Mo Lin can understand Yang Li’s attitude. He likes Los Sandy, which is simply stupid. He can see the fact. However, Luo Sandy has a deep affection with his childhood friends. It is not surprising that Yang Li, a girl idol in the village, has to get the heart of his beloved girl and is jealous.

重庆夜网,重庆耍耍网,重庆桑拿论坛,重庆夜生活论坛桑拿夜网 Mo Lin can understand Yang Li’s attitude. He likes Los Sandy, which is simply stupid. He can see the fact. However, Luo Sandy has a deep affection with his childhood friends. It is not surprising that Yang Li, a girl idol in the village, has to get the heart of his beloved girl and is jealous.

At the thought of this, Mo Lin’s mentality suddenly calmed down. He felt that Yang Li was pitiful, but he could fight for his feelings aboveboard. He just humiliated his rival in love. This irrational technique not only failed to show his ability, but made people feel stingy.
"Is this a genius …" Mo Lin couldn’t help but feel sad in his heart. Compared with his good friend Mo Ran, Yang Li’s image plummeted, and Mo Lin regretted that he had used him as an example to catch up.
"Yang Li said it makes sense. Patrol is a dangerous job. Mo Lin, you’d better go home after eating." Zhong Man aside dozen circle field.
Ink Lin bay there are still some fluctuations in the low mood, "okay, let’s go." Then he took a look at Yang from the winner’s posture and turned to go.
All the people in the field were shocked. Lin Bo and the coolie smiled proudly and stared at Yang from a few eyes. This just roared off.
Yang from gawk at the ink Lin and Sandy hand in hand body shaking almost pull out the waist spike a knife will ink Lin stabbed to death.
Zhong Man saw that Yang was depressed and angry and came over and patted him on the shoulder. "Well … what about this kind of thing … er …" Actually, he didn’t have the experience to say something comforting, but he didn’t know how to start, and he felt that Yang had just said those words too much, so he stopped talking.
"Ga boom … Mo Lin is a good girl." Zhong Man comforted Yang from Nie Renlong and gnawed at the fruit.
"Molin is very sunny. You didn’t see the heroic spirit in his eyes." Zhang Junyan said, "But it’s still inferior to me."
"Well … but he is more masculine than you," Tang Chuan said thoughtfully and sarcastically.
"Are you angry?" Los Sandy was pulled by Mo Lin to break free, but at the sight of Mo Lin’s eyes, he gave up the idea and was held hands by Mo Lin.
"It’s just a trivial matter. How can I be angry?" Mo Lin smiled before he suddenly realized that strength and temper are not necessarily in direct proportion. The more you can endure offense with people with low self-esteem, the more capable and confident you are, the more you can forgive your enemies.
Now Molin is no longer the boy who is worse than others. He has inherited the power of the dragon soul. If he fights with Yang Li again because of jealousness and jealousy, it will be a joke.
"You seem to have changed a lot. Sometimes I really doubt that you are not Mo Lin." Luo Sandy faint way.
Mo Lin was surprised and knew that Luo Sandy knew herself too well. During this period, she experienced too many things, and her personality was difficult to change. She saw that something was wrong.
Someone shouted in the square behind him when he was about to explain.
Mo Lin and Luo Sandy were surprised. Looking back, they saw that several stalls in the square were knocked down. A yellow shadow square turned around like a whirlwind, and it was arrogant to call a few times and went straight to the dark.
"Don’t let it get away!" A stall owner jumped up and said that his stall was knocked over and pots and pans were scattered all over the floor.
Zhong Man was the first to move. He growled, "Yang is looking after others here and chasing me." If the posture is fast, it has been chased.
Then came Tang Chuan and Zhang Junyan, and the last one was Nie Renlong. He was paunchy and ran behind, and his stomach trembled every step. He looked very strong.
"Little white, little white ….." Mo Lin secretly complained to himself that if Xiao Bai Zhen and Zhong Man came to blows, they were not afraid of Xiao Bai’s loss, but Zhong Man and they were also very good ink writers, and neither of them wanted to see it.
"Let’s go to help" Mo Lin was thinking that Luo Sandy had already run to the square, and Mo Lin was busy with Lin Bo’s coolie.
Several stalls were knocked down, and the stall owners were scrambling to pick up Yang Li, who looked around and didn’t see any injured people, and Molin four people also came to help the square and soon recovered calm.
"Damn it, the weasel stole my family’s new year’s goods and came to the square to make trouble. I’ll ask a giant to go to the mountains to dig out its nest the next day," said an elderly stall owner angrily.
Molin felt guilty and was about to comfort a few words. A yin is extremely extremely sound.
"What’s the big deal about giants?"
The words sound just fell and Huang Ying flashed, and a tall weasel appeared in front of everyone.
"Little White …" After seeing the weasel’s ass, Molin recognized it with three tails.
"monster beast!" Spitting at people’s mouths, the beast is naturally a monster beast, and there are still many comments. The stall owners immediately exclaimed when they saw the monster beast appear.
"Bold monster beast dares to make trouble in Mozi Village!" Yang from roar a spike knife has shook hands to draw a piercing arc toward the weasel to cut.
"What the hell do you want?" Mo Lin glared at Xiao Bai in disguise and asked him, although this guy can’t become human like Ah Huan, he can be bigger and disguised as a weasel, but he is very relaxed.
Small white back to a naughty eyes to meet the spike and see will be Yang from the chop in a flash of yellow shadow. Small white has jumped to Yang from the tail behind him and hit Yang from the back of the head. It looks like a hairy tail, but it will hit Yang from a fall like a whip.
Yang rolled off the ground twice and got up again. He rushed to attack Xiao Bai, tossing and turning and jumping back and forth. From time to time, Yang was knocked off the ground but not heavy-handed. After watching Mo Lin for a moment, he knew that Xiao Bai was teasing Yang Li and knew what it was going to suddenly fight.
"It wants me to vent my anger." Molin couldn’t help being touched.
Yang Li was flustered by Xiao Bai, but she couldn’t even see Xiao Bai’s shadow, but she had fallen for more than a dozen times.
"Let me help you!" Los Sandy, although unarmed, is unwilling to watch and see that Yang is not an opponent, Los Sandy, and flies to Xiaobai and Yang to form a converging attack.
"Shit!" Molin wants to persuade and has no position.
Good white knows Luo Sandy. The little girl who always brings delicious food to Molin loves it very much. It jumps around and trips Yang Li, but she is reluctant to move to Luo Sandy.
Yang Li "slammed" and fell into a big position. Xiaobai laughed and sneered, "Are you a genius ink writer? I think it’s a bullshit ink writer."