A threatening landing on Zhang Yang’s body made his blood circulation a little slow. The other party slapped a red jujube, and Zhang Yang couldn’t find that the situation was better than others. No way!

重庆夜网,重庆耍耍网,重庆桑拿论坛,重庆夜生活论坛桑拿洗浴会所 A threatening landing on Zhang Yang’s body made his blood circulation a little slow. The other party slapped a red jujube, and Zhang Yang couldn’t find that the situation was better than others. No way!

"Take strength pressure me! The old goods originally wanted to thank you, but now they really want to kick you to death! " Zhang Yangxin cursed and smiled. "How dare I start at random? Listen to the elders and say a drop of a hundred scrolls. Then I can send three drops and more."
"Three drops! Enough research at present, hurry up! " Six elders are excited, like a pervert researcher who has met a special post-bidding madness.
"All right!" Zhang is still a hard look, then stretched out his right index finger and left hand holding a white jade bottle mouth to the fingertips.
He tried to bite his teeth, but there was a cold, bright red blood at the heart of his body, and a little bit of black jingxie mixed with particles.
Zhang Yang secretly thought, "I once killed a warrior with a little bit of my blood, so that I wouldn’t be found out, or it would be too fake to be seen through. I didn’t expect two drops of broken blood to be replaced with three hundred scrolls. This time I can send it!"
For a moment, two drops of crimson blood mixed with black silk dripped from his fingertips, while Zhang Yang’s face was sweating and his face was much paler.
"The first time I took the initiative to force out my own JingXie, it was terrible." Zhang said and handed the vial to the six elders on crutches.
Six elders trembling withered palm took the vial and then sniffed the hoarse sound.
"Cool! It’s strong, cloudy and cold. It’s good! Very good! These are two three-broken Dan little guys. You have 300 scrolls. What do you want in exchange? You’re going to break through the master, old man. I think the king’s high-order achievement method will help you break through. "
Three hundred scrolls can be exchanged for a king’s high-level achievement method or a high-level spirit weapon or some other elixirs.
Zhang Yang smiled and said, "After becoming a killer, the organization will have a strong achievement method to give it to me. Now I want a high-order weapon dagger with yin and fire. At this stage, a weapon is enough for me to be a killer."
"Yin attribute! Gaga ….. You’re small and very much to my liking. The dagger’s name is "Fire Evil". This is a weapon with soul. You should pay attention to it. Maybe it will be killed by your own weapon. "The Six Elders’ heart way and the subsequent hand appeared a knife emitting black and short Bi. Chapter 163 Lingqi can evolve.
Chapter 163 Lingqi can evolve
Lingqi material is many times stronger than treasure. It is because Lingqi contains simple thinking that Lingqi is of great help to high fighters []
Wartime weapon spirit can also help many fighters, such as suddenly rushing out of weapons to attack and kill the enemy. Of course, the defense of weapon spirit is very low, even a blow from a martial artist is hard to resist, but this sudden killing is strong enough.
Lingqi is the most precious because Lingqi can evolve!
Even if the spirit is damaged and the spirit is well protected, it can still grow higher and higher with the master’s martial arts practice.
Some fighters achieve their peak by a weak person. It is possible for a strong person to evolve horcruxes, venerable devices and sacred devices with his hands!
I have to say that no matter how bad the spirit is, it is far more precious than the treasure.
Zhang Yang’s fake Jingxue contains too much yin and qi, and its yin and cold force far exceeds that of ordinary blood. The Six Elders feel that Jingxue is so cold. Of course, they are extremely happy. Compared with the high-order spirit dagger, he doesn’t care.
The most important thing is to take public things, no matter how expensive it is, it is a simple benefit without paying.
Zhang Yang, take a closer look at the floating half-spirit device. This dagger with black light is very short, and the scabbard at the handle end is also a little longer than his palm, which is very suitable for hiding sleeves and raiding the enemy.
The dark light of the dagger sheath naturally emits the word "fire evil spirit", which also gives people a deep feeling of ghosts.
He doubted that this dagger might have been forged by the six elders, or who would have made a fire-attribute spirit weapon so dark that no fire element could be violent and hot.
Before the dagger is drawn, it spreads out in a cold and murderous way. Generally, the martial arts master’s own momentum is not as strong as this small black dagger!
Zhang stretched out his hand and grasped the dagger, and suddenly a firm but gentle sword stabbed his eyebrows as fast as the wind!
Zhang Yang’s two fingers in the other hand hold the firm but gentle, and then the black yuan appears in the two fingers, which can easily crush the firm but gentle.
"Wen! Wen! "
The small black dagger quivered violently, spreading a violent dark light, as if to break away from Zhang’s palm. A blue flame rushed out of the scabbard to form more than ten blue flaming swords, which once again burst into Zhang’s eyebrows.