But he seemed to see her wondering, "This is not the ring today. This ring was told by my grandmother that it can help me trap the people I like."

重庆夜网,重庆耍耍网,重庆桑拿论坛,重庆夜生活论坛桑拿洗浴会所 But he seemed to see her wondering, "This is not the ring today. This ring was told by my grandmother that it can help me trap the people I like."

Xia Yixi tossed his head to signal that he thought too much.
She doesn’t want to think much. When she comes back, she thinks everything will be fine. Since this ring was given by his grandmother, she just wears it first.
See her expression no doubt corners of the mouth hook up holding her spin up.
"Hao … I’m dizzy. Let me do it."
"don’t let go"
Laugh at the response in the whole room.

Xia Yibing and Huangfuzi Xin chatted all the way to the mall.
Xia Yibing said that the two of them walked in the direction of cooking tonight and chatted all the way.
At first, I talked about Huangfuyanhao’s treatment of Mu Li, and then I asked Xia Yixi what would cause amnesia.
Just Xia Yibing was silent for a few minutes and finally decided to say it.
"Ah, the original implement is so amnesia? No wonder she doesn’t remember her brother at all. "
"Well, I’m glad I don’t remember. Now they’re back together."
"Also for the ice sister you follow the trend Jerry Liau and ze elder brother? Which of them are you going to take? " Looked at Xia Yibing HuangFuZi xin, ponder and asked
Xia Yibing was silent. I don’t know what it was like. I know there is a dull pain, a yearning, a hatred and a deception.
Several flavors are added together.
Huangfuzixin saw that she had said something wrong and picked up a box of meat to change the subject. "Sister Yibing, can you make Kung Pao Chicken?"
Xia Yibing still silent thoughts still crazy in love thinking.
Seeing that she didn’t answer Huangfuzixin, she asked again, "Sister Yibing, can you make kung pao chicken?"
Xia Yibing just turned around and replied with a smile, "Er … take it if you want to eat. I’ll cook it for you later."
"Sister Yibing, let’s go there and see what we can buy." Huangfuzi Xin said happily, pointing to another food street.
Xia Yibing smiled and nodded, and the two men walked arm in arm.
Huangfuzixin walked cheerfully to see what to buy.
Xia Yibing saw a dish and went over to pick it up.
But I picked up this dish with my other hand.
Xia Yibing suddenly stopped for a few seconds when he raised his eyebrows.
I haven’t seen this face since I watched the boy get familiar with his cheeks for several weeks. Suddenly, my heart was mixed with mixed feelings.
Deah347 The angel king is leaving her.
"I’m sorry, miss, if you want, you can have this dish." The boy smiled and said politely, pulling his hand back, and the dish was given to this lady.
He … he actually called her miss. He really didn’t know her. Did he really take Si Yingting’s pharmaceutical practice? Did he take her medicine because he loved her so much as Si Yingting said?
Or did Si Yingting force him to eat?
Suddenly I felt a little pain in my heart.
"Ouyang Ze, don’t you know me?" Xia Yibing looked at him with a long time no see expression.
"eh?" Ouyang Ze questioned, "Do you know me? Do we know each other? But how come I don’t seem to know you? "
Ouyang Ze recalled that there seemed to be no record of Xia Yibing in his mind, but she knew him? Is it another anthomaniac, but seeing her doesn’t feel like there is a faint sadness at the bottom of her eyes
See his heart was a little love this girl.
I don’t know what’s going on. Just love dearly. No other meaning.
Xia Yibing looked at his eyes with different emotions, recalling that Si Yingting said that she would not let him like her again after she took him away. It seems that this matter is close.
Is this really the case? Is it so easy to forget when you like someone? Or is Ouyang Ze evading the problem?
You don’t want to be too tired to do this?
Otherwise, it’s something else.
But isn’t Huangfu Yanhao the best example? He didn’t forget Xia Yixi?