There is no longer asking "where is it?"


Guo Ta Lu reported the name of the place, and Zeng Shixiong said, "Slow down, we will find the target when we are in place, and then let you know that you are going in!"
Guo Tread Lu promised and then set off with Zheng Linsheng with money, but he insisted that Zheng Linsheng find two cars, one for himself and Zheng Linsheng, and the other for another brother of Yifutang to drive Zheng Linsheng, although he didn’t understand what he meant, but he did it because he already knew that Xie Cunguan and Guo Tread Lu were young but both were first-class operatives.
Loeb made an appointment to pay the money in a remote farm on the outskirts of Surabaya City. Although it is poor, it is a place with beautiful mountains and green waters. It is not because the mountains here are not high and low, and the tropical rain forest climate tree base covers the whole mountain. There is a green Se.
Guo Ta Lu didn’t receive Zeng Shixiong’s words when they arrived near the countryside, so they stopped for a while. Guo Ta Lu stayed with Xie Cunguan for a long time and accepted Yan Pei’s arrangement of some training courses. At this time, although he was worried, he looked at the surrounding environment calmly and planned his own way out.
Halfway through Loeb’s words, Guo Tanlu shouted "Traffic jam!" while pressing the horn in the car. See one side Zheng Linsheng dumbfounded.
Finally, I waited for Zeng Shixiong’s words, and there was no nonsense. The four words "Ready!" When Guo stepped on Lu, his heart was touched, because when he arrived at this place, he already knew how difficult it was to find a commanding height in this place, and it needed to be a place where he could see Zheng Xiuqing inside the farm
It’s hard for Zeng Shixiong and others to find such a suitable place after looking at it for a long time.
Although I didn’t know where Zeng Shixiong and Zhu Xianghui were hiding, Guo stepped on the ground as soon as he got down to earth. He asked the yifu cousin to park his car in a big tree. Because this tree is too big, it seems that the village recognizes that the sacred tree is covered with red strips. From a distance, you can see that in a strange place, the taller things are, the easier it is to find and the direction can be pointed.
Then Zheng Linsheng took the car to the gate of the farm, and Guo Tanlu and Zheng Linsheng bought two suitcases, and replaced them with Indonesian rupiah for four suitcases.
Immediately, two Indonesian black monkeys came to take them in. Sure enough, as soon as they walked in, several other Indonesians directly deflated one side of their car, which was a labor-saving way because Lobgen didn’t intend to let them go back.
First, it’s very easy to cover up the death of several Chinese in Indonesia. Second, Loeb doesn’t want money, but wants to get over it. What he wants them to bring with him is to make a fortune by the way, and it can also reassure them to be continued.
Chapter 22 Catch a killer
Original Chapter 22 Catch a killer
After entering the gate, this farm covers a large area. On both sides, there are all kinds of trees, orchards and vegetable fields, staggered pools, etc. Not only did you lead them in, but two Indonesians waved a tattered jeep and came over. No wonder Zeng Shixiong waited for them for so long. It turned out that this so-called farm was not a residential area as they imagined, but a real private farm.
In fact, a private farm like this tropical rainforest climate is not short of water, but a diversion canal is used as a boundary, which can not only irrigate crops, but also serve as a wall, and it can also be used for breeding.
The farm road is not very good, and the road is extremely bumpy. As soon as they get on the bus, they are blindfolded. Guo stepped on Lu and meditated. According to Yan Pei, he arranged training courses and taught him to silently count his body. Every time he was thrown by the centrifugal force of the car, he judged whether the direction was left or right.
Then count again, and then you can roughly calculate your position according to the speed of the car.
According to this reset when you escape, you can ensure that you can go to the approximate place in the dark.
The car finally creaked to a stop, and two people were ordered to step on the car. Guo Lu and Zheng Lin gave birth to the car and stretched out their hands and pulled their eyes. The place in front of the black cloth was in a rubber forest, and a big room appeared in front of them.
Two Indonesians, Cui, urged them to go in and step on Guo Lu, which made their eyes adapt to a bright light. Looking back along the rut, there was a corner about 300 meters away from here. In his heart, he silently calculated the speed and then pushed back all the way to the corner.
As soon as Guo stepped into the room, he felt a little like laughing.
It’s exactly the same as the shadow. When Loeb knows a row of Indonesian people sitting behind the sofa, he drills a hole to see six people! Not far from the sofa, two Indonesian monkeys looked at Zheng Xiuqing and Chen Yuxin, two girls who were tied up, dressed a little messy, but J: ng was in harmony with God.
