"No, we’re willing to double the money back." There was no trace of waves in the tone of Luoyi.

重庆夜网,重庆耍耍网,重庆桑拿论坛,重庆夜生活论坛桑拿会所 "No, we’re willing to double the money back." There was no trace of waves in the tone of Luoyi.

"What? ! What! ! What, you can’t kill Su Xiaomin? Don’t you have to pay for it and kill everyone? " Su Haochan said excitedly,
"Nothing is not to kill, we can double the refund if you want, but we can accept it if you don’t want to."
"You! You don’t keep your word! I … I … I’ll go to the newspaper and I’ll publish your trip this time! I, I want to get [Fallen Palace] Mafia can’t mix! "
"Really?" Luo Yi smiled grimly. "I’m afraid you won’t be in the world before the newspaper is published, and which newspaper society do you think dares to destroy our [Fallen Palace]?"
"You! If you don’t kill me, find the [Mo Mo Gang]! "
"By the way, there should be no one to pick you up now." Luo Yi woke up in good faith and said, "Don’t try to kill Su Xiaomin. She is beyond your control, not to mention that you are going to destroy her!"
"You …"
Before Su Hao finished speaking, he refused to hang up, but Su Hao was so angry that he couldn’t help it.
Luo Yi soon told Su Xiaomin about this matter.
"Yuan Xuan, I think it’s time for us to destroy Sushi." Su Xiaomin pondered.
"Xiaomin, I’ll help you. Let Su Haochan kill that old guy. Besides, we don’t want Su Shi, a small company like ours. There are still people on Su Shi’s board of directors. We can let the board take his place."
"Kill it, kill it. Why can’t you see Jing Xue for so many days? Is she taking care of Qian Zisui in the hospital or something? "
"Xiao Min, you don’t know ~!" Luca brasi said in surprise
That day,,,,
Qian Zisui woke up and saw Ouyang Dongjie at first sight. Qian Zisui has always liked Ouyang Dongjie. She has been chasing Ouyang Dongjie for about three or four years. When she saw Ouyang Dongjie, she was excited and said, "Winter, did you find that you like me?"
"Ah" Ouyang Dongjie found Qian Zisui woke up. "You are awake, Zisui. Are you hungry?"
Ouyang Dongjie’s gentleness made Qian Zisui feel a little happy. "Winter, you think you like me now!"
"Ah, seed ear, I like it … I like it now. It’s your sister Qian Jingxue."
"what!" Qian seed ear excited hand a wave of his hand knocked Dong-jie ouyang just brought porridge to the ground "Dong-jie ouyang! I chased you for so long! How long has Qian Jingxue been here? Why should she take my place? What qualifications does she have! "
"But …" In the middle of Ouyang Dongjie’s words, he saw the quiet snow at the door.
Qian seed ear unplugged and inserted her hand, and the needle was lifted by walking to the front of Qian Jingxue and gave Jingxue a slap.
"You … seed ear! What are you doing? She’s your sister! " Dong-jie ouyang caught qian seed ear wrist back angry and said
Qian Jingxue just looked at Qian Zisui without saying a word. She kept listening to them for a long time, from the first sentence to the last slap, and she looked inside her eyes.
"Elder sister? ! Well, so what if it’s my sister? Can my sister come and rob my boyfriend? If it’s my sister, she can take away what used to belong to me ~! "
"I am not your boyfriend! You’ve always liked me, but I never said I liked you. You’ve always been obsessed with yourself! " Dong-jie ouyang tried to protect the Qian Jingxue said
"That’s enough! You are so noisy! Ouyang Dongjie, I told you that Qian Jingxue didn’t like you. You said that my sister Qian Zisui was a stalker, but what about you? Don’t you think I like you, too? "
Say Qian Jingxue’s right cheek is another slap, and of course it’s still Qian Zisui’s beating.
"What qualifications do you have to call me Winter World!" Qian Zisui glared at Qian Jingxue. "One thing I regret most in my life so far is that I blocked the dagger for you. At that time, I also called you elder sister! That’s ridiculous! It’s a pity that you, a bitch, not only got the love of winter, but also didn’t cherish trampling it on your feet! Not qualified to be my sister! I don’t want to see you again! "
"Okay, I’ll go. Take care of yourself. Don’t get hurt again. The knife is very close to your heart. Don’t pull the wound." Jingxue turned and walked away.
I just bored myself for many days. I don’t know what potions, powders and pills to study in that laboratory.
Luca brasi sighed and said, "That’s the way it is …"
"Ah, another stupid person in the world of mortals," Xiao Min commented.