I couldn’t help but look at myself and ask, "Is there anything wrong with Linger Niang?"

重庆夜网,重庆耍耍网,重庆桑拿论坛,重庆夜生活论坛品茶论坛 I couldn’t help but look at myself and ask, "Is there anything wrong with Linger Niang?"

WenSuling smiled and shook his head "no! It’s because my mother looks good. It seems that I’ve made good progress with my father recently! "
When the words fell, Feng Rujun flashed a blush on her cheek, as if she was ashamed, took a sip of her lips and patted Su Ling’s little hand, slightly annoyed and said, "Linger, don’t talk nonsense!"
Sure enough, Su Ling’s words made Feng Rujun’s face appear shy hongxia!
Although it’s over 35 years old, it’s well maintained. Feng Rujun is still in absolute beauty at this time, especially with wet eyelashes. It seems that I still feel pity!
See chicken RuJun shy expression Su Ling also didn’t say much!
After quietly accompanying her for a while, she got up and said, "Mom, take a rest first! I’ll take care of the treasure
I’ll go and see dad first. Let’s have dinner later! "
"Good you go! Don’t worry about me, I am fine! "
Sighed and nodded, Su Ling got up to leave, and both hairs smelled and shook!
Su Ling walked two steps forward and looked back. When she saw that the two hairs were going to walk, she couldn’t help laughing. "You two stay with your mother. I’ll be back later!"
Heavy hair light shout a answer to Su Ling!
The two hairs immediately went to Feng Rujun’s side, and both of them stayed on the ground with this master who had been guarded by the white tiger for half a life!
On the other side of the house, Su Baosheng and Su Ao, who burn three-dimensional dust at this time, sit on a side, especially Su Baosheng, who has recovered his healthy look. On the contrary, he can’t say how heavy it is.
"Dad, is there no other way to contain Sun Qingyuan and them?"
Su Ao knows the seriousness of cronyism among ministers!
But now, Sun Qingyuan, the first queen of the court, has been moving more and more frequently recently!
It is an indisputable fact that Sun Qingyuan has cut corners and deducted wages in many aspects of civil and water conservancy construction in the Ministry of Industry!
Nai Sun Qingyuan has been in the limelight in recent years!
Especially when the queen has not been demoted, there are countless officials who have taken refuge in him!
Now there are only more than 20 senior ministers of humerus in the prime minister’s vein, and Sun Qingyuan is in cahoots!
The assignment of court officials now worries the emperor and Su Baosheng Su Ao and others!
"I can’t think of a better way for the time being!
You know, Sun Qingyuan has been holding the post of Ministry of Industry for nearly ten years!
In this issue, although both the official department and the official department are included in the East Palace, the attitude of the official department has always been moderate and has never taken a stand!
Especially recently, many people in Beijing complained that Sun Qingyuan was not converging! If this cancer is not eradicated as soon as possible, even the imperial prestige will be disturbed! "
Su Baosheng sighed as he spoke, and his cheeks became more and more worried!
At that time, although Huang Lao sat on one side and never spoke, the official of the court would really involve too many problems!
Although he can directly eradicate them, but now the time has not come, it is bound to wait for him to find out these side branches before he can start work!
"What do you think about dust?"
Su Ao raised eyebrows after hearing Su Baosheng’s answer and looked around at the third place!
Sun Qingyuan and others have been ganging up for a long time!
If it weren’t for the queen’s demotion, I’m afraid they would have found out so quickly!