"Hehe, I should ask you this. How can I stand it when you take the initiative to greet me in such a distinguished capacity?" The big domain owner laughed and stopped talking. The sound was as salty as drinking soy sauce as coke, and his voice was broken by mace, hoarse and weird.

重庆夜网,重庆耍耍网,重庆桑拿论坛,重庆夜生活论坛品茶论坛 "Hehe, I should ask you this. How can I stand it when you take the initiative to greet me in such a distinguished capacity?" The big domain owner laughed and stopped talking. The sound was as salty as drinking soy sauce as coke, and his voice was broken by mace, hoarse and weird.

At this time, behind the floating life and the red flower bucket, the former chieftain of Thailand and Xiahou Chaojun are the old lady Yang Muyang, who is in harmony with the crazy girl. Later, the baby Long and the south glory of Ci Ren Gu are in front of the sun, the night of Yang and the blue demon cut off the crowd. Finally, behind them is the huge stone, in front of which there is a dark domain, and the big domain owner and the floating Hunan people are surrounded by groups.
A floating flower fights Thailand with a smile and looks up at the big domain. The host and others look at each other as if both sides like it, and they are in no hurry to fight with each other.
On the other hand, the tens of millions of ethnic groups and monks on the land are red-eyed and make all kinds of strange and low-pitched strange calls and growls from time to time, but they can’t attract the floating life or the flood fighting Thailand at all. Even with water and fire, they can assimilate the scorching sun and pay attention to their eyes. These ethnic monks are suspected of coming to die.
Yang night and the scorching sun looked at each other quickly at this moment, and each horse had his own worries and doubts
The hot sun looked at Xiahou Chaojun and Monsieur beaucaire Ling, because it was just at the entrance of their two huge stones, and they said that the strange aura had gradually left, but now …
Yang Ye was amazed at this, too. How did the big domain master surround this land with so many regional races in such a short time? Did they ambush in advance?
At Yang Ye, the scorching sun looked down and said, "It was our carelessness that Piaoxiang went back to find the Lord and told the truth. The Lord will definitely send someone to find the white domain Lord Chilian, and of course he will think that we will also come back to rescue him. Since they can’t find Chilian, we will definitely wait for the land where the white domain Lord is located. We have all neglected this."
Yang night nodded and left the pie mouth light said "waiting for him? So what if I stay? Hit at most! "
Talking Yang night slightly took a step back and looked at the stalemate scene and asked the hot sun "What are the protoss three owls next to the big domain master?" Do you know? "
The scorching sun shook his head and said, "If it hadn’t been for the protoss three owls, they would have started to work." Then he gently looked up and lifted a bar and gestured, "That’s the elite of the main door of the big domain. I don’t know what race it is. Maybe they don’t know that the main door of the big domain is always secretive. The face is always that expression. That’s a mask! Who knows who they are if they can’t see their true colors? "
In front of him, Nan Rong’s phantom moved slightly, and he made up for the opportunity in front of him. The horse crossed an arm and stopped him. Nan Rong’s phantom was very surprised that Ci Ren Gu would stop himself and stared at Ci Ren Gu.
"It’s not time to kill Gone with the Wind Xiang" Cirengu has already observed that Nanrong Magic has been looking at Gone with the Wind Xiang mercilessly, and as soon as Nanrong Magic started, he knew that Nanrong Magic wanted to start work, so he quickly stopped this time, and a slight mistake would cause great confusion. It would be better to see how they came to solve it with the big domain master.
"Look at the south glory illusion can’t help it." Yang night smiled a little, and the sadness spread in her heart, driving away the tension and fear, which made Yang night feel hot all over. Seeing the many monks in front of him was like seeing pieces of blood flowing into the river and being beheaded.
"I can’t bear it. It’s the main side of the big domain." The hot sun didn’t smile, turned his cheeks straight and stared at it. "Be careful."
Sure enough, when the sun just finished this sentence, the big domain master had moved his face and smiled slightly. He raised his hand and pointed to the floating life and said, "Floating life is the most senior elder in the domain. Once the Lord lets me catch the white domain master, he will kill whoever stops you. I’m sorry if you stop him …"
"Ha ha big domain master will disguise here? Are you saying this to us or to your hands? " Honghuadou Thai laughed and raised my hand and pointed to the big domain Lord with a face of contempt.
The face of the big domain owner turned cloudy and insidious smile took a look at Honghua Doutai. "You traitor, no matter what you know, you will shut up forever after today!" Talking big domain master suddenly stretched out his hand and middle finger a shot a white light shot out!
Extremely fast! Hong Hua Dou Tai and Fu Sheng can’t see clearly what the white light is. It’s also a flash of thought that things have come before Hong Hua Dou Tai, but that Hong Hua Dou Tai seems quite confident about the moves sent by the big domain master and doesn’t show any taboo. When the white light is about to hit himself, it will quickly raise my hand to block.
I can’t believe that the white light has become empty at this moment! Straight through the rainbow bucket Thai palm shot out behind him!
And this was blocked by Honghua Doutai. A white light unexpectedly accelerated rapidly and became abnormal. Before everyone reacted, Honghua Doutai had a scream behind him!
Floating life and Hong Hua Dou Tai, Xiahou Chaojun and Monsieur beaucaire Ling suddenly turned their heads, while Yang Ye, the scorching sun, Nan Rong Magic and Lan Yao chop and others behind them all stared at this moment!
That beam of white light directly hit Muyangzheng’s chest after crossing Honghua Doutai!
And this all people can see clearly that beam of white light turned out to be a drop of water! At the moment, it has completely penetrated Muyangzheng’s chest and blown a big blood hole in his chest!
A few people around were surprised and unbelievable. Muyangzheng leaned back slowly with a face of pain.
The crazy horse next to him held Muyangzheng’s eyes wide open and his face was full of panic, which was hard to accept at the moment.
"Little qi! !” An almost crazy cry Xiahou Chaojun jumped over and leaned over Muyangzheng’s side with his eyes open and his expression was extremely painful.
At this time, Muyangzheng is already a soft stack of crooked crazy embarrassing arms, with some holes in his eyes and his mouth open, and he can’t say anything. It is a mouthful of blood pouring out.
Xiahou Chaojun stared at Muyangzheng’s face turning a little green. His expression was twisted like that for the first time. With great sadness and abnormal anger, Xiahou Chaojun suddenly got up, and his left hand had risen out of a huge green spherical gas, while his right hand was pulled by Muyangzheng’s waist and pulled the green out of my hand. Then he suddenly looked up and looked at the big domain’s main teeth and bit his cheeks.
In a flash! Xiahou Chaojun’s vertical speed is fast in the original place, leaving a virtual shadow in the original place, but he has already rushed straight to the big domain master!
The big domain master smiled and turned back to let the horse have a figure around him to stand out and face me straight. He raised his fists and condensed a large black reflective sphere, and then smashed the sphere with a wave of his arm!
Xiahou Chaojun is also fierce to throw the green spherical gas condensed by his left hand! Straight to the black sphere
The collision of the two energies caused a huge airflow, and the figure in the figure couldn’t help drifting backwards for a certain distance, and Xiahou Chaojun was stopped by this airflow, and the jumping power fell straight to the ground with his feet on the ground, but he was still angry and looked up and looked straight at it.