"What the hell are you talking about!" Yang night is a little confused. "You are not Mrs. Yang or a god of death. Then what do you want to see me for?"

重庆夜网,重庆耍耍网,重庆桑拿论坛,重庆夜生活论坛桑拿洗浴会所 "What the hell are you talking about!" Yang night is a little confused. "You are not Mrs. Yang or a god of death. Then what do you want to see me for?"

"I came to you to tell you something," said Mrs. Yang in the photo frame. "Of course, it’s up to you to listen or not."
"listen! Of course I want to listen! " Yang night replied without hesitation, "I have been confused since I woke up today! Everything makes me foggy. No matter who you are, you will explain all this, right? "
In the photo frame, Mrs. Yang nodded and her eyes were still sad.
"Well, you answer me first. Am I dead?" Yang Ye was really anxious to get up early, and everything that happened now was so strange.
In the photo frame, Mrs. Yang hesitated and said, "From my point of view, you are indeed dead, but from your current point of view, you are still alive."
"Can’t you? Say so profound? !” Yang Ye listened with a stare. "Do you want to tell me about it from the human universe?"
In the photo frame, Mrs. Yang hesitated and nodded. "It can also be …"
"All right, all right!" Yang Ye hurriedly waved his hand. "When do I joke, when can I listen to you tell me those complicated things?" Said the Yang night gently out of breath and said, "so you say I’m still alive from my point of view, right? Then why does everyone see me through? In fact, I am really thorough to others, but how can my colleague Xiao Pi see me? "
In the photo frame, Mrs. Yang was silent for a while, slowly raised her eyes and said softly, "Red Bi is like this …"
"I’m not a red Bi! My name is Yang Ye! " Yang night some angry interrupted Yang Lao lady in the photo frame.
The old lady Yang nodded and sighed and said, "Well, Yang night is like this …"
"Now you are a new material state and enter this world. You used to belong to a parallel, and your human form was born in a parallel way. But this you and I have now realized that you are this self. There must be a stage for you and me to be compatible with yourself and you can be regarded as the real one."
Yang night heard a burst of pins and needles in the scalp with dilated pupils, saying that I understood that it was a lie!
In the photo frame, Mrs. Yang continued to say that her tone and attitude are very serious. "Now your identity is self-appearance, so once your self appears, it will naturally replace the original one, and you and I will not be able to do it. This is not a narrow sense, not for some people who have been in contact with you and me, but now you have replaced your original one, but your self-appearance."
….. My mom Yang night thinking expression is dull.
"That is to say, every theory is parallel or short time difference. I let you come to this place. It’s because you have nothing to do with the past." In the photo frame, Mrs. Yang looks like an associate professor. "But then you reappear this self instead of the one that originally belonged to me, and you and I haven’t completely merged. For some people, you are real, but for most of them, you didn’t know that you had been in the crowd before. Now you are a completely fictional character. Are you white?"
Yang Ye glazed over her eyes and stretched her neck, looking straight at the photo frame, and Mrs. Yang stammered for a long time and suddenly said, "You … What do you want?"
"Don’t you understand?" In the photo frame, Mrs. Yang sighed and said, "Well, red … Yang night, I said this. I took away all the memories you had after you became a red dagger and knew your life. Your current memory ended before you changed from you to your own."
"I said I’m not a red Bi …" Yang night impatiently waved.
"Have a good night, I want to tell you that your life is now back to what you didn’t know at first, and everyone who came into contact with you before it was calm remembered that you were real to them, but you didn’t know that you were virtual to everyone before." In the photo frame, Mrs. Yang is more patient. "But as time goes by, after you and I merge with each other, you will be completely true to this, and the problems you are worried about will not be solved."
"That is to say, for some people now, is this state temporary?" Yang night this finally understand some.
In the photo frame, Mrs. Yang nodded "Yes"
"Then who are you?" Yang night hesitated a horse asked
"I said that even if I tell you who I am now, you can’t understand." In the photo frame, Mrs. Yang’s voice became a little sad. "But I can tell you that I took a certain memory from you, and the memory of what happened in your mind in the previous paragraph is white or …"
"What is it?" Yang night wondered if he was not hitting a ghost but meeting a god.
"It’s true that I’ve been bothering myself to do this, right or wrong? Should I let you live a normal life? Or continue to let you shoulder that heavy mission? " The sound in the photo frame looks heavy and melancholy.
"Mission?" Yang Yeleng suddenly smiled and shook his head. "Don’t tell me that I am superman. It is my duty and mission to maintain world peace. I will laugh."
In the photo frame, Mrs. Yang sighed faintly and said in a low voice, "I’m always talking too much now, but before everything, you are living like this. You are living like this now, if you are willing to continue living like this …"
"What do you mean I do? Do you and I want to? " Yang night is not happy. "Who wants to live such a ghost day!" Said Yang night completely excited and fierce up.
"I don’t want to do things every day, and I can’t earn a few dollars! Being looked down upon by everyone, no friends, no entertainment, no love, no women … Who wants to live like this? It is said that the price of non-staple food will increase again! I don’t even have a washing machine. I have to wash it no matter how dirty it is! That man, man, woman, and girl sings in five tones, hundreds of thousands! We worked hard for a whole year, and the last advanced individual honor was our car owner! But he can’t even screw! The cyber-head girl becomes a celebrity as soon as she undresses, and the man becomes a hooligan as soon as she undresses! Broken leather jackets have been selected for the Louvre in Paris! Who the hell stole all my bicycle saddles! Who the hell are you! "
….. In the photo frame, Mrs. Yang was said to be a little confused. She just looked at him and went on the rampage. Yang night tried to think of him venting and shouting. These complaints were finally found to be unrelated!
"… this night I want to tell you that if you don’t want to restore your memory, you will live a plain life like this. If you want to restore your memory, you will face many things, many people, many feelings and many difficulties and obstacles that you have to go through." The voice in the photo frame is hesitant and gradually eased. "Of course, Yang Ye chooses your hand."
"Restore memory? You said you took my memory and now you ask me if I want to restore it? " Yang night gas panting stare asked, "then what did you want to take my memory? You-you’re a god? God can fool me? "
Looking at each other, hesitating, sorrowful, angry and silent.
We all know who the old lady Yang’s face in the photo frame is talking to Yang Ye, and she can understand Yang Ye’s present situation at the moment. After all, Yang Ye doesn’t know anything or who she is now.
"Well, you’re in the middle of the night. I can’t say anything. I admit that I made this decision and took away your memory. After all, you are my child. I don’t want you … but I hesitate now. I hope you can come back and face everything you should face."