It is natural to be very happy to see the lava spike and Ye Han. I was worried that I had found the lava spike for a while, and I was equal to completing the southbound trip.

重庆夜网,重庆耍耍网,重庆桑拿论坛,重庆夜生活论坛喝茶资源 It is natural to be very happy to see the lava spike and Ye Han. I was worried that I had found the lava spike for a while, and I was equal to completing the southbound trip.

Is the other half … Alas, looking for Xiaoli to take her back, but now she still doesn’t know whether she is alive or dead. It’s hard to predict whether she can finish this!
But it’s still a pleasure to find the lava spike.
Thought of here, Ye Han finally put some worries about Xiaoli, but he couldn’t give up the opportunity to pick lava spikes conveniently. Besides, this is the place he has to go through. Is it so enjoyable for himself?
Thinking of him, he nodded his head to show his decision, and then he suddenly swept away toward the stone wall. In a short time, he had already arrived at the front of the stone wall, and the lava spike was also close at hand.
Ye Han didn’t reach out to know that the lava spike was in front of him, but it was a hot thing. Although Ye Han had developed a very inflammatory body, he failed to master it after all. He didn’t dare to touch the hot thing directly. What happened?
"Master, don’t worry. I can feel the smell of a fire beast in this molten slurry. I want you to accept the fire beast, so I’m sure I won’t be afraid of this lava spike anymore!" Just then a familiar sound suddenly came!
"Hey? Xueyuan beast? Why did you give it back to me? Didn’t my front body melt by lava? " Hearing this, Ye Han was immediately shocked that his body was no longer meridians, and it was impossible to return it naturally. Snow Yuan beast happened to live in his meridians, but what meridians did not exist?
"Ha ha, master, don’t worry about it. Xiaoxue has never lived in the master’s meridians. A Xiaoxue is a part of the master. If the master still has a breath, Xiaoxue will be fine … I won’t say more later. You should be able to be white, right?" Heard Ye Han doubt snow yuan beast busy answer a way with a smile.
"oh? You mean … you’re with me? If you want me to be immortal, you can always be? " Listen to the snow yuan beast’s explanation. Ye Han was soon white. And this snow yuan beast has been the same as his own life and death!
Snow yuan beast is slightly laughed, "well, master, let’s look for the fire yuan beast first. With him, you can not only get the lava spike, but also have the power to control the inflammatory gas. Oh, master, can’t you master the inflammatory gas now? All problems will be solved when we find the fire beast! "
Ye Han smell speech is nodded slightly and looked at the lava spike andao, but it can’t be picked at the moment. Then he sighed a figure and suddenly fell into the molten pulp.
Ye Han, who re-entered the molten magma, has no longer been melted by the molten magma for ten thousand years. His body has been protected by the extremely inflammatory body and the Xingyuan stone tablet is integrated. His body is no longer a physical body, and his strong foundation has reached the point of strengthening.
But one thing is very puzzling. Now his body has been strengthened to such an extent, but his body meridians are disordered. Many major meridians are swaying and will be broken faintly.
Strange that the meridians are about to break, but they are peaceful? I have a very confused idea from a cold leaf. Is it because I didn’t shape the meridians well when I remolded my body or because of his mistakes?
As far as he remembers, there seems to be no mistake when he used the method of dissolving inflammation and cold to combine inflammation and cold to reshape the flesh. In those meridians, I watched them turn into roots with my own eyes, and there was no spot flaw!
Is it because the meridians were not properly constructed when the energy form was constructed?
If so, isn’t there a lot of mistakes in this body? Well, the only worry about meridians or trivial matters is … thinking about Ye Han, he casually looked down at himself and saw some important things. You didn’t forget to sketch them for a while before you breathed a sigh of relief …
But when I think about him, I can’t help being a little evil. Why should I stick to my own opinions when I shape my body? Wouldn’t it be more perfect to make some parts of the body bigger or thicker?
Ahem ….. This idea can’t have the so-called "survival of the fittest". Wouldn’t it be even worse if something is deliberately changed to suit the time? If you want to think that your daughter can’t adapt to each other like that … Ahem!
Ye Han has a dry cough. I don’t know if I’m glad I didn’t mess around or if I’m determined to drive this evil mind out of my heart. After a light cough, his consciousness is back to normal and he doesn’t think about those evil things any more …
"Master, look at the fire yuan beast there …" Ye Han regained consciousness when the sound of the snow yuan beast suddenly surprised him.
In a blink of an eye, Ye Han suddenly came to his senses. In the depths of the molten pulp everywhere, there is a red-and-black figure coming towards his side. The speed is no less than that when he cast his flying tactic against the wind.
See this figure towards their blink of an eye has come near Ye Han can rev Xingyuan stone barrier defense.
However, when he defended the barrier, he felt a burst of hot gas beyond all the molten magma around him, and the whole body couldn’t help but feel a burst of hot gas. The Xingyuan barrier seemed to be unable to prevent this inflammatory gas from breaking through all obstacles and directly touching his body.
