The legs are like huge columns, and the wide trouser legs can’t hide it. Every step is like driving a mountain to move.
Even the appearance has changed
The former Zhou Jia was plain, but now it’s like a sculpture with a knife and axe. Although it’s not very beautiful, it’s full of three-dimensional sense.
Raise your hand and lift your foot with a dull coercion.
This is not intended to release the breath, but the mental oppression of the huge flesh.
Just like a tiger, a chicken and a rabbit, even if the tiger is asleep and hostile, the other person’s size is extremely oppressive to the weak creatures.
"It’s me"
Zhou Jia nodded
"I practiced a secret method while I was sometimes."
"Is … is it?" Luo Xiu British and American eyes flicker and stutter.
"It looks a little scary."
Zhou Jia smiled without a word.
The giant spirit of plough can make such amazing changes in his body shape in a short time, which consumes the potential of keel.
There is only one such thing.
And it’s not necessarily good or bad.
Although the strength has soared and the flesh has become solid, the speed has also dropped sharply, which is not worth the loss for the speed winner.
"Brother Zhou?"
Qing Xiao yin lai
"How did you …"
"Has it become like this?"
"Brother Qingxiao" Zhou Jia looked back at the bearer and handed him over.
"Your predecessors have said that this trip is dangerous in case I practice a secret method during this period or increase my chances of living."
"Words are so but …" Blue clouds gaping repeatedly shook his head.
"If you want me to say that it is the right way to survive in danger or to practice your flying skills well, wouldn’t you be more conspicuous?"
"I know," Zhou Jia sighed lightly.
"It’s a pity that I’m not good at flying skills now, and I’m afraid I haven’t been idle when I’m limited, so that Zhou can improve his intellectual man fit kung fu."
"It’s really you!" It was not until then that Feng Xiao looked surprised and reached around Zhou Jia to pinch the high-bulging muscles.
"I can’t believe your muscles …"
"Feng Xiao!" Blue clouds face a heavy.
"no courtesy"
"hinder" Zhou Jia smiled and waved.
"Zhou’s change is indeed somewhat unexpected."
Nodding in the clouds
She was embarrassed before, but her eyes were bright and steady, and even she wanted to touch the muscles well.
Black iron masters, they have seen more muscle men.
But Zhou Jia is different.
His breath is calm and heavy, and his muscles hide great power. Although it is hidden, it still makes people feel solid and reliable.
It is simply pressing the surrounding vegetation to tilt.
Zhou Jia’s body is heavy, and the total weight of the axe shield is more than 2,000 kilograms. Breathing and inhaling is like a gust of wind for ordinary people.
"Zhou Jia?"
"Is it really you?"
At this time, the people of Xiaolangdi also noticed the changes in Zhou Jia’s body.
Yang Shizhen’s eyes are flashing thoughtfully.
In just a few days, Zhou Jia’s body has not changed much, and his body is full of qi and blood, even not much weaker than him.