Dilk mo will take revenge when he receives it.
They don’t want to get involved.
Although the challenge is a must, why don’t you let Dilk explore the road later?
Dortmill Margo and Donald Dortmund walked side by side.
"What do you think of Dilk Mo?"
Tulip family long light asked.
"Dilk Mo is an excellent talent."
Rose family young people said with a smile
"Yes, it’s excellent."
Tulip family long echoed nodded his head.
"But …"
"It’s not irreplaceable!"
Young people in the rose family turned their heads.
"Well, I’d like to try a special dish of Bear Castle later. Donald, would you like to come?"
"Of course!"
"And I think we should invite more colleagues."
"Except Dilk Mo."
At the end of the dialogue, the young people of the two Faber families smiled at each other.
Then there is tit for tat again.
Because the venue has arrived.
VIP seats have been auctioned
"Ha ha ha ha Dilk Mo that bastard was hit by cow dung?"
The Goethe House in Bear Castle heard the news and Magrida laughed.
At this time, the second daughter of tulip family has no so-called image.
She laughed her head off in the sofa.
Goethe turned supercilious look.
He not only saw the little girl in town, but also saw Shila Amzah.
There is no doubt that cow dung was definitely thrown by that stupid bird.
There is no doubt that two people what appeared there.