However, Zheng Xiuqing’s eyes were bruised and swollen, which was obviously beaten when he resisted.
Chen Yuxin didn’t suffer any injury, but his eyes were a little red and swollen, obviously crying.
As soon as Guo stepped on Lu’s mind, he put this kind of plot in his life, so let’s say that these people really don’t mix up. In fact, the real Jianghu people control everything. The first root can’t talk about ostentation and extravagance, and of course sometimes it’s full.
In this scene, if he and Xie Cunguan are asked to arrange the conversation, two people behind him, even one person, and the other four people will put a quadrangle array in front and move the hostages to a distant place.
Of course, if you have enough people, you don’t mind if people directly surround you and knock over before you speak.
In fact, it’s not just Rob. Many mixed blacks are influenced by the shadow. Everything is ostentatious. As the saying goes, life is like a play, like life. In fact, the shadow and life are already interacting with each other.
Guo stepped on Lu and glanced at Zheng Linsheng’s appointment when he first came! Zheng Linsheng gently nodded to show that he knew.
As soon as they touched their eyes, they immediately divided the money box in their hands and said, "Who should I give the money to here?"
Rob couldn’t help laughing when he heard this. He came to say, do you still want to leave when you are here? But as soon as he smiled, Guo stepped forward like a tiger, and a cash box flew out of his hand. The target was the two girls, the man near Zheng Xiuqing in Indonesia, and then the second money box. Two money boxes hit the same person.
At the same time, Zheng Linsheng has jumped up and started to do the same thing in his cashbox, but it was another Indonesian Chinese cashbox. When Zheng Linsheng made a move, he went straight to the sofa.
Two Indonesians who looked at the girl suddenly shrank back.
Guo Ta Lu’s aim is good. Both sides hit the cash box in the past and practiced martial arts. hidden weapons Xie Cunguan practiced some. Guo Ta Lu’s father also let him practice darts when he was a child. His aim was ok. When he was trained by Yan Pei, the instructor asked him to throw everything he could get.
Compared with Zheng Linsheng’s cashbox, he didn’t know where to fly. A box flew directly behind the sofa, scaring the six Indonesians who were trying to scare people with arhats. Another suitcase was directly smashed into Chen Yuxin, scaring the girl. When she was surprised, she huddled up and the cashbox snapped to the ground, which awakened the Indonesian. The man came to want to catch Chen Yuxin and prepare for the hostage threat.
However, Zheng Xiuqing has got up like a group and bumped into the Indonesian monkey like a little tiger. When Zheng Linsheng fought for it, Zheng Linsheng rushed over and reached for a ring. The Indonesian neck was smashed by Guo Tread, and he pulled forward and hit the face with a punch. The man didn’t even faint directly.
This is when discussing boxing with Xie Cunguan and Guo Tanlu. Xie Cunguan happened to talk about the technique of holding his head in red boxing. Zheng Linsheng liked him as soon as he fought, and he liked to go straight for it. This technique is just right for him.
At this time, another Indonesian monkey has got up but is looking at Zheng Linsheng like a tiger.
Loeb hasn’t spoken yet. Guo Tread Lu has jumped in front of him. He can clearly remember that Guo Tread Lu has stepped out of the dragon with one leg. One leg directly stepped on Loeb’s gills to help Guo Tread Lu. He was trying to win the battle. But Loeb was followed by six Indonesian monkeys, and the six people put pss there with knives.
When Guo stepped on Lu’s foot and turned Loeb over, an Indonesian monkey responded that he had waved his knife.
It is obvious that this man is also a master of knife. Guo Tread Lu is trying to make progress. When the cold light flashes in the corner of his eye, he will know that something is wrong. Immediately, his body will retreat and wrap his arms around his body, especially his neck and ears.
This is the way to avoid the knife. The body must turn because when the knife comes, it is a straight force. This force is naturally great, but if your body rotates, it will add a force in other directions to the blade, so that the knife can’t go in the direction of the sharp edge in the meat, so the knife won’t go deep into the meat.
Of course, it doesn’t rule out that the other side’s knife is coming in the same direction as your rotation direction, so the two forces intersect into the meat depth, so it can blame you for the problem. People have to die, and ordinary people can be killed by cars if they walk a road. If you are making a living at the bottom of the knife, there are ten beautiful ways to prevent knives