But Feng Qianren lives alone in Kyoto Prefecture, but her hometown is in a city near Rongcheng Prefecture.

重庆夜网,重庆耍耍网,重庆桑拿论坛,重庆夜生活论坛桑拿洗浴会所 But Feng Qianren lives alone in Kyoto Prefecture, but her hometown is in a city near Rongcheng Prefecture.

The family failed to reach Feng Qian for several months, so they reported it and finally temporarily booked a missing person.
Now the Secret Service will soon find out the truth.
True Feng Qian died a year ago.
Getting close to Luo Shifeng Feng Qian is a fake.
But the key is an important professor and expert like Luo Shifeng. People around him, especially those with academic exchanges, have checked their identities.
The identity information of Feng Qian around Luo Shifeng is consistent with the real biological information of Feng Qian in the Department of Biological Information.
We should know that the biological information in the gene era can include the whole biological information, fingerprint, iris and blood type gene characteristic information.
Generally, genetic characteristic information can’t be detected, but even the whole biological information plus fingerprint, iris and blood type can be impersonated!
Especially pretending to be in front of the Secret Service inspection
But Feng Qian succeeded.
"Tian Bureau, I want to know what a fake Feng Qian can get away with in the identification of your Secret Service." Xu Xu directly dialed Tian Suqing, director of the Secret Service of Kyoto Prefecture.
"We are also looking for a blue star SSS-class spy disguised as Feng Qian," Tian Suqing said.
"SSS spy? But no matter how strong the spy is, how does this biological information pass your inspection? "
"This SSS spy is rated so high because of its special ability. I will send you the photo information later, and you will see it for yourself," Tian Suqing said.
Five minutes later, Xu Xu received Tian Suqing’s information.
Painted blue star is the most dangerous spy
Also known as a thousand-faced painting!
Since childhood, an extremely special gene ability chain has been opened, which is characterized by its ability to directly change its appearance, including biological information, which can be imitated.
According to the information, it is the trump card of the dawn traitor redemption organization, but many non-genetic Committee organizations have it
After reading this information, it is a straight call to retreat!
There is such a bad genetic ability.
Directly changing appearance can also imitate biological information.
This is the natural top spy.
Besides, the Secret Service doesn’t know much about this painted skin.
That is to say, this painted face, Feng Qian, can completely become another person and continue to live by changing her appearance and imitating a biological information.
The clue is broken again!
In this case, Xu retired, not to mention finding the painted skin, Feng Qian, or continuing to trace it, and there was no direction to trace it!
Xu back some hate.
He and Luo Shifeng were both sacrificed by this behind-the-scenes person and painted Feng Qian to decide whether Luo Shifeng should be taken or not!
But he traced it to now, let alone a clue, and even the direction of tracing was gone.
Just cut off Xu tui and find Feng Qian’s clue!
Depressed straight to vomiting blood, Xu retreated and suddenly moved.
There are still clues!
And the direction of tracing!
If the painted skin wants to imitate Feng Qian’s whole biological information, fingerprint, iris and genetic feature information, it must first get the real Feng Qian phase information!
Chapter two hundred and sixty-five The king of the accused field
Xu tui can think of the Secret Service.
SSS-level spy skin wants to imitate Feng Qian’s biological information, so you must first get Feng Qian’s biological information.
Although we talk about online privacy, the call for protecting privacy has been increasing day by day since the genetic age a hundred years ago.
Especially the privacy of biological information.
The implementation of the regulations is extremely fast and the process is very perfect.
About because of one sentence-everyone is equal before the privacy of personal biological information.
Everyone’s biological information privacy is at risk of disclosure when personal biological information is made public.
Therefore, the regulations have been rapidly promoted, and not only the whole blue star in Huaxia District has been legislated.
There are extremely strict protection procedures for personal biological information.
An independent supercomputer is designed to generate biological information.
Every time personal biological information is viewed and read, it will be recorded.
Moreover, an extremely special recording method is adopted to delete the information after recording for ten years.
The Secret Service found in the Biological Information Department that Feng Qian’s personal biological information was read and read three times.