"Molin, you must refuel!" Linghuzi clenched her fist and clenched her lips. The teeth bit deeply into her lips and blood flowed out.

重庆夜网,重庆耍耍网,重庆桑拿论坛,重庆夜生活论坛喝茶资源 "Molin, you must refuel!" Linghuzi clenched her fist and clenched her lips. The teeth bit deeply into her lips and blood flowed out.

Yue Yao even caught her nails in the meat, leaving scars on her tender skin, but she didn’t feel any pain. Generally, she cast all her eyes on Mo Lin in the hope that her lover could defeat the White Dragon.
Mo Lin can’t feel their hope because all his heart is focused on himself. At this moment, he is like an arrow that is about to leave. If the goal is not important, it is important to adjust himself. If he has a blow, he will not be able to control everything, but he needs to ask fate.
"Power … I want power …" This is the only thought left in Mo Lin’s heart.
Spiritual power can never be ignored. How can a weak person match a strong one? The answer is to burn one’s own vitality in exchange for an instant outbreak, so that the weak can also have the power to restrain the strong.
Dragon slaying is actually a trick of burning vital life in exchange for instantaneous power explosion, which is stronger and stronger than snake anger and muscle strength.
Because burning is not only the body, but also the muscles, bones, blood and spirit.
When all this is burned out, what is left in the human body?
After killing the dragon, it disappeared, leaving the dragon to kill the dragon. Whether he disappeared or went to the gods, no one knows.
What Mo Lin knows is that if he can’t reach the level of what he has done, it will be meaningless even if he disappears.
Although the ink makers are willing to sacrifice, they don’t make meaningful sacrifices. If they can sacrifice, they will definitely go to the soup and die, but if they can’t, they will never give up their precious lives.
Mo Lin knows this kind of value well in the education of Mohist for many years. What he has to do is to ensure 100% success in killing Bailong and getting the Dragon Ball.
He broke out in silence and died in silence. Xiaobai tried to support him, but Molin faced more pressure.
Every cell in the body tries its best to continuously deliver strength to Molin, and Molin’s body has changed slightly.
That more and more powerful psionic energy is surging in the 72,000 veins, and the torrent in the river courageously rushes over and over again, which not only brings more and more powerful force to the whole body, but also impacts the navel all the time, and it is the turn of the heart chakra to wither the midvein.
"Eh … Eh … Eh …" Molin could hear her heart beating faster and heavier, and her heart seemed to weigh a heavy stone, but she felt more and more relaxed.
A wave of power in the heart chakra rippled out and impacted the midvein, and the psychic energy converged into the same frequency. In Mo Lin’s heart, he felt that there was a patency in the midvein, and before he could perform the dragon slaying, the body power converged, and the umbilical chakra and the central midvein of the heart chakra were washed away.
An influx of warm psychic energy in the heart chakra will light up the medium blue spot, which looks like stars floating in the universe with a deep blue luster.
Molin felt a sense of tranquility and far-reaching beyond concentration.
"Great" Mo Lin feels that the possibility of success is much more. The heart chakra has been hit by five points, which have already lit up three winds to bring subtlety, which can make Mo Lin light and heavy, which can make Mo Lin precipitate. At this moment, the blue point brings feeling, but it makes Mo Lin sweep away the haze and confusion in his heart.
Heart is the source of spiritual power, and Taoist power comes from the heart chakra, which is the basis of pursuing truth.
Heart chakra also strengthened Mo Lin’s heart and he was going to make moves.
The strength has been accumulated successfully, and all the preparations have been made, which is the final blow.
Mo Lin no longer hesitates. He has been delayed for too long, and the small white demon is getting weaker and weaker, and it is about to collapse.
No longer beating the heart chakra, but the heart point just lit up, and immediately burst into blue light, and then the earth point and the wind point also lit up, and then there were 72,000 veins, each of which was full of psionics.
Mo Lin’s body swelled with exhausted strength, and he burst into colorful light. The whole person seemed to rise slowly and quickly, breaking through the small white need shield and heading straight for Bailong.
"Come on, boss!" Xiaobai finally muttered that he was exhausted and fell to the ground. He had exhausted his physical strength like a spent force. Seeing that Molin was finally ready, Xiaobai also finished him.
In the distance, Linghuzi and Yueyao cheered. They were happy and nervous at the same time. Their beloved was finally going to kill the dragon. He was sure to succeed!
Mo Lin went straight to the White Dragon beside his heart.
Bailong snorted and looked at Molin sneered, "I’m tired of playing, so I’ll take you as a reptile to fill my stomach."
The white dragon in Xiao Long took a deep breath and forced a mass of white fog out of the body
The howling cold wind came rushing in like a million sharp swords passed by Mo Lin.
Mo Lin’s body was completely wrapped in rainbow light, and the wind hurt him though it was sharp.
There is a word in Mo Lin’s eyes, and his strength to kill him has reached its peak. His body rises slightly, and his skin is surging with strength, ready to explode at any time.
"Red Soul!" Ink Lin growl a red soul appeared in the hands.
If the dragon slaying dagger is synonymous with fragmentation, Molin hopes to get along with the red soul to slay the dragon, and there is another idea in his heart, that is, the strength of the red soul, the face of the dragon soul to restrain the same series of white dragons.
He has done all he can to benefit, and it’s up to him to kill the dragon.
See the ink Lin to attack nothing white dragon also found that something was wrong. He sniffed hard at the red soul in the ink Lin’s hand and wondered, "Why does it taste like a dragon ball?"
The ink forest is getting closer and closer, and it seems like a stubborn leaf in the strong wind. Instead of falling, it will fly into the sky.
"It’s strange that this guy is tough." White Dragon is not a reckless creature. He has discovered the strangeness of Molin.
The white dragon has experienced several wars in the mainland of China for hundreds of years. In the war between the sea people and the white dragon, science and technology are developing wildly, and all kinds of high-tech weapons are used to deal with the white dragon. However, it seems that the white dragon is a tickling gadget, which can bring a little harm to his ruling life.
But in front of him, Mo Lin’s strength is different from that of a sea bomb and a light gun. It is an explosive force with a wild breath, especially the strength attribute flowing through him, which makes Bailong feel scared for the first time in hundreds of years.
"I can’t let him near." Bailong somehow became afraid of what he called the reptile Molin.
This kind of fear is not because of the strange force brought by Mo Lin, but because of the fear of the impact on Mo Lin.
Over the years, Bailong has been used to the way that the sea people attack in groups. Once the sea people are alone, they become vulnerable and become poor reptiles in Bailong’s eyes.
Molin, on the other hand, is different. His performance is very different from that of the sea people, which makes Bailong feel that the law understands.
"What kind of human would be so stupid?" Bailong made up his mind to kill Mo Lin with a thunderous blow.
He wagged his tail, held his paws high, and one stroke called for several thunder, and his mouth was wide open, shining in a white cold mountain.
Xiaobai has been looking up at this scene and can’t help but exclaim, "Boss, start it!"
Ink Lin also found the white dragon move. He knew that the white dragon was about to cast an earth-shattering big move.