They are only half a meter apart, and Zhang Yang does not show weakness. Yuan can pour his fingers around his waist into a big bow, and instantly insert his paws into the ground and shoot out.

重庆夜网,重庆耍耍网,重庆桑拿论坛,重庆夜生活论坛桑拿会所 They are only half a meter apart, and Zhang Yang does not show weakness. Yuan can pour his fingers around his waist into a big bow, and instantly insert his paws into the ground and shoot out.

He shouted "Tiger Cannon Boxing!"
Lan Chen’s face was gloomy and he shouted, "Destroy your heart!"
The fist-palm collision scene reappeared, and the strength of the collision department of both sides came out. This time, neither of them was broken, but there were some minor damages.
Lan Chen stepped back two steps, looking a little pale, and his mouth was overflowing with blood. His arms became thick and swollen because of the collision!
Lan Chen suddenly surprised Zhang Yang, "How come!"
Lanchen just reacted but was suddenly kicked by Zhang and flew out half a mouthful of blood directly!
Both sides are as dirty as a blow to Lan Chen, with some injuries and some short-term vibrations.
But this time, Zhang Yang was very different. His heart was shaken, but the pain did not return. He doubled his ability to fight and naturally became much stronger.
Moreover, since Zhang Yang absorbed the blood from the big stone, he felt that his self-healing ability was more than ten times stronger than before, and now he has finally been certified.
He was slightly injured. Of course, he should give his opponent an absolute blow. Zhang Yang made a decisive attack and directly chased Lan Chen. He kicked each other’s chest and broke a few bones to add to the injury.
Lan Chen fell to the ground and stirred up a lot of dust. He covered his chest and corners of his mouth and kept spilling blood, making it difficult to get pain.
"You lost this time!" No attack Zhang again before constantly bleeding LanChen calm way
His figure is tall and straight, his momentum is high, and he is as sharp as a sheathed sword hidden in his heart!
"Wow …"
Everyone can’t believe that Zhang Yang actually won in his eyes, so he has been suppressing Lanchen without giving each other a counterattack until victory!
The younger generation can’t believe that Zhang Yang, who is so young, can be defeated by more than ten moves. Lan Chen used to listen to Lan Chen’s strong strength, but now he is defeated by Zhang Yang, who has just become a fighter!
Some householders can’t believe that it took only 20 days for the fighters Zhang Yang to break through to four stars and more than a dozen moves to beat Lanchen. They also have to attribute it to Zhang Yang’s early success as fighters, and they have been forbearing to make this excuse.
"He won! Defeated cousin Lan Chen! " Blue tin surprised way
MuHai also show surprised "competitive! His state is still not his real strength and reservation! "
Watching Zhang Yihong outside was very happy and a little gratified. He smiled and said to himself, "This stinky little guy still hides the truth. His strength has risen so fast, which is much stronger than being my big brother!"
Lanrong’s face is a little difficult, and there are some things that would happen. Er is six years older than others, but he was defeated by more than ten tricks. He can’t help but remind him of the big son Lanyu Zhang Yihong.
"Zhang Xiong congratulations! I come to you this pediatric strength may exceed all star warriors "MuHuayang praised.
"Ha ha … is also a small Yang fluke" Zhang Long said with a smile.
Zhang Long suddenly regretted what he had done. He discovered the potential of Zhang Yang. "There are many little secrets about Xiaoyang’s hidden strength!"
In order to lie down seriously, Lan Chen and Zhang Yang looked up at the sky and suddenly felt a sense of relief that all grievances were over. He felt that fate was slowly returning to his own control.