He saw the golden hammer and laughed contemptuously. He heard the golden hammer yelling at the shivering people. "This is betraying my faith!" "

重庆夜网,重庆耍耍网,重庆桑拿论坛,重庆夜生活论坛桑拿会所 He saw the golden hammer and laughed contemptuously. He heard the golden hammer yelling at the shivering people. "This is betraying my faith!" "

"no! No! " The owner of the blacksmith shop roared and burst into tears, trying to save his family and break the golden hammer into pieces, but all this was broken in front of him.
The illusion disappeared, and he held his shoulders on the floor like a wounded beast to help and grieve.
It turned out that after his failure, the golden hammer had already killed his family.
It turns out that his so-called loyalty is actually meaningless
He didn’t know that what he saw was one of several possibilities not far from Zhuang. "The manor owner looked at it brutally." He almost believed it as if he had experienced it himself.
"I … I say! I said! " He pointed to the wooden stick next to him. "That ball is actually a key. It can start a bomb to blow up the whole town of Taojin … Lord Golden Hammer … Don’t damn Golden Hammer. He ordered me to blow up Taojin Town and kill you all …"
"Where is the bomb?" Zhuang’s eyes lit up not far away. "How powerful is it?"
"This bomb is in the ground. The golden hammer said that there were no survivors in the vicinity of the bomb explosion …"
Not far from hearing this, Zhuang’s eyes lit up.
So the so-called "vitality" is here?
It turns out that Taojin Town is a big bomb!
I can imagine what to do at the most critical moment when the Taojin Town Manor Palace was built.
The original owner of Taojin Town would rather blow it up than let the enemy get their hands on it, and its explosive power can be mutually assured destruction with the enemy.
"Take us to the bomb!" Zhuang not far hurriedly way
"Well, I have a map …" The shopkeeper of Hammer Man struggled to get up and stretched out his hand to touch him, but his face suddenly changed dramatically.
"I … I …"
"Where is the map?" There is a bad feeling not far from Zhuang.
"I … I ate the map when I was in prison for fear that you would see it …" Hammer humanity.
"What?" Next to the Rabbit Dragon General, Jin Jia shouted and rushed out, took out a knife and planned to break this hammer.
"Wait!" Not far from Zhuang, stop him quickly. "If he had eaten it in prison, he would have digested it."
It’s not digested, I’m afraid it’s even pulled out
"Uh …" Shining golden just scratched his head and retreated. "I’m sorry, I’m a little addicted to cutting people’s stomachs recently …"
Everyone rolled their eyes.
It is estimated that Jinjia will retire one day and become a surgeon or obstetrician, specializing in caesarean section.
"Do you remember what the map drew?" Zhuang asked not far away
"The map is too complicated …" The shopkeeper looks particularly complicated at the moment. "I remember going in from the mine and then walking through a complicated road to reach the ground center …"
After that, the shopkeeper of the blacksmith shop was annoyed and afraid.
He thought he was probably dead.
Zhuang is also a face of disappointment.
In Taojin Town, because of the rich vein of cloud gold, there are disorder poles everywhere.
Even the pupil of the third pupil can see through everything.
If you break in at random, you will be cut off by various cracks before being cut into pieces. A claw of armored warfare worm is a lesson.
Perhaps the map owned by the shopkeeper is the only chance to enter the land.
Now the only chance is lost.
So what should we do?
"Master Zhuang, we rabbit dragons are willing to find a way!" Rabbit dragon shining golden step forward sink a way
"How to find? No! " Not far from Zhuang, just ask it out and it’s white and shining.
He tried fortune telling!
If you want to go all the way forward and send a rabbit dragon man to every fork, you may find the right way.
But how many forks are there in Taojin Town?
How many lives do you want to fill in?
Even if you fill it in, will you find the right way?
"Adult we rabbit dragon people are not afraid of sacrifice! We were born to be the king of God and dedicated ourselves to you … "