Three years ago, he gave the Hector tribe a chance, but three years later, they were obviously ready to move.

重庆夜网,重庆耍耍网,重庆桑拿论坛,重庆夜生活论坛桑拿会所 Three years ago, he gave the Hector tribe a chance, but three years later, they were obviously ready to move.

So he has no reason to let them stay in the world, that’s all!
I have to say that the attitude of burning the old man and the meaning he reached made Hector even love songs gasp in air.
Maybe it’s the last choice. Life is before him.
If he continues to choose to stay in Helian tribe, the final result is bound to die with the tribe.
And if he chooses to return to Qi and Chu, then maybe from now on he will be a sinner of Hector even tribe!
There are two ways to do it!
But he is deeply Bai Huang Yin dust can say that it is obvious that it is out of friendship to give him a choice!
But how to choose …
"Yushu, you two take good care of the wounds of the little love songs and don’t leave any sequelae!"
When burn old and Hector even love song atmosphere has some stagnation, Su Ling couldn’t help mouth see Yushu told.
Immediately when Yushu nodded and agreed, Su Ling took Huang Lao’s arm and dragged him out of the tent without saying anything. The two men paced in the depths of the bleak grassland on a moonlit night and saw the people around them. Su Ling asked, "Come on, what are your plans?"
This is a chapter one, two, four, four, five. It can be said that he was blind in those days!
"Come on, what are your plans?"
In the vast grassland hinterland, Su Ling took Huang Laosan and looked around and found that there was no change.
If you don’t lift your eyes, your eyes will shine for a moment, and you will burn the old three.
Looking at the long star of the grassland, the old man smelled the silver moon and looked at Su Ling with some angry faces. "What do you think I’m going to do?"
"I don’t know! I felt a little strange when you just asked Xiao Love Song if she wanted to go back to Qi and Chu!
But if you think about it carefully, it makes no sense! If you want to solve the problem of Hector even tribe, it should be even more powerful to have a little love song!
As a result, you insisted on sending him back to Qi Chuhuang’s third place. This time, you don’t want to catch all the hordes of Hector even, for fear that the little love song will make him go back to Qi Chu, do you? "
Su Ling felt a little humbled when she finished. If it is really what she imagined, it may be the only way out for the little love song to return to Qi and Chu.
I heard Su Ling watch and analyze the handsome appearance. Burn the third child without saying anything, and directly put out his hand to hug Su Ling in his arms.
Cold eyes are also full of tenderness * soft light and a low smile. "Is it necessary as you think?"
Su Ling was speechless for a moment.
On second thought, it seems that there is really nothing wrong!
Hector even tribes really have second thoughts, so the country is neat and tidy, so naturally they can go out with their troops!
Now you can watch little love songs, if you choose!
"Is it cold?" Soon burn old detect a cool breeze attack after Su Ling she slightly shoulder.
I will hug her more closely and ask in a low voice.
Su Lingwen shook his head. "Do you want to talk to a little love song? Although it’s no big deal to destroy the tribe, what will he think in his heart?
Moreover, I always think that the little love song should still have feelings for the Hector even tribe, otherwise he won’t feel business without even a little revenge after being hurt by this! "
"He will want to white! It’s impossible to care about one person’s thoughts in big events!