The virgin didn’t listen to the water, but continued to ask Tianchen the question just now, "Little friend hasn’t answered, do you know my Shuiyun Sect?"

重庆夜网,重庆耍耍网,重庆桑拿论坛,重庆夜生活论坛品茶论坛 The virgin didn’t listen to the water, but continued to ask Tianchen the question just now, "Little friend hasn’t answered, do you know my Shuiyun Sect?"

"Oh, I know so much about this resource. I don’t know what the saint asked?"
"Hum, the two sisters next to you are out of the dust?" At this moment, Shui Ruoqiu also asked to come to the morning. At this moment, I already felt that something was wrong, but I had to crustily skin of head and say that Shui Ruoqiu immediately hummed again. "No wonder the virgin wants to ask you this. Don’t you know that before we sent Shui Yun, there was a saying that Shui Yun sent dust and entered the dust? Chuchen Sect is a tribe of Shuiyun Sect, but it was hidden overseas hundreds of years ago. You pretend to be a Chuchen Sect! "
Tianchen heart has been holding the identity of two women and scolded several times. It happened that it was the Shuiyun faction that crashed the car. This is also a matter of fact. But now it is still being face to face. Even if it is face to face, it will have to be embarrassed. It is because of Tianchen that it is recognized that the dust faction two women are blushing. Nana has to lower his head and secretly exert her strength on Tianchen forearm.
Although there is a golden body in the morning, the two wives’ efforts are to protect themselves with a golden body, but they have not broken their teeth and cracked their mouths. I am embarrassed to be hungry and said to the virgin, "I didn’t expect that the Dust Sect turned out to be a resource tribe. It’s a shame that my two fiancé es borrowed the name of resources for his reasons. I am really sorry. I hope that resources will not be blamed!"
Shui Ruoqiu still wants to maple one morning, but she is stopped by the saint. The two women don’t know what to think and nodded to the morning. "Actually, there is nothing for Xiaoyou to promise someone one thing. It’s not a big deal. Don’t you know Xiaoyou’s tongue is not willing to give up?"
The morning has been tortured by two women, and the forearm is miserable. When I hear the saint say that she wants to promise one thing, there will be circles. Where will she not promise if she dreams of Amnesty? Quickly promised, "promise to be small and can do ten things. You can have a virgin and don’t blame the little reckless things!"
"Don’t promise this so soon. It should be acceptable for Xiaoyou, but Xiaoyou’s first taste is just like a newly married couple. Maybe he is not willing to promise this. You have to think about it!" When the saint said this, there was a rare trace of drama in her face, which made the morning look foolish.
In turn, the morning and the two women really understood what the virgin meant by the newly married couple, and it was even more shameful. Is there anything else between this and the three-person road?
"Saint, please say that I believe that the Saint should not let the little girl go beyond the bottom line. It is true that for some reason, my two fiancé es have taken the initiative to recognize the resource tribe. Now they can hum around. Maybe they will try their best to promote it!"
Chapter two hundred and twenty-five bullockscored
Chapter two hundred and twenty-five bullockscored
The saint looked at the morning with a smile. "If I want you two beauties to join me, I don’t know if the little friends are willing to give up?" I think both of your beauty qualifications are excellent and can be held, and you will be out of the dust! And I am out of the dust with a patriarch and two women, and please come to my door! "
When I was surprised in the morning, I immediately realized that the two women were also eager to see the expression and immediately smiled. "It is of course the best for two women to worship the Saint Gate! Two wives, please learn from the teacher quickly. Don’t keep the virgin teacher waiting! "
Two women are very excited to fill in, but if you can really ask Shuiyun to send a saint door, then it will be done. They are pretending to be a dust Sect, and they haven’t seen Shuiyun send someone to expose them. I’m sorry. I’m just trying to learn from China to kowtow to the saint, but I see the saint adding, "Don’t worship me yet. I’m not finished yet!"
The two women and Tianchen wondered but saw the virgin laughing. "Although this Pepsi should be intentional in the title, you should think about it. Once you are defeated by my Shuiyun Sect, although our door does not stipulate that you can’t practice as earthly, the first entry requires me to practice the basic skills of Shuiyun Sect for three years. Little friends and two girls are just like newlyweds. Do you give up this lovesickness?"
As soon as you say this, it’s no problem for the morning and the two women to hesitate to learn from the teacher, but it’s time for the three of them to repay their kindness for the first time. At this time, it’s really hard for them to give up their love for three years!
Morning wanted to think hesitate to "don’t practice resources compensated achievement method can’t before some? My two fiancé es have a good foundation, and it should be possible to shorten the time for practicing your skills? " Three years is too long. If we can hurry up, it will be tolerable in the morning. After all, it is a good choice for our side to take the initiative to recognize the name of the other sect and join the water transport faction.
"Hum … you want to pour beauty! It took me two years and seven months to practice my Shuiyunpai skill. The saint said that it would be good for the two sisters to practice in three years. You know, it takes ten years for ordinary masters to practice according to the basic skill of the door. After the practice is completed, they can enter the innate realm and practice all the secret skills of Shuiyunpai! "
For Shui Ruoqiu, Tianchen believes that it is indeed possible for ordinary people to take a few years, but Tianchen believes that the qualifications of two women should definitely be shortened by three years, which is really too long!
