It is obviously because of his deliberate intention that players can break into the hinterland so easily.

重庆夜网,重庆耍耍网,重庆桑拿论坛,重庆夜生活论坛喝茶资源 It is obviously because of his deliberate intention that players can break into the hinterland so easily.

And now it breaks out in a flash.
Players immediately fell into a bitter struggle.
That is to say, most players are reincarnation, and they have long been accustomed to fighting in teams in various difficult environments …
Therefore, the cooperation is very tacit, otherwise a charge may be enough to completely disperse the players.
But even so, players are still losing ground.
And the prince of the devils side also look dignified than more with some anxiety …
In order to understand the life habits of those players, he often eavesdrops on the gossip of the players on weekdays, so it is natural that the so-called BOSS in reincarnation, that is, the strongest man in this reincarnation, is finished if he wants to kill him.
And his assistance is that he can’t stay in reincarnation for a long time.
A total of half an hour has now squandered more than half …
He wants to kill this BOSS…… in the last time …
What about BOSS? Isn’t he a BOSS-level figure in the mouth of players?
He’s a ghost king. Are you afraid you can’t kill him by unpredictable means?
It was only after the fight that he found out that …
I really can’t kill it
Although the methods of the ghost king Sect are unpredictable, there are traces to follow after all
But the other means can be found, even if there is a stupid god beast next to him to help him, he still can’t take up any wind.
"Good, good. I didn’t expect to meet such an opponent here, but it gave me a surprise. But if you can kill me with your little abilities, I can say that you are naive."
The dragon will raise his hand and cast his feet, but he actually took the initiative.
See the prince of the devils anxiety he laughed "nasty? Don’t worry … that’s what you really need to worry about, especially that little girl. Is that your daughter? I’ll rip her brain off in front of you … "
"Idiot, what are you and me in a hurry?"
The ghost king’s hand made a knife and cut it in a virtual way … Although it was cut in the virtual place, it made the dragon commander feel like he was trapped in a quagmire, and his steps were generally delayed a lot.
The moves are amazing, even the dragon generals are amazed.
But it’s just amazing that the rope pulls his body away from the virtual range easily by floating in the distance.
Backhand blow will fly out the ghost king.
The ghost king took advantage of the situation and retired lightly and sighed, "It’s a pity that I don’t have much time. I’m afraid I can’t win the achievement of killing you … This time, it seems that even if I personally go out, it will be difficult to help Yao achieve the first."
Speaking of which, his words are indeed quite regrettable.
You know …
From Baguio’s mouth, I learned that Xiao Chi has been resurrected.
The prince of the devils is not excited enough to tell others.
He hasn’t made any achievements at the end of an appointment. Just because of his good attitude, Sue’s head has already taken the initiative. He is considering helping him resurrect the idiot … Now his wife is sleeping in Sue’s head site.
Naturally, it is hard for him to return the favor.
If you can win a championship, it will be a little gratitude to Sue’s boss.
But who expected that the enemy’s strength was far beyond his imagination …
Especially over there, I heard that the players were overwhelmed.
"Mom wants to prick her hand."
"What are you waiting for … rescue … call for help …"
"If we don’t call for help, we will be wiped out."
"What rescue?"
The dragon will look slightly changed and look at the sigh of the ghost king … It’s not a disappointment, but a regret that I can’t slay him myself.
Especially listen to those thieves who have been caught in heavy jail.
Let him have a bad feeling …
At this time, the ghost king slowly retreated.
It’s a pity that you are a good opponent. If you really want to play a fair game with you, it’s a pity even if you lose.
At his voice, his figure slowly dissipated.