Yu Shan suddenly laughed. "We princess royal said that Lin Yu technology should come from another continent-Tianyu mainland."

重庆夜网,重庆耍耍网,重庆桑拿论坛,重庆夜生活论坛桑拿会所 Yu Shan suddenly laughed. "We princess royal said that Lin Yu technology should come from another continent-Tianyu mainland."

"Tianyu mainland?" Luo Zhong frowned. "What is that place?"
"A place we can’t easily reach" Yu Shan told Luo Zhong what happened when Lin Yu’s northernmost ocean met Lin Yifeng.
After hearing these, Luo Zhong couldn’t help but hum a "What should I do if the Lins’ mecha technique is stronger than our Luo family?" Without the mecha advantage, we Luo Gugen can’t help you Yuan clan. "
"Ha ha, don’t leave this matter to our Yuan clan. We must find a way to get the mecha technology from different continents for you, so don’t worry."
Yu Shan’s words reassured Luo Zhong a little. Since the Yuan people know that Lin Yuyou has this technology, they will definitely not sit idly by and let them solve it.
"By the way, where does the Lins come from?" This is another doubt of Luo Zhong. "According to my estimation, the skill and vitality level needed to make this kind of shell are beyond the ordinary vitality division."
Yu Shan giggled, "Money makes the mare go. Who is the richest in the whole Cangyu mainland?"
"Xinghai Chamber of Commerce!" Luo Zhong’s eyes suddenly shone with cold light. "Why do they want to help the Lins?"
Yu Shan is mysterious. "Well, I believe you will know soon, but I can tell you first that you can start to eradicate the Xinghai Chamber of Commerce now. It is definitely a windfall to eradicate all the Xinghai Chambers of Commerce in Yun He City during the war with your Luo family as soon as possible!"
Luo Zhong’s heart suddenly Bai Xinghai Chamber of Commerce and Yun He City must be inseparable.
But Luo Zhong is not stupid. He won’t move until the result of this battle comes out.
If he touches Xinghai Chamber of Commerce, if Yun He City wins, then waiting for them will be Xinghai Chamber of Commerce’s crazy revenge.
"Let me think about it." Luo Zhong moved the topic. "Let’s look at the result of this battle first."
Lin Yu, the wall of Yun He City, can’t help beaming when he sees that he got Tianyu mainland mecha from Yuan Mo. "Lin Yifeng really didn’t let me down. This kind of mecha is very powerful!"
According to Lin Yifeng’s memory, this kind of artillery shell is called a howitzer, which was made according to a weapon called a Grenade in Tianyu mainland for many years.
Not only will the explosion burst into force, but these metal fragments will be launched by the spar gun force, making these metal fragments equivalent to the hidden weapons released by the fifth-order strength master.
So dense and so sudden, unless these inferno fighters are all in fifth-order armor, they will be killed in seconds.
"It’s a pity that there is no Luo family or phlogistic family mecha and weapon forgers, otherwise the crystal pomegranate cannon will be more powerful."
Lin Yu thought to himself, but his command didn’t stop because of this. "Longbow ready!"
As Lin Yu, this is called drinking and hiding from tens of thousands of Lins’ brothers in Yun He City, he immediately took the bow and arrow to aim the arrow at the front day.
These arrows are specially made and will be thicker and longer than usual. The arrows are wrapped in a dark green symbol paper, which will not be visible if you don’t look at the roots specially.
"shoot!" While the inferno was bombed by the first round of shells, and the morale was greatly reduced, Lin Yu attacked again.
Whoosh whoosh …
Tens of thousands of bows and arrows with dark green rune paper are launched from Yun He City, like migratory locusts all over the sky, and they are dark towards the inferno warrior’s head cover.
Magic seven little this time, I dare not let these bows and arrows fall into my team again. If it explodes like a howitzer again, it will be miserable.
"Magic crystal gunner will blow these arrows!" The magic seven little roar a way
This time, Magic Seven Little brought few magic crystal gunners because he knew that there was no way to explode the defensive large array of Yun He City by relying on the magic crystal gun root.
Magic seven little train of thought is very obvious, relying on the Yuan wooden shield array to advance layer by layer and attack from the front of the city gate into the city.
Hundreds of magic crystal cannons have been prepared to deal with this arrow array.
Hear the magic seven little command inferno magic crystal gunners quickly adjust the magic crystal gun angle and calculate the time.
See it’s about time, inferno gunners immediately launched a magic crystal gun.
Boom boom …
Hundreds of red magic crystal cannons blasted into the sky and accurately smashed those bows and arrows.
The tens of thousands of bows and arrows that were impacted by the magic crystal cannon were either directly destroyed by the shells or destroyed by the magic energy emitted by the shells.
The original * * blow passed like this, but the inferno reincarnation and the top ten demons were sharp-eyed and saw Lin Yu’s hidden killing.
"Magic seven be careful! Tell the team to retreat! " These inferno high-end fighting capacity can’t make moves, because as soon as they make moves, the high-end fighting capacity of Yun He City will follow suit.
But they can still do it if the spirit wakes up the magic seven little.