In terms of strength, he was not afraid of Zhang Yang, but every time he fell into melee, and Zhang Yang was stronger than him. Zhang Yang was also injured, but every time he showed the other side as if nothing had happened. This shameful thing made Li Ying very unhappy.

重庆夜网,重庆耍耍网,重庆桑拿论坛,重庆夜生活论坛桑拿洗浴会所 In terms of strength, he was not afraid of Zhang Yang, but every time he fell into melee, and Zhang Yang was stronger than him. Zhang Yang was also injured, but every time he showed the other side as if nothing had happened. This shameful thing made Li Ying very unhappy.

Snake venom pike gun point on the ground, a pair of snake pupils joking with Zhang Yang.
Plain way: "You did say that the strength of two-star masters is almost the same as that of six-star masters, but now the situation is very strong, and no matter how strong the strength is, it can’t match the number of enemies. Besides, my pike is poisonous, and now your body is toxic and strong. It’s also meaningless."
"I don’t know what is called a fair and shameful killer who can kill people is a master. I know your potential is doomed to death! No one can save you! The two of us killed Zhang together. "
Yun Tian Li ying du Gao ying Dao
At the same time, the three men rose to the strongest momentum and slowly moved towards Zhang Yang, who wanted to suppress Zhang Yang’s mind with earth momentum, but one thing interrupted the pace of the three men.
At this time, the stone chamber suddenly vibrates, and the stone wall falls and the stone chips seem to be broken!
Wu Yu looked up and muttered, "Not that Wu Yiliang again? I robbed him again and added him this time! "
All of a sudden Luo Ying waved their side SIRS guru samurai rushed to Wu Yu at the same time, and several people took advantage of the chaos to sneak attack!
"Looking for death!" Zhang first noticed that Luo Ying’s eyes roared and a pair of eyes burst into cold light and rushed to Luo Ying and others
But being oppressed by the venom of three people, the people across the street are eyeing themselves. He stopped and his anger became higher and higher, as if he were going to swallow three people alive.
"Burn you!" Wu Yu indifferent way
After that, she opened her mouth and a black flame line flew out, and then several of them, Luo Ying and others, drew a long flame line horizontally.
The flame rushed up a thin black fireworks wall and quickly formed a height of two meters, blocking the route of more than a dozen people.
A two-star master is confident that Yuan can jump up and jump over the fire wall. When he takes a step, the horse changes color.
"ah! My leg! " The two-star master exhaled miserably.
There was a flame on his legs, and it burst into flames. Yuan can protect the root method from the sudden clothing ashes, which have burned his skin.
"running water!"
The only two four-star masters on the opposite side have a deep exit, and a river with a width of one meter is spit out from his mouth to water the legs of the two-star master.
The flame goes out slowly when it meets water, but it goes out very slowly. The master screamed in pain, which made more than ten people around him never want to step on the fire wall again. Their black fireworks wall eyes were full of fear and they wanted to step back for fear that the flame would burn themselves.
When pressing, Wu Yu is a little flame. If it really shows that the black and golden flame was touched by the fire wire, it would not scream, and it would be almost death on touch.
Several people intend to be destroyed by Wu Yu’s move, and the cracks in the stone chamber are also increasing. Finally, a blasting stone burst a big hole.
Several rocks fell, and two figures were particularly conspicuous. They fell directly from the square, one jumped vertically and the other fell horizontally!
The ground was smashed out of a five-meter pit by the sideways fighter, and his heart spread outward and cracked, and the ground trembled greatly. Everyone doubted whether this man could live or die.
And the other person is a golden figure, which is light from the square and looks very obedient.
In a large number of rocks, they were chopped into fossil fragments by the blades of their swords on the surface of their bodies before they got close to them.
The confrontation between Zhang Yang’s snake venom and three people suddenly dropped the dust of rocks and two "whispers"
Zhang Yang seems to have a black line on his head. He said to himself, "It’s a lot of fate. This Wu Yiliang has fallen down again, and it’s time for the yellow hair monster not to come over."
There is a thick stone wall in the maze. If there is no gap, the breath will not circulate. Of course, Zhang can’t feel a breath.
Every time Wu Yiliang fell down, he didn’t feel the real situation of people because the stone wall was too thick and closed, and the broken air circulated well.
Now he has felt the breath of two people and he has paid off the dust.
At this time, Wu Yiliang was lying on the ground covered with dust, and there was a big blood pit in his chest, which was his body smashed out. Nangong Qi was very indifferent, and Wu Yiliang’s golden sword was shining not far away.
"Good appearance! It’s so arrogant of me. Boss Chi, you’re really here! Can be seen today, if you are late, Xiaoyang will be dismembered, and his wife will be robbed. "Li Dabao was overjoyed and could move an arm to raise his hand and constantly wave and shouted.
"I’m not his wife, you’re talking nonsense." Wu Yu kicked Li Dabao and then smiled in the direction of Nangong Qi. "The way you two play is always so amazing. Did you win this time? That stupid guy is in the pit. "
"hmm!" The nangongshan’s calm way The words sound just fell and his figure has appeared in Li Dabao’s side. He took the latter’s shoulder with one hand and said, "It’s a good breakthrough in skin trauma."
At this time, Wu Yiliang’s thick voice sounded in the pit. "Little girl is talking nonsense. I am lying in the pit, not lying in the pit!"
Yun Tian Li Ying changed color at the same time, and Wu Yiliang fell from such a high place and was seriously injured. However, after listening to each other’s angry voice and the rapidly jumping figure, they knew that they had guessed wrong.
Snake venom is calm and very not surprised. He Wu Yiliang, a team, of course, knows more about Wu Yi’s chapter 19 master cloud.
Chapter 19 Master Cloud
See Wu Yiliang up and the clouds are light, the Nangong strange sky looks more gloomy, but it’s also very nai []. Both of them are going to kill Zhang Yang, and the result is that Wu Yiliang broke in at Nangong, as if those two people were deliberately.
Eagle’s eyes are also full of anger and a little hesitation.
Back to him, he was the first to rob Wang Yuanliang’s weapon, and he didn’t speak with credibility. This time he saw Wu Yiliang, of course, he didn’t want to stay here. Wu Yiliang really hoped that the other party would be disabled by Nangong Qi, so that he would save trouble.