Jean good smell speech shook his head "this ….. handmaiden didn’t find"

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"No handmaiden." Ruoyun seems to be thinking with his head down and his brow furrowed, but in the end he didn’t come up with anything unusual. "Because my wife and young master have eaten well and slept well these days, the handmaiden hasn’t observed much, miss. Forgive me!"
If Yun just finished, he fell to his knees. Anyway, what happened to Ann now is due to their negligence.
"Come on, get up." Gu Jinxi looked ugly. "Now is not the time to investigate the responsibility."
If it’s really someone who’s trying to be relative to their family, even if they stare at each other day and night, it may not be an accident. The key is that the nurse is poisoned and Ann is not poisoned
Song Yuan is listening to the somber face. "Gu Wench, this nurse’s poisoned weight is not large. According to our human body’s veins, maybe the milk of the nurse a few days ago was too toxic to afford, or maybe there was no poison at all."
"…" Gu Jin sunseeker smell speech nodded "is not without this possibility"
"What is urgent now is how to save Ann." In Song Yuanzheng’s words, the whole waterside pavilion Tinglan fell into deep silence again.
The wind is blowing with a hint of coolness. Those pages and handmaids who have just been pulled out of bed can’t help waking up at the moment. They have never been so awake, especially the cold and bleak. The whole waterside pavilion Tinglan seems to be shrouded in a thick dead silence.
"Not good! Yuanyuan! "
Ye Zhenniang heard Gu Jinxi’s words. At first, she was silent, frowning, her face getting darker and darker, and her eyes getting darker and darker. Until finally, there was a flash in her mind. Her eyes were wide and suddenly exclaimed.
"What zhen niang what did you find? Is Tiemu Yuanyuan really her? "
Gu Jinxi immediately turned back and looked nervously at Ye Zhenniang’s hard swallowing. Everyone knew about the method of insects. If Ye Zhenniang dared to say the second, no one dared to say the first. After all, it was the Temujin saint.
"No, not the second young master. Can you find Yuanyuan?" Ye Zhenniang looked at Gu Jinxi nervously. "Miss, find Yuanyuan as soon as possible!"
I’ve never seen such a panic. Ye Zhenniang Gu Jin’s heart suddenly reached the throat. His eyes were burning and his eyebrows were frowning. He grabbed Ye Zhenniang’s arm. "What’s going on? Is it Ann Ann him …"
"What’s going on? Tell me!"
Looking at Ye Zhenniang’s round eyes, he was so shocked that he couldn’t even say anything. Gu Jinxi was also anxious for fear that the small body method worm would really be hopeless or grow up and become a puppet of others.
Ye Zhenniang Ru Ru looked at Gu Jinxi with pale lips, but she didn’t say anything.
Gu Jin sunseeker hurriedly turned to Gu Chu "second brother …"
"I’ll find her!" Gu Chuqiao face suddenly sank in the whole body sending out the thick ShaQi.
"Can you find her?" Ye Zhenniang immediately turned to Gu Chu.
"I’ll bring her back." Gu Chu’s low voice seemed to be full of rage.
Ye Zhenniang is also anxious and nodding at the moment. "Then please, second young master."
Is panic, the in the mind worry everyone didn’t find Ye Zhenniang tiemuyuanyuan call that let Ye Zhenniang so surprised what is it?
Suddenly a chuckle came from the courtyard wall, and the bleak and cold atmosphere in Tinglan, the waterside pavilion, was so out of place. Everyone looked up and looked around, and suddenly they saw a woman with an exotic look, heavy eyes and a high nose. Her thin lips were just right. At this moment, she was sitting on the fence, wearing a fluffy gold and silver embroidered little hat, while her wrists and ankles were locked with silver bells in the breeze, Rinrin rang.
Gu Chu Yuan was worried at the moment when he saw the girl with a charming smile. The original worry in his heart suddenly went to something that he didn’t even find himself. When he saw the girl, he actually had a moment of joy in his heart. It was the thought of Ann’s uncertain life and death. His face was suddenly ugly to the extreme. "TiemuYuanyuan, don’t you dare to laugh!"
"Hee hee Chu eldest brother how to see if I am very heart? I said I would come to you again. You can’t hide! " Tiemu Yuanyuan was dressed in a pink dress with big flowers embroidered on her skirt and a pair of delicate ankles. When Victoria Christina Hesketh saw Gu Chu, her eyes shone, and the delicate and round minibus was slightly raised. It seemed that the voice just fell and her toes lightly jumped, but she jumped directly in the direction of Gu Chu.
Gu Chu’s countenance faded away, thinking that the destitution was still alive and dead … and all this seemed to be inseparable from the woman in front of Temujin …
He already hates his eyes and gnashes his teeth at the moment.
When Ye Zhenniang found out that Tiemu Yuanyuan had jumped at Gu Chu, her heart almost jumped out of her throat, especially when she found Gu Chu’s teeth itch and luck, she quickly shouted, "Second Young Master, no!"
"Ah …"
The original charming smile turned into pain, followed by a dull sound and the sound of heavy objects falling into the water. Ye Zhenniang suddenly gave Gu Chu a hard look and didn’t care that he jumped directly into the lake at the moment.
"Second brother, are you all right?"
Gu Jin Sunseeker also rushed to meet the past when he saw Tiemu Yuanyuan. I didn’t know what Gu Jin Sunseeker had a moment of absence. That exotic face actually felt deja vu, but when you think about it, you think it’s impossible. The Tiemu family is famous in both past lives and this life.
"Miss, what should we do?" Du Ruo looked at Gu Chu and then at Ye Zhenniang, who was struggling to save people in the lake.
"What should I do? What should I do? Hurry to pull people to me." Gu Jinxi’s face sank slightly, and soon he forgot some doubts in his heart, especially since TiemuYuanyuan was interested in his second brother, it was absolutely impossible for him to think of Ye Zhenniang’s face change just now and that exclamation. Maybe there is another mystery about Xiao Anti’s method worm, and all this needs TiemuYuanyuan to answer questions, but it happened that his second brother was …
Gu Qian turned to look at the seemingly thoughtful Song Yuan with Song Jinyan, and slightly thought that his eyes were getting dark and bowed his head. "Lao Song Yuan is going on this trip at night, and now the government is still sending two people back to the government by a small faction."
"… but …" Song Jinyan’s eyes darkened but was interrupted by Song Yuanzheng’s hand. Looking at the show, there was no time to take care of them. Gu Jinxi thought of Gu Chu blurting out Tiemuyuan Tiemuzu just now; Family is really not simple. It’s actually possible to build a family with Temujin and that … If he remembers correctly, it should be with Gu Wench. Is Mammy also an ethnic Temujin? If that’s the case, I don’t know what he actually laughed at the corners of his mouth. "It’s all right. Now that I have that girl, I’m even less than the old man. I’m getting old and tossing for so long. My bones are falling apart."
Song Jinyan looked at his grandfather, who was playing tricks, and suddenly his mouth twitched violently. He immediately came up with a few black lines to feel that those people around him seemed to chuckle. He suddenly became dark and lowered his voice and drank a "grandpa!"