"Master, don’t resist him. He won’t hurt you!" At this moment, the anxious sound of Xueyuan beast suddenly came.
Ye Han smell speech is one leng didn’t respond to see that at first glance inflammatory gas suddenly soared in the whole body star ward instantly burst a very strong inflammatory gas suddenly poured into the body in an instant he felt a burning body had a burst impulse.
But soon the inflammatory gas was integrated into the inflammatory gas of other bodies, and soon Yuan Shen seemed to be abruptly burned with a sharp pain all over his body. One of the more inflammatory gases in this pain was obviously the fire yuan beast.
I feel that the fire yuan beast enters the body, and Ye Han’s heart is naturally terrible, but it is really like what Xue Yuan beast said, and there is no resistance. Because after several times, he has a knot with Xue Yuan beast, and he has no white resistance. The more he resists, the more painful he may be.
Moreover, he also knows that both the snow beast and the fire beast are soul bodies, and they all seem to be born of their own cold bodies, so they will not cause any adverse effects on themselves. Not only that, but their appearance will be a great blessing for them.
This is very true as far as he feels now. Although the fire yuan beast has been in the body for a while and sometimes he has fully felt the pain, the fire yuan beast power has not produced itself.
Not only that, the pain when the fire beast entered the body seems to fade away, and it is not as strong as before, which shows that the fire beast has no intention of hurting himself
In the previous pain, it was not the intention of the fire beast, but the test that one must go through when one’s body is integrated with the fire beast.
Compared with the coma caused by pain when accepting Xue Yuan beast, he felt that the pain of accepting Huo Yuan beast was not very strong this time, and he had not suffered enough to coma.
Perhaps this is the benefit of the extremely inflammatory body. At the beginning, there was no extremely cold body, so it would be so painful to accept the Xueyuan beast. Now, before accepting the Fire Yuan beast, it is already an extremely inflammatory body [885] [Xiaoli is in danger]
Finally, the pain slowly disappeared. Ye Han bit his teeth and endured the pain. The fire and the beast dissolved into one. From then on, the snow and the fire controlled the inflammation and the cold, and the beast became one. He also had the power to control the inflammation and the cold.
Ye Han, who accepted the fusion of fire elements and beasts, felt that the control of inflammatory gas became more proficient, and the cold in the surrounding molten slurry gradually became less intense. For him, the surrounding molten slurry was a little hotter than ordinary hot water.
"Call yourself and introduce yourself. I know you can talk!" Take the fire yuan beast as your own Ye Han. Even if you want to know its name, you should know its gender even if you don’t know its name, right?
"Hey, hey, master, just call me Xiao Huo, or you can call me Sister Huo!" As soon as Ye Han’s voice fell, he heard a strange female voice from that body. Although this female voice is sweet compared with Xueyuan beast, it also has a touch of just yang. Obviously, it is sexual, fire and female, and it is hard to get rid of sex after all!
After listening to the introduction of the fire yuan beast, Ye Han couldn’t help but want to give him a meal. Who is the master? I cann’t believe I have to pay her sister. This guy wants to rebel? Hey, hey, but it’s negotiable if you can transfigure and meet yourself and look beautiful … Let’s talk about everything now!
"Small fire, right? Well, it’s good. Now that I have found my master, I’d better stay alone. If I want to absorb the inflammation, even though absorbing and raising one is raising two, I’m not so stingy! " Ye Han secretly make a determined effort in the heart, but the surface remains calm. There is no such thing as the fire yuan beast wanting to be his sister.
"Don’t be so stingy, master giggle. Angry was just playing a joke on you!" Ye Han wants to hide it, but this fire beast is clever. Where can he not know what’s on his mind? Perhaps the chilling thing of dissolving leaves in the body has already been known to her.
Ye Han was surprised at the words of the fire yuan beast, but he thought to himself that he soon came up with the fact that he had never wanted the fire yuan beast to know what he meant in his heart, but he forgot that his hearts had already merged with each other, and his thoughts could not escape her.
"Well, I won’t argue with you. Let’s pick the lava spike first and leave here!" Ye Han admits defeat. He feels that he is a transparent thing in front of the fire beast. Nothing can escape her.
Ahem … At the end of the day, it seems that I really don’t even have a dress. Oh, I wish I had known several sets of clothes in the stone tablet. Now Yu Pei has lost a dress!
Thinking about Ye Han, he got up and flew towards the lava surface. Soon he was out of the lava flow and stood in the lava. He jumped directly to the place with lava spikes.
"Hey? What about things? " Ye Han was stunned by everything before he landed on the stone wall. Why did the lava spike grow here … suddenly disappear?
"Ha ha, master, don’t panic. This lava spike is a living thing and can escape on its own. I think he should feel the master’s malice … coughing is what he wants to escape!" Just as Ye Han looked indecisive, the sound of fire and beast came at the right time
Heard the fire yuan beast this Ye Han immediately is a burst of confusion "? This lava spike can still walk on its own? Does it also have its own spirituality? "