The Dragon Tooth Guards were amazed at the strength of this force, but at this time, the situation was urgent, and they were not allowed to think about the source of this force, so they once again fought with the young and dangerous people on both sides!

重庆夜网,重庆耍耍网,重庆桑拿论坛,重庆夜生活论坛桑拿夜网 The Dragon Tooth Guards were amazed at the strength of this force, but at this time, the situation was urgent, and they were not allowed to think about the source of this force, so they once again fought with the young and dangerous people on both sides!

Longya Guards are responsible for flank safety, and the remaining four door owners are responsible for rear safety! The Dragon Club will be held by Wu Li, and all the eight families have martial arts handed down from generation to generation. Therefore, as the current door lords, Li Yuanzhen, Zhou Dingguo and Zheng Benjia are naturally armed with martial arts, and their skills are excellent. Although Han Yi is not an eight-door clique, their skills are not bad. These four people are in charge of the rear of the house, and although there are many pursuers, it is also difficult to break through the defense line formed by their joint efforts!
Together, under the guidance of Jiuzhong, a powerful arrow, they are like an invincible sword, and they are invincible. In a short time, they have rushed out of the 150-meter distance towards the main street!
At this moment, I saw a big truck suddenly leaving the corner 200 meters away from the main street, stepping on the gas pedal, ignoring the crowd fighting in the street and rushing straight at Jiuzhong’s side!
It’s not fatal for young and dangerous people to fight hard. When they see the truck coming at full speed, they quickly get out of the way to make way for the truck!
The truck pushed the crowd through the 50-meter distance, and rushed to Jiuzhong and others. Suddenly, it braked suddenly, made a 180-degree turn, and the rear compartment stopped in front of Jiuzhong and others!
When the door of the carriage opened, a group of gangsters rushed down from the carriage with machetes and rushed to both sides to resist the enemies on both sides. At this time, Xia Dongdong got out of the carriage and waved to Jiuzhong and shouted: "Boss, it’s me, get on the bus! !”
"Just in time!" Jiuchong waved to the crowd behind him and shouted, "Get on the bus quickly! !”
They didn’t dare to hesitate. All of them jumped into the car. Jiuzhong didn’t get on the bus first, but and while one man guards it stood in the back of the car and resisted the surging enemy. After all the gangsters who had just rushed out of the car to meet them returned to the car safely, Jiuzhong forced back a wave of enemies at the moment, tiptoeing back into the car!
The people in the carriage quickly closed the door and shouted at the cab in front: "Everyone is here, let’s go! !”
The truck started again and sped out of the crowd!
The young and dangerous people who came after them wanted to stop them, but because of limited manpower and fear of death, no one dared to stop them, and finally they were successfully rushed out of the encirclement by the truck, leaving a long tail gas of the car and taking the road away!
The people managed to escape, and the four-door master quickly called his brothers and informed them that those in Fulushou Restaurant had to leave quickly, and those who were coming didn’t have to come, so they directly diverted to Longyu, the headquarters of the Kowloon Club!
An hour later, the truck drove into Longyu Villa and finally stopped in front of Jiuzhong’s villa.
When the car opened, everyone got off the car. Shen Yue took the others into the villa first, and Jiuzhong and Xia Dongdong came to the front of the truck and opened the door and got into the cab!
There is a man sitting in the driver’s seat, who is about twenty years old, dressed casually, with fine features, high nose, thin lips, a pair of melancholy and affectionate eyes, full of electricity, coupled with a flowing long hair and a standard handsome guy!
Jiuzhong and Xia Dongdong came in from the doors on both sides. Jiuzhong squeezed this man into the middle, punched a hole and looked at him, and smiled: "Ha, baby, long time no see, I really want to die!"
"Stop it for me, don’t say such disgusting things in front of me. I don’t know that I thought we were comrades, which seriously damaged my image! Besides … My name is Bao Bao, Wang Baobao! !” Wang Baobao didn’t good the spirit of the way a sentence, glanced at the eyes covered in blood nine heavy, way: "I depend, how badly are you hurt? Why are you covered in blood? !”
Chapter 46 Nine people are back
Jiuzhong wiped the blood on his face, looked at it and said, "Don’t worry, it’s not Lao Tzu’s blood, it’s all the enemy’s! The person who can make Lao Tzu shed so much blood has not yet been born! "
"That means you didn’t get hurt? Oh, what a pity! I knew I would come out late. What a good opportunity! "
"Depend, you don’t think I will die!" Jiuzhong looked at Wang Baobao again and said, "Shit, why haven’t I seen you for a while? I feel your boy is more empty? ! Look at the decline of this face! "
Wang Baobao sighed: "Hey, who told me that my buddy is handsome? Every day, the woman who posted it upside down can’t stop it. It’s really kind and difficult, so I have to do my best!" By the way, you said I came here on a blind date this time. What about the peerless beauty in the photo? !”
