At this time, Mu Yin’s power was completely exposed, and when he faced Han Dongge again, it was not as before. When he made the secret hidden power face Han Dongge, some of it was installed, and some of it was true. I couldn’t stand the pressure released by it.

重庆夜网,重庆耍耍网,重庆桑拿论坛,重庆夜生活论坛喝茶资源 At this time, Mu Yin’s power was completely exposed, and when he faced Han Dongge again, it was not as before. When he made the secret hidden power face Han Dongge, some of it was installed, and some of it was true. I couldn’t stand the pressure released by it.

But now it’s different. Although the gap is still obvious, it’s not impossible to face it.
"The elder is closing"
Mu Yin smiled at this answer and didn’t say much. Although the two factions are close, they all have their own ideas. Are they closed in the secular world and don’t like jokes?
"What do you think of this comfortable consultation room, especially the doctor Wen?"
"It’s very strange, but it doesn’t rule out what’s the background behind him. After all, there are not many people who respect his standards." Han Changqi also took it lightly, and he didn’t say much when there was no news.
To this Mu Yin’s heart, it still hurts faintly. His fairy sword gathers magic.
"Then I’ll leave first." I said a few words of anodyne, and Mu Yin left me.
Qingcheng School and Jiugong Mountain have been together for a long time, but that means that they listen to everything and mean it. They have no interest in deciding what to do. As soon as Mu Yin went out, he had a hand to send a secret crystal lingshi to Han Changqi.
Other sects in the secular world need to send people back to the Sect except the Sword Sect of Shushan, and there is no way to directly contact the living overseas in Shushan.
Because of this, the response of Shushan Sword School in the secular world is definitely the fastest.
Now, even if the major sects want to build it, it is difficult to build it successfully. After all, it is very difficult to cross the Shu Mountain and the secular world. One thing is that the Shu Mountain Sword School studied and established a connection with the celestial world, and has been making efforts and experiments in this regard.
And it has been built for a long time, and now it is much more difficult to build than before.
Han Changqi looked at this command and it turned out to be directly for himself. After watching it, Han Changqi’s eyebrows gradually wrinkled. How could this happen? Han Changqi never imagined that this command would happen.
Kill Wen Tao!
Chapter two hundred and seventy-four Kill Wentao (1)
Why kill him? What’s so powerful about this? Han Changqi can’t even think about it. What is the purpose of this command? From that point of view, you should not kill this window at this time.
The most important thing is that this order is still a separate secret order, that is to say, he can know and execute it alone.
I don’t know how to carry out Han Changqi, but I don’t think it’s too difficult. Although Wentao also showed his strength that day, Han Changqi still has confidence in himself. If he hadn’t reached the middle of Du Jie, there wouldn’t be any big problems.
Shuxin xiuzhenwen consulting room
Wentao just came back from the entrance of Shushan, and once again gave Ling Lan and the big brother, who made Ju Ling feel satisfied with their progress.
It’s been more troublesome to get in and out since the clinic industry. Fortunately, Wentao was prepared.
In order to avoid attracting attention, former Wentao traveled from the back, but now he travels from the main entrance to pretend to be an ordinary human body, and directly removes all the arrays so that those guys can see their own situation.
Although the light is black now, there will always be several senses scanning in the consultation room every day, but there are not many ordinary people in the front door, which should be the kind of big sect intelligence department
A natural expert to see a doctor is no different from an ordinary person to those supervisors.
"Pa …" A piece of paper directly pierces the wall. This piece of paper is like steel, and this wall is like paper paste.
Luo Zhenfeng heard the sound of the tsunami and blinked. He had rushed from the front to the back to see a piece of paper inserted into the ground.
Luo Zhenfeng, you make signal with the lips. The tsunami has gone out. Luo Zhenfeng grabbed the paper with his hand gently, and saw the words "Wen Tao Pro Qi" on one side.
It’s normal to see all kinds of strange things.
"There are still all kinds of people around, and it’s hard to find out who did it." The tsunami soon came back from the outside. It’s hard to find such a thing if it’s unfairly admitted. After all, although there are many arrays outside Shuxin Clinic, most of them are hidden in control sounds. After all, the powerful array in the fix-true world is no longer in the place where the other party can easily send in a piece of paper that is slightly folded with laughter.
"It seems that we can wait for the boss to come back …"
Luo Zhenfeng’s voice did not fall, and Wentao sounded behind him. "What can I do for you when I come back?"
Coincidentally, Wentao just walked in.
"Boss" two people at the same time slightly bent down and nodded before Luo Zhenfeng handed the folded paper to Wentao "Here it says that the boss you kissed and just now the other party directly threw this piece of paper in from the outside"