation! !”
"Lazio lead 2-0! As predicted before the game, there is no suspense in the result of this game! Lazio once again proved this point, even if cavani was injured in the first seven minutes, Lazio can still score goals! "
Hernanes ran from the frontcourt to the midfield with open arms, where he hugged his teammates.
Everyone came up to congratulate him. It was the first time that Hernanes scored in the Rome Derby since he joined the team for more than a season. No wonder he was so excited.
Today, two men scored their first goal in the Rome Derby. It seems that today is the day of virginity, which is suitable for virginity.
There were deafening cheers from Lazio fans in the stands.
In front of Lazio’s coach and bench, players and coaches rushed out for the second time to celebrate the goal.
Only 20 minutes into the game, Lazio led by two goals. Such a perfect start, with such a start, the game can be said to have been won by them.
Of course, the constant victory will definitely make the players not take it lightly.
After all, this is a derby, and anything can happen.
Sure enough, after applauding and celebrating, Chang Sheng pointed his hands at his temples on the sidelines, using this action to remind Chang Sheng’s players to stay calm.
Dong Qiudi jumped up from his seat and shouted with his arms at the same time with other players in the stands when the goal happened.
At such a close distance, seeing Lazio score two goals in Rome with his own eyes is completely different from watching the TV screen.
In the past, Lazio won Rome, or even won Rome by a big score. Dong Qiudi watched every game, and some games even watched it more than once.
The most impressive thing is naturally the first Rome derby played by Changsheng after he came to Lazio.
At that time, he was shaking with excitement in front of the TV.
And now, he is shaking all over.
The huge cheers at the scene made him feel almost deaf. When El Nanes’ ball flew into the goal, he clearly felt that his feet were shaking!
What do you mean, "the stadium is boiling"?
This is it!
Rome Olympic Stadium is like a pot of boiled water, gurgling and bubbling.