Seems to be considering what to write saint hum carefully looked at one or two women nodded, "good! Indeed, as Xiaoyou said, the two girls are not only well qualified, but this girl (Ai Aoer) should be extremely effective if I am not mistaken. The excellent Dan medicine has changed the physical quality, and it is still the same. It is estimated that it will take one year for us to practice the basic skills! And this girl (Luo Li) I really see that it should not be a human body, as I really can’t see it clearly, but the righteous imagination in the first instance is not a demon and evil generation. I also take a fancy to this upright body and feel that this girl is also suitable for a person to practice martial arts, but I, Shuiyun, sent a dust-sending general husband tribe to continue the pulse! "
Morning and two women were shocked. I didn’t expect that the situation in Luo Li could also be seen by the saints in front of me. You know, even those yellow masters didn’t see that Luo Li was a non-human secret. Morning was afraid that Luo Li might be seen by those masters, and specially gave a gift of "unreal reality" from Kaya’s acquisition of the real Hallows to Luo Lisheng’s hiding ability to block others from finding out the situation in Luo Li.
Morning was surprised that the Saint could see the situation in Luo Li. I thought it was a good thing that you were going to be their master, otherwise it would be really difficult for you!
In the morning, the two women glances at each other, but in the end, the two women and the morning still chose to let the two women worship the Saint Gate. Since it has been reduced from three years to one year, I think it should be faster to let the two women take themselves and give a lot of Dan medicine.
"Meet the master!"
Then two female ci-poetry virgins gave a word-of-mouth ceremony with relief, and the virgin smiled and took out a piece of jade symbol and said, "Ok! This jade charm can travel a thousand miles to Luo Li and Ai Huoer (the real names of the two women have been revealed in the city of Master), and you can stay with Xiaoyou for a few more days. After a few days, you can learn that the jade charm will call the younger brother near the door, and then the younger brother will come back. At that time, both women need to meditate and practice until the clumsy skills are completed! "
Said the saint is like a fairy and set up a white cloud, which can fly away at a speed comparable to the flying sword. If the water is autumn, the saint will leave together like a dream for a long time, morning and two women!
"Hoo!" I’m afraid this virgin has reached the level of China’s number master’s dream. She turned to look at the two women and saw that there were two amorous eyes and two women flying to the square city with strong * * eyes. She had already booked a five-star hotel …
presidential suite
"Are we really going to miss each other for a year tomorrow morning?" Even now, the two women are still in the same place as in a dream. The two of them listened to the arrangement of the morning to impersonate a patriarch who disappeared from the sectarian dust school and a school sister. It was an excuse to enter the Chinese society. I didn’t expect to meet the Lord when I bought the Kingdom Islands this morning. This made the two women feel ashamed, angry, happy and embarrassed. It was even a mistake to be exposed face to face. I gave them the sectarian name. I was a saint teacher and I didn’t care about it. I was willing to accept their disciples to give them their names. It was difficult to let them be separated for one year in the morning.
"Two little fools! Of course, after the truth, when you started your career from the saint, you were the patriarch and sister of the dust school! "
For three whole days, both women released * * and spent time in the scenery of the island. It seems that they are about to leave for a while. Morning and two women are no longer shy with * *, but they do their best to satisfy each other.
The three of them were happy for three days. On the fourth morning, they let the two women make a mutual sign to summon the Shuiyun Sect.
Or the snowy mountain to pick up two women is none other than water.
As soon as the autumn arrives, Shui Ruo said to the two women, "Okay, two sisters, come back to Zongmen with me." Wait a minute! “
"Do you have anything else to say? You can’t leave Zongmen for a long time after the two sisters." If the water is autumn, it is fair to understand the couple’s pain of parting and give Tianchen the greatest preferential treatment. But when she sees Tianchen and two women, she is feeding them with love words, stuffing them with a lot of pills and stuffing them with gold and silver jewelry, is it still a trip?
It’s really a great feeling in my heart. Finally, it’s almost time for her impatience to urge her to say goodbye to the two women in the morning … "The last two women were about to leave when they turned to the water in the morning, please." After my two fiancé es joined the Shuiyun School, please take care of Miss Ruoqiu! “
"Don’t worry, I will take care of my two sisters!" If the water is autumn, I am too lazy to be befriended by Tianchen, but I still agreed to Tianchen’s request
"Ah ….." Watched the two women stepping on their own specially bought two extremely flying swords. If the water disappears in autumn, the sky will become lonely now. Although it is only a year, it still makes the morning feel bad. Two women leave the morning a lot empty.
"Is it time to go back to Kaya?" It’s not that I haven’t been back to Kaya in this period of time, but I got to know a little about Chinatown and Haitian in less than half a day, and then hurried back to the earth. Haitian situation is still so tepid and deadlocked, but the dark situation seems to tilt in the direction of the big emperor Samans, and after getting a lot of money from Haitian Empire, the big emperor Samans is in full swing to make a breakthrough attack towards his brothers.
If there is no accident, it is estimated that in the morning, about half a year, the original land in the dark will be unified after being pressed by Shamans, the big emperor of the dark, and then the overall threat of the dark will be broken, and the sea and the sky will be even more divided or unified!
But now it’s really not in a hurry. All parties are observing and testing Chinatown. Hank, Achray and others are guarding Tianchen. I believe that even if they don’t, they can improvise for half a year. Haitian is not anxious and painstaking!
On the other hand, the earth’s family also gradually recovered with a huge amount of money, which gave several major principles and principles. After dark, everything was handed over to the hands-on staff and family members to deal with. At this time, it was discovered that it took less than a year for two women to join the Shuiyun Sect to practice martial arts and sometimes they could not accompany themselves. At that time, it turned out to be lovely!
This kind of situation with nothing to do this morning is also a bit overwhelmed. After thinking for a long time, I remembered that I still have one thing to do. I also left the place where the two women met with adventures this morning …