And Zhang Wu Yu was relieved at this time. Although Zhang was still skinny and had no skin horror, the sharp high momentum told Wu Yu that Zhang was in good condition and would be better.

重庆夜网,重庆耍耍网,重庆桑拿论坛,重庆夜生活论坛喝茶资源 And Zhang Wu Yu was relieved at this time. Although Zhang was still skinny and had no skin horror, the sharp high momentum told Wu Yu that Zhang was in good condition and would be better.

When the last small spark disappears, the flame energy of Zhang Yang’s body away from the fire king’s body is also gathered by the spirit-eating force department to his eyebrows, and the spirit-eating sea is aggregated into the original little red lotus.
Shi Tian’s essence was successfully swallowed by Zhang Yang’s body just now, and there was no trace of essence leaked out.
At this time, a small fire lotus with twelve lotus leaves floats between Zhang Yang’s eyebrows and eats the spirit sea. The half fire lotus has been assimilated into his energy by the spirit-eating force.
At the moment, all that is needed is the last step. Zhang Yang melts the lotus into his own blood, which completes a martial arts transformation, which is also the most important and dangerous step.
Blood vessels are naturally possessed by people, and it is difficult to change what they want again. It is quite difficult to change blood vessels, even if they have the property of devouring spirits, this last step is still quite difficult.
"metamorphosis!" More than 50 autophagy hands behind Zhang’s deep exit rushed out and wrapped him.
For a moment, Zhang Yang’s body disappeared and a dark oval sphere appeared outside.
"Interesting!" The nangongshan odd corners of the mouth become warped loose Wu Yu shoulder the dark shape like a large eggshell sphere insipid way
"Into a black eggshell? The danger has passed! " Zhang didn’t matter Wu Yu happy way
With Zhang Yang’s words over, he eats the spirit sea boiling! All the blood in the department rolled back and flew up, and a slender dragon rushed to the small fire lotus and swallowed it in a big mouth.
The spirit-eating sea once could not swallow the colorful jingxie, but it still did not move.
That’s when Rongrong was born, Zhang Yang absorbed it. Since the impurity was absorbed, this purest little pool of colorful jingxie has not been touched by Zhang Yang. In other words, Zhang Yang has no ability to absorb it.
At the beginning, in addition, his Jingxue department condensed into a blood dragon, carrying a small fire lotus, and rushed out of the devouring sea, and Zhang Yang’s devouring meridians flowed to his heart!
The blood dragon rushed into Zhang Yang’s heart and then circled around his heart, turning into a blood-red flame. Red-violet burst into a strong crimson flame.
Red lotus formed, and his heart suddenly bloomed with dazzling black awn. A twelve-leaf black fire lotus appeared, giving off a cold breath.
Two fire lotus flowers of the same size stood up to Zhang Yang’s heart.
Two energy Zhang Yang’s heart fights Zhang Yang, of course, the most unlucky heart is like being ground, and it hurts him to gnash his teeth and tremble violently, so he can’t help but fall to the ground.
"Roar …"
With the sudden roar, the black oval sphere crashed to the ground, and then it gave off a strong black halo. Soon, the other half of the sphere gave off a crimson halo.
The two halos divided Zhang Yang from head to toe on both sides and collided fiercely!
"Yin and Yang collide with each other, which is a little painful." The Nangong strange road then turned to Wu Yu. "I used to feel that the flame of other bodies is the same as yours, and the two of you double-trained. Now it’s white. It should be that Zhang Yang swallowed your essence and produced his own flame. Fortunately, you didn’t, otherwise the collision of Yin and Yang might disrupt Zhang Yang’s plan."
"We don’t have that! I used to give Zhang a degree of self-sufficiency. "Wu Yu blushed."
She was concerned about the confrontation between red and black. "Most people are yin and yang, and it is difficult to achieve the combination of yin and yang. The fool devours my yin flame first and then Shi Tian Yang flame again. If the law is integrated this time, it will be in trouble."
"He’s always yelling. It’s awful. You know Yin and Yang will fight and let him eat you, you bad guy."
Wu Yu didn’t listen to the ugly, but listened to upset Zhang Yang. This kind of pain made her heart panic and worry inexplicably.
"The combination of Yin and Yang is the way of heaven, which is of great help to the later development. I believe that his resilience can be successful. If you scold me again, I will beat you. Now Zhang Yang can’t save you," Nangong Qi threatened.
"Don’t you dare!" Although Wu Yu said that, she still took a step back. She didn’t know that it would be bad luck if she was really beaten.
Actually, Nangong Qi knew that Wu Yu was very nervous, and the topic was that he wanted the other party to relax, so don’t be too impatient. He felt that Zhang swallowed him up and didn’t worry.
"Roar …"
The black eggshell-shaped sphere continues to roar with pain, and the light is getting stronger and stronger. The eggshell trembles slightly and rolls back and forth slowly.
Wu Yu seems to have arrived at Zhang, curled up in pain and screaming in pain.