"She …!" Jiuzhong was about to speak when Shen Yue came out of the villa and shouted at Jiuzhong, "What are you doing outside? Everyone is waiting for you! "
Because of the angle, Wang Baobao thought that Shen Yue was talking to him. He was so beautiful that he couldn’t find it. The chicken nodded like rice: "Ok, I’m coming, I’m coming ~!" Then he bowed nine times under the car. "Come on, get down quickly and don’t block my blind date!" "
"I depend, you are a guy who values sex over friends!" Jiuzhong got off the car and went into the villa with Wang Baobao and Xia Dongdong!
When they came to the room, the four door owners and the four elders of the Sage Hall were sitting in the living room, waiting for Jiuchong while drinking tea to calm down. Jiuzhong walked in and greeted Wang Baobao: "Baby, don’t mention it, just sit down!"
When Wang Baobao heard this, he said, "Look at what you can do. You really don’t know how to be a stranger? You think this is your home? !”
Nine heavy one leng, way: "huh? Didn’t Dongdong tell you? This is my home now! "
"Huh?" Wang Baobao looked at Xia Dongdong and said, "Is he serious? !”
Xia Dongdong nodded and said, "Time was short just now, so I didn’t tell you so much. Yes, this is the home of the boss, who is now the new leader of the Kowloon Fair!"
"Kowloon Club?" Wang Baobao picked a pick from her brow and said, "That’s the Kowloon Club, the mafia overlord in this province? !”
"I depend, you can mix now!" Wang Baobao tugged at Jiuzhong’s suit and said, "I said, what are you wearing now?"! Feelings are salted fish turning over! "
Jiuzhong pretends to knock off Wang Baobao’s hand and says, "Behave yourself, Lao Tzu’s suit is very expensive. I can’t afford to buy you as a cowherd if it is broken!"
"Go to hell, you fart!"
"Ho ho ho-,Lao tze smelly fart, you bite me!"
"Cut ~, pack to force, or Lei Gong will kill you if he doesn’t like you!"
"That’s right!" Jiuzhong suddenly remembered something and said, "Baby, that cow you used to brag about may be true!" "
Wang Baobao blinked. "I blew a lot of cows. Which one do you mean? !”
"That’s the cow that you said your ancestors were also mixed with the underworld! Maybe it really does happen! "
"Ah …? !” It was beyond Wang Baobao’s expectation and he didn’t react at the moment.
No matter where Wang Baobao became speechless, Jiuzhong came to the main seat of the living room table, glanced at all the people in the living room and asked, "What’s the matter? Is everyone all right? !”
One of the elders said, "Thanks to the little master’s help, I was finally in a panic and everything was fine!"
Nine nodded, "that’s good!"
At this time, Li Yuanzhen, Zhou Dingguo, Zheng Benjia and Han Yi stood up one after another and saluted Jiuzhong again: "Meet the young master! Welcome the return of the young master and regain control of the Kowloon Club! "
Zhou Dingguo grinned: "Ha ha, young master, I didn’t know the identity of the young master at the funeral that day, so I made some jokes rashly. I hope the young master will forgive me!"
Nine heavy smile, way: "you said it was a joke, why mind! Besides, I made a promise that day! "
See nine heavy so generous, Zhou Dingguo heart breathed a sigh of relief, at the same time, for nine heavy affection greatly increased!
Zheng Benjia and Han Yi don’t have to mention that they were on Jiuzhong’s side before they knew Jiuzhong’s identity! And Li Yuanzhen and Zhou Dingguo are centrists in Shen Yue’s eyes, but actually they are not. They are staunch loyal to the nine schools from beginning to end, that is, they are finally nine schools! It was only because of the misfortune of the Kowloon Club that the world changed. Li and Zhou didn’t want to support the president faction headed by Shenyang, nor did they want to support the anti-president faction headed by Qian, Sun and Wu. In the end, they just wanted to protect themselves and became a neutral faction!
Now that the nine families have returned, they naturally stand firmly on the side of Jiuchong and become loyal to Jiupai!
After Zhou Dingguo finished, Li Yuanzhen also confessed to Jiu Zhong, saying, "Young Master, please punish me for the crime of being ignorant. I didn’t realize that Zhao Zihe was a wolf, and he was birds of a feather with Qian Yuanshan, Sun Wanxing and Wu Weiwei, and he was regarded as a good brother, which made the young master have today’s disaster!"
Jiuzhong took a sip of fragrant tea on the table and said, "I can’t blame you. I can only say that this Zhao Zihe is too shrewd and acting is great! Proud master … it was planted in his hand, too! "
Shen Yue beside Jiuzhong frowned and said, "You mean, Zhao Zihe killed my father? He’s the one behind all this? !”
Jiuzhong shrugged and said, "Judging from Zhao Zihe’s series of performances today, it is obvious that Qian Yuanshan, Sun Wanxing and Wu Weiwei all work for him!"
Shen Yue looked at Jiuzhong and said, "What are you going to do next? !”
Touching the earlobe, Jiuzhong first said to the four door owners, "Don’t act rashly, first guard your own territory, and don’t let them take advantage of it! I care about the next thing! " Then he smiled and said to Shen Yue, "Don’t be so impatient. Don’t worry. As I said, those who follow me will prosper, and those who oppose me will perish! You will have a chance to get revenge! I promise! !”
“……!” Shen Yue although not language, but the expression has returned to the previous calm.