He has benefited a lot from Stuart’s family in recent years, including a flying boat.
A palm-sized flying boat rises in the wind and turns into a luxurious residence with three floors and seven feet long in the blink of an eye.
The flying boat is engraved with many magical powers such as hiding shape, hiding shadow, wind and fire, thunder, etc. It depends on the strength of input method.
the strongest
Very capable of nullifying Friar Doggi.
Put the Lingshi starting surface in the groove of the cabin and hide the array. Zhou Yi sat in the bow and drove the flying boat straight to the distance.
this trip
He is going to take a look around several places where there are suspected predecessors’ houses. If there is no gain, he will take it as a distraction and practice magic.
After this trip, Zhou Yi carefully selected several places with great possibilities.
Most of these places have conclusive evidence that there have been previous treasures nearby, but no one has ever found the treasure.
of course
It is also possible that someone has found it but kept it a secret.
But even so, it’s more likely than that. Zhou Yi asked himself that it’s not fate.
Half a month later.
Zhou Yi opened his eyes and looked in the direction.
"Rumble …"
A deafening roar sounded from time to time, accompanied by a little light flying, and miles of valleys were destroyed and full of chaos.
There are two Taoist priests and some monks who refine gas.
Five of them were besieged, and their opponents were fierce and powerful. Friar Doggi was seriously injured and looked in jeopardy.
"Someone is spying?"
Brother Daoji, who is besieging his opponent, suddenly looked up and looked in the direction, and shouted.
"Daoyou, this is a private matter between our two families. I still hope to stay out of it!"
"Zhang Kang, you scumbag" was surrounded by a roar.
"I’ve treated you well with my family, but you eat inside and pick outside, collude with outsiders and slaughter me. Sooner or later, you will follow your ancestors’ old path."
"Hum!" Zhang Kang looked back and snorted.
"When I was slaughtered by your family, only three people fled. Today, I take people to kill you, but I only avenged the year."
"when was that?" Someone shouted with grief and indignation.
"Ancestor, now we are doing it. Ask yourself if you have benefited from my family over the years!"
Zhang kang pan crazy nu way
"The revenge of the ninth world can still be reported!"
"Destroying your family is what I remember from generation to generation. You don’t need a little kindness to offset it and never disappear after that year!"
"Kill me!"
Zhou Yi withdrew his eyes and gently shook his head to drive the boat forward again.
There has never been a lack of people in the spiritual world who are like beating, killing and killing. If you can distinguish between right and wrong people, you need to ask more questions.
A few more days
He finally came to a treasure map place.
"Break the false eye!"
With the steady cultivation and the breaking of the false law, the scope of the eye can see through the thick earth with the increase.
Everything in the world seems to have a panoramic view.
"array method?"
With the deepening of my understanding of the law, seeing this scene again actually gave Zhou Yi an illusion that the whole world was shrouded in the law.
But soon he came to his senses.
Array law is derived from the change of heaven and earth, and it is normal that everything in heaven and earth can be explained by array law.
He didn’t notice that many laws in his mind just now were flashing and dim when he was agitated.
Where the line of sight is, Zhou Yi’s eyebrows are slightly picked, and then the swift boat is put away and goes down.