In exchange, the celestial guards went to the camp to rest and replenish energy, but more than twenty other celestial leaders were called back together.

重庆夜网,重庆耍耍网,重庆桑拿论坛,重庆夜生活论坛品茶论坛 In exchange, the celestial guards went to the camp to rest and replenish energy, but more than twenty other celestial leaders were called back together.

"To strengthen the efficiency of war, I intend to temporarily change the military system of an energy matrix. Each leader leads three thousand people to form an energy matrix, and the remaining six thousand people are temporarily handed over to other leaders and commanders …"
"Special envoy, this is against the military system and the implementation of the law."
"Special envoy’s adult …"
Opposing a piece is almost a retreat and issuing an order. At the same time, 24 of the 26 leaders present objected at the first time.
And the opposition is firm.
Xu tui’s heart has already radiated.
However, the feedback from his heart is that the idea of these celestial leaders is simple and direct in this matter.
Just can’t!
Not if it violates the military system!
There is no other idea at all.
Procedural rules limit!
Xu tui has been sure that it must be that the ancient heaven has a procedural rule restriction on their robot army.
This let Xu back some sweat.
Before retiring, they felt that Bluestar was now ahead of all kinds of black technology, ancient times, things and superstitions.
Now, don’t tell me, don’t tell me. This robot technology has led the Blue Star Terran for generations.
Some blue star scientists say that the human brain, including the cognitive system of human thought, is the most advanced and highest program in the world.
Some people object to the statement that people’s ideological and cognitive system cannot be named by the highest procedure.
Now it seems that the ancient heaven is already here.
At present, the core programs of these mass-produced celestial guardian robots are not the synthesis of human thought and cognition-mental body!
Looking for a different game, I can play it very smoothly when I am young.
Wei Bin pointed out that in the new military arrangement, Dong Yujia, the temporary commander-in-chief of the four heavenly gates, and others supported the celestial commander in the western Tianmen, and 24 of them opposed and two agreed.
In favor of two commanders, one is Kitawan, and the other name Xu Xu didn’t remember clearly.
However, Xu tui remembers clearly that in the Tianmen in the west, only the celestial commander in front of him and Xiyu B were allowed to give back the innate soul beads.
At present, this is a clever response. Xu rewarded a silver box with spirit.
Could it be because of the silver box?
Or is the spirit silver box one of the procedural restrictions for these celestial leaders to break through the ancient celestial?
Of course, it is also possible that they have accumulated a spiritual silver box (innate soul pill) to a certain extent, which is the catalyst for them to break through the procedural restrictions of the ancient heaven.
But no matter what kind of retreat feels it necessary for him to do a test.
Later, Xu retired from just resolutely opposed to heaven and randomly selected three heaven and gave each one a silver box for them to refine on the spot.
Before they finished refining completely, Xu retreated 20 minutes later, when he sensed that the breath of the three celestial leaders had produced a kind of law-shaped fluctuation, Xu retreated and suddenly ordered them again.
"The three of you divided 3,000 units to build an energy matrix to prepare for the strong enemy, and the other 6,000 units were temporarily handed over to Xiyu B for command and returned to you after the war."
Three people have just refined a spirit silver box for a third, and at the same time, they got up and looked at each other, and then went straight to execute the orders.
Xu returned a copy of Wei Bin’s book.
Spiritual silver box or congenital soul bead is very important for these celestial leaders, not only to break through the strength, but also to break through some procedural restrictions.
If we think differently, physical keys may have a higher degree of control for war robots
Bluestar robot once faced network security.
In the history of Blue Star, those organizations and individuals with strong technical strength and equipment network were once limited in the decades when the so-called intelligent production broke out.
Because those so-called smart products can be networked, whether they control smart homes or smart cars is very powerful, the blue star robot forces have also been threatened in this way
From this point of view, it is innate to lock the code of conduct of the celestial guards in a range, and even if it is out of control, it will not be out of control.