With this treatment, not only the East Gate, Dongyujia, Jiuyi, Yubei, Yubing, Qinan and Yuding have enjoyed the same treatment.

重庆夜网,重庆耍耍网,重庆桑拿论坛,重庆夜生活论坛桑拿会所 With this treatment, not only the East Gate, Dongyujia, Jiuyi, Yubei, Yubing, Qinan and Yuding have enjoyed the same treatment.

Xu retreat will not necessarily lead to Dong Yujia’s nine-one nine-guard commander.
The emergence of four checks and balances is the real chapter … if it can appear.
It’s been three hours since I returned to Tianmen in the west, and the head of Heaven in Tianmen in the west has finished refining the spirit silver box.
And on time, at present, the captive Mya people in Anxiaoxue, a brainwave star, are almost finished.
A captive war is coming.
"Is Wei Shuai ready for this battle plan?" Xu asked back.
"The colonel’s third captive war is ready, but the staff committee unanimously believes that we should be on high alert. This third time may be extremely risky.
There is a fuzzy video of the second prisoner-trapping war that you can watch. "
Weibin sent Xu tuitui several fuzzy videos.
There is a lot of interference in the battlefield, and it is not true to see it from a distance.
But the purple robe is visible.
It can be seen that in the video, at the first time of the second prisoner-luring war, four bishops in the purple clothes of the Maya people pointed at the first time to observe Tianmen City in the west.
There is a high probability that an arrangement has been made.
If the Blue Star side carries out the third captive war, the risk is great.
"What’s the opinion of the Staff Committee?" Xu asked back.
"They want to ask the head of the third captive war is imperative? If it’s not tactics, it’s very flexible. If it’s … "
It is imperative! "Xu back gives a positive answer.
"It is necessary to prepare for the celestial guards according to the emergency plan of the colonel’s first capture war. I will command the other elites, and the colonel will command them," Wei Bin said.
"Get ready to act in fifteen minutes" Xu retreated to the order.
"No problem, but there is a problem to tell the head," said Wei Bin.
"I’m afraid the colonel’s current strategy of luring prisoners will be carried out in a short time after the third time," Wei Bin said
"What?" Xu tui frowns
He is also going to lure prisoners to fight for ten times. Then he will get more than 1,000 silver boxes, blue stars and four guards, and each of them will be divided into five to ten silver boxes. Then everyone will have the strength to kill the enemy.
At present, Bluestar takes the route of large-scale bombing, so it can take the route of elite soldiers if it retreats.
"The key to the problem is that the ultra-wide and high-concentration delivery of ultra-high concentration skin contact anesthetic consumes too much.
It is estimated that after the third capture war, the ultra-high concentration of skin contact anesthetic will be exhausted to support a capture war, "Wei Bin said."
Xu back instantly white "library department transferred? Then production is called blue star to pay close attention to productivity production!
Get me the most ultra-high concentration skin contact anesthetic at the shortest time, "Xu said.
Smell speech Weibin wry smile "colonel, you don’t know about this ultra-high concentration skin contact anesthetic technology content?
It can penetrate into the blood through the skin and affect the nerves in three seconds. At present, Blue Star has three production lines.
Emergency production orders have been reached, including speeding up the formation of new production lines.
However, according to the current output, it may take two months to gather enough drugs for the next captive war, "Wei Bin said."
After two months, Xu retired and his face was a little dark.
That is to say, this new tactical horse that has just been issued will be invalid.
"Then I’ll try to get more prisoners this time," Xu said.
The output of science and technology is acceptable for the change of the allowable retreat method of timely demand.
What Xu can do is to get as many silver boxes as possible. If you can get one more box, you can increase the strength of Bluestar Terran by one point.