Nan Rong came over a few steps and whispered with a smile in front of the bronze mirror, "Hey, hey, I don’t envy you to look at Yang Ye" and secretly pointed at the baby, "I found my lost lover!"

重庆夜网,重庆耍耍网,重庆桑拿论坛,重庆夜生活论坛桑拿夜网 Nan Rong came over a few steps and whispered with a smile in front of the bronze mirror, "Hey, hey, I don’t envy you to look at Yang Ye" and secretly pointed at the baby, "I found my lost lover!"

Yang night one leng suddenly mysterious laugh close to south glory magic novel way "you don’t envy me? Tell you I’ve had a * * with Yang Guifei. That’s a famous four beauties. How many people can cuckold the emperor? "
Voice hasn’t fallen south glory illusion has stare big eyes cried in surprise "what? You killed Yang Guifei? True or false? "
At that time, Yang Ye’s scalp was numb, and he turned to look at the blue demon behind him. He saw that the blue demon’s eyes were changing from surprise to resentment little by little, so he hurriedly turned around with a smirk and gnashed his teeth and said, "I hate your generation!" With that, no one jumped into the turbulent bronze mirror before jumping.
More than a few people looked at each other south glory magic stretched out his hand and pulled the baby long single-handedly hugged even xin also jumped in.
The scorching sun smiled at Lan Yao. "Don’t be angry. I think it’s definitely a work need."
"Work needs?" Lan Yao screamed angrily and became cold. "Would you like it if it were you?"
"Of course I don’t want to! ….. Is willing to also didn’t have this opportunity. "The hot sun said with a smirk on his face, but suddenly he took a smile and turned his head to stare at the blue demon and cried," Ah, I said the blue demon is beheaded! I don’t know what you mean. Do I look like a person with no self-esteem? You obviously hurt me by asking me that! " With that, the fat body rolled into the mirror and shook the bronze mirror for three times.
The blue demon cut the cold face and approached the mirror body and entered the mirror body. At the same time, he thought hard about the damn Yang night! Damn it, stallion The dead!
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Chapter two hundred and fifty-three "crazy"
Historical Records In the third year of Tianbao in the Tang Dynasty, on a certain day in 744 A.D., a strange aura appeared in the imperial city of Chang ‘an, which had never been seen before. Several cakes exuded magical seven-color light, and the imperial city hovered for a long time, and finally the aura slowly disappeared. Several cakes also flew away quickly and disappeared in the sky.
This spectacular scene in Chang ‘an was witnessed by many people, and the magic glowing cake disappeared. The next day, the imperial city found a maid-in-waiting bodyguard minister, and even a princess’s department disappeared. Since then, I have never seen any trace of Chang ‘an. These people were taken away or taken away by celestial immortals, either committing serious crimes or becoming immortals.
This is also the earliest and most detailed discovery of aliens and the abduction of humans by aliens so far.
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The recapture of Anshi city leveled the Japanese dog thief with outstanding military exploits. The true confidant, busy general manager, general Zhenyuan, Lord Yu Guogong, and the adult of the enterprising department went missing at the same time. And with the evaporation of a person, there is even Princess Huaiyang!
This incident shocked the whole country of Tang Dynasty, and there were many speculations and discussions. Folk songs from all walks of life said that this incident was praised as the biggest anecdote and entertainment headline of Tianbao in the Tang Dynasty for three years!
Emperor Xuanzong of the Imperial Palace mobilized almost all the ladies-in-waiting, eunuchs and guards who could walk, and found it convenient to dig three feet in every corner of the Imperial Palace.
But is it possible to find it?
Emperor Xuanzong naturally took care of the poor grandfather of Alexander, who was in charge of serving and caring for the eunuchs and ladies-in-waiting of Yang night. The poor grandfather of Alexander was so scared that he almost peed his pants to his crotch. Without that thing, his bladder would react as soon as he was full of horses, but he knelt down in front of the emperor and dared not pee even if he burst his bladder. So he was surprised and afraid to suppress it again and cried on his knees.
Emperor Xuanzong of the Tang Dynasty asked about the poor nature of Alexander, and told a lie in a very sincere way according to Yang Ye’s command, saying that on that day, he saw colorful halos and magical discus-sized things flying rapidly like gods, and when the iron-handle-shaped object with golden light disappeared, the enterprising adult Princess Huaiyang, the day and night commander and others disappeared with him!
Emperor Xuanzong of the Tang Dynasty was greatly puzzled when he heard the story of Alexander’s poverty, and decided that it was impossible for him to lie. He decided that such things were by no means human, and it was very likely that God brought the enterprising department and others to heaven.
Yang Guifei is very sad that her palace is so that the three thousand harem beauties of Emperor Xuanzong of the Tang Dynasty intrigue with each other all day long, cheating on the inside and cheating on the outside. Especially after she became popular, more and more people pointed their finger at her. The queen, Shu Fei, Mei Fei and others have long seen that she is not pleasing to the eye and often joined forces to deal with her. It is even more uncomfortable to live all day long. After that, there was a slave-worshipping, that is, Princess Huaiyang was able to talk like a friend and sister, and finally had some fun.
But now the only friend and sister in his palace has disappeared, and Yang Guifei is naturally sad. She has been crying in the heart of Yan Xindian, hoping for a miracle and Princess Huaiyang will appear in front of her again.
Tang Xuanzong tried to persuade her several times, and Yang Guifei often sat together and sighed and remained silent for a little longer. Tang Xuanzong suddenly became connected.
It is associated with Yang Ye, a royal duke and enterprising secretary, and the day and night commanders, all of whom are magical, far beyond ordinary people, not a miracle of Tang Xuanzong. These generals are not mortal! It’s the immortal sent by heaven to help me. Now the fairy has calmed down the Japanese rebellion and naturally returned to heaven.
So the thought that Emperor Xuanzong of the Tang Dynasty felt better and the more he recalled the performances of Yang Night, Nan Rong Fantasy and the scorching sun, the more he strengthened his mind, so he persuaded Yang Guifei to say this in the palace and made everyone believe it.
After all, this kind of thing is really hard to explain if it is not explained in this way.
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Besides, Li Ze has received Yang Ye’s entrustment from Alexander’s poor father-in-law to give Thaksin a good look. After a long time, I have repeatedly weighed my sad tears.
It’s already dead of night, and Li Ze is still sitting alone in front of the candle, holding Yang Ye in his hands, muttering to himself in his message, sometimes choking and sometimes looking up at dullness.
Indeed, Li Ze’s heart has long been full of gratitude for Yang Ye’s kindness to Li Ze, and he has secretly vowed several times that this generation regards Yang Ye as his brother. He has been thinking about drinking and chatting with Yang Ye these days. I didn’t expect that Yang Ye would suddenly leave without saying goodbye and let Li Ze pull out the cool in his heart.