"I heard that this Miss Xiao is the only fifth-order girl refiner in our South Liangguo Refiner Alliance. Didn’t she enter Nanfeng Zunguo’ Shenzun College’ for further study last year? How can you come to the competition today? "

重庆夜网,重庆耍耍网,重庆桑拿论坛,重庆夜生活论坛桑拿洗浴会所 "I heard that this Miss Xiao is the only fifth-order girl refiner in our South Liangguo Refiner Alliance. Didn’t she enter Nanfeng Zunguo’ Shenzun College’ for further study last year? How can you come to the competition today? "

"If Miss Xiao takes part in the refining competition to win the championship, it will be easy. Those third-order and fourth-order young refiners will not be rivals."
"But Miss Xiao is only 19 years old this year, but she is qualified to participate in the competition, and she is still the younger brother of our Nanliang refining alliance. No one can stop her from participating in the competition unless she gives up herself."
"Xiao home this time because Xiao Shuihan failed to lose face is likely to let the miss Xiao give up the game? Miss Kuang Xiao or Xiao Shuihan’s sister may still be taking revenge on her brother? "
Next to everyone, everyone is talking in succession. Tang Jun can’t help but feel a little entangled after hearing this. I can’t believe that this enchanting witch or Xiao Shuihan’s sister didn’t show up a few days ago, but she appeared here today. I’m afraid it’s really her brother’s revenge.
When Li Shenzhe saw Tang Jun there, he immediately went over and took the initiative to say hello to him. It was very polite and respectful, and everyone could not help but be startled. Although the teenager in front of him is abnormal, he doesn’t deserve to be treated so respectfully by a monster, does he?
"Who is Tang Jun? Come out."
The Xiao witch shot around the sharp and beautiful eyes in a fair way. At this time, I saw that Li Shenzhe was respectful to a military commander. I couldn’t help but be suspicious. I heard that the boy who injured her brother was a military commander. Is this the boy in front of him? If it’s really him, then it’s really a bit of a problem, right? Li Shenzhe values teenagers, and she dares not provoke them even if she eats leopard gall?
Those Xiao teenagers immediately looked at Miss Xiao and pointed to Tang Jun and nodded his head.
When Li Shenzhe heard Miss Xiao’s polite HeWen, he couldn’t help but turn around and stare at the little princess friend who was yelling at Miss Xiao. Even he respected a third. How dare a young girl be so rampant? If you want a teenager to talk, he will immediately kill without mercy.
Miss Xiao couldn’t help feeling a little embarrassed. Her face turned red and white, and she was at a loss.
"I don’t know miss xiao find Tang Mou have what thing? Recently, I have just received a few beautiful maids to see that the young lady is also good-looking. Do you want to throw yourself at her? "
Tang Jun stared at Miss Xiao Hewen early, but at this time, she looked at Miss Xiao with a bad smile and revealed a little smirk.
Miss Xiao’s lips turned pale with anger. Looking at the little boy in front of her, she really wanted to kill him. She was a talented girl since she was a child. No one ever dared to treat her so lightly? Now he was insulted by the abnormal teenager in front of him, but he dared not speak because Li Shenzhe dared to be angry. He just swallowed a mouthful of resentment and went back to Xiao’s family with a livid face.
The Xiao family’s faces are all ugly, but when they see Li Shenzhe, they are respectful to abnormal teenagers. If they dare to get angry? Even Xiao Guzhu can bite his teeth and turn away when he doesn’t see it.
Just now, I also laughed at the abnormal teenager’s alchemy alliance. At this time, I looked at the abnormal teenager’s face with fear. Even Li Shenzhe valued people. If they dared to offend?
Suddenly there was a cheer outside, and then a large number of people came in, including the Queen’s Temple and the Qin family’s alchemy alliance branch. President Xiao, Lu family, Lu Liner and her grandfather also won.
Seeing Li Shenzhe, Liang Lili, the beautiful queen around the abnormal teenager, immediately went over to say hello to him and looked at the teenager affectionately and hugged him. Lin Er girl immediately walked beside him at the sight of Tang Jun, laughing and snuggling up to him.
Tang Jun smiled and hugged Lin Er girl’s waist. The intimacy between the two made teenagers jealous. The Goodwill Chamber of Commerce Lu Shen walked up to Tang Jun and smiled, "Little brother, I will give you discipline after this baby girl, and I can’t hold her."
Suddenly, Miss Xiao looked at the abnormal teenager and looked a little silly. Li Shenzhe was respectful to him, and Lu Shenzhe was still willing to recognize him as a granddaughter’s husband. Even the high queen’s hall gave him a hug? What exactly is this teenager? Have such a big face? Is there any big backer behind it? Thought of here, Miss Xiao drew a mouthful of air conditioning and his face changed. Three hundred and thirteen Young heroes (74)
There are not many third-order refiners in Nanliang, and even fewer young refiners can reach the third order. Moreover, refiners are still very hard and thankless. Being a low-order refiner is simply a failure. Only when a third-order refiner can refine extremely valuable weapons can the family bring good income. If a fourth-order refiner can refine Chinese treasures, it can become a pillar of the family, but the family can bring a lot of silver tickets.
This military rule has the largest number of people from the mainland samurai to the martial arts level. Almost every one of them will carry a treasure, especially a medium-to-high treasure. No matter which country is a hot commodity, it is almost in short supply. You have to make a reservation to buy the distinguished status of the fourth-order refiner. Generally, a fourth-order refiner is invited by a very powerful big family, and those small families dare not even think about it.
This time, the young players who signed up for the refining competition must reach the third-order refining division level to be eligible to sign up for a total of 46. Miss Xiao actually made the young players feel the pressure, and they never thought that Tang Jun, a perverted teenager, had signed up for the refining competition.
Do abnormal teenagers still want to be three-star teenagers? Is it wishful thinking? This is what every player wants to see the abnormal teenager also participate in the refining competition. Miss Xiao is almost overjoyed. She is trying to humiliate the teenager severely. Since he also participates in the refining competition, it is a rare opportunity.
To Tang Jun’s surprise, besides Lin Er’s participation in the competition, Qin Shi, the second miss of Qin family, is also a third-order refiner, and she is blinking at him among the contestants.
Thirty-six have obtained the qualification of third-order refiner, and ten teenagers have not yet obtained the qualification of third-order refiner; Due to the small number of people, President Xiao of the Refiner Alliance Branch decided to temporarily take the test. Anyway, it is difficult to pass if you are not the first in the third-order refiner after participating in the competition.
Then the glamorous queen said a few words of encouragement on the stage, and an elder of the refining alliance introduced the rules of this competition. Finally, President Xiao went and said a few words of encouragement, and then announced the official competition.
In this refining competition, Nanliang National Refining Alliance has five fourth-order junior refiners, plus Miss Xiao. This fifth-order junior refiner has a total of six young players who can directly enter the top ten and directly qualify for the semi-finals without taking part in the previous round of ranking competition, leaving 40 young players to participate in the competition, leaving four semi-finals places.
This time, the refining competition is quite unique. Instead of asking the players to directly refine weapons, three cards were set up to test the refining ability of the young refiners, which is more difficult than directly refining weapons.
In the first test, the contestants’ discrimination ability is given to each of them as a treasure prescription for one and a half hours, and the required materials are found out from hundreds of mixed materials and powders, and enough weight is successfully selected. Whoever completes more will get more points.