"Hum, I’ll buy two beds and let them build a nest next to you!"

重庆夜网,重庆耍耍网,重庆桑拿论坛,重庆夜生活论坛品茶论坛 "Hum, I’ll buy two beds and let them build a nest next to you!"

"Xiao Cheling, are you bothering me!" She’s going crazy. aah!
"No … Yi Qing, I don’t want you to sleep with them …"
Chapter 87 Roll the bed …
Han Yiqing’s mouth kept twitching. What does this have to do with her? She’s so small, they can’t help it! Not to mention doing something worse to her!
That kind of thing will never happen!
"They won’t do anything to me, you won’t, and neither of them will," she said, without seeing his face getting darker and darker …
"What do you mean? ! You mean I’m worse than both of them? !”
Oh dear! It turns out that he is still quite conscious! She, he has never realized such a noble thing!
"So you are quite self-aware!"
"Yi Qing, I am a very well-behaved teenager, ok? ! Do you think I can sit still … "
"Ah bah! I prefer to believe that men all over the world like me! " Although that’s impossible! She just doesn’t believe that Xiao Cheling will be that kind of person!
So well-behaved! She’s so young that he doesn’t forget to eat her tofu! Not to mention when you are older!
Xiao Cheling raised his eyebrows generously and admitted, "Yi Qing, you don’t doubt that it is possible for men in the world to like you! So you have to believe that I really don’t think about animals … "
He’s kidding! This is impossible! One pot and one lid, how can everyone like her!
She gave him a white eye directly. "It’s nothing. Just go to sleep! Don’t toss in the middle of the night! "
She finally fell asleep and was awakened by him. She swore that she would get this account back! Otherwise, she is really unwilling!
"no! You must promise me first that you can’t sleep in the same bed with them! Otherwise, I am not reconciled! "
ka! I don’t want to be her! He woke me up. That’s the shit!
Don’t let them sleep in the same bed with her … It’s so childish. What’s more, they should have slept long ago, and they shouldn’t have slept … They all slept!
I thought that she was wronged to sleep in the same bed with Leng Ruixi that night for hours! She also got up to take care of him. What an imbalance!
He should be the one who should accompany her tonight! How can it be Xiao Cheling!
"Do you have anything important to do tomorrow?" She asked him if anything happened and said, "I’m not as busy as the two of them. I’m very busy."
"…" Is it? ! How did she hear that he was busy, too There are many businesses in the family that he wants to control!
Not to mention the rare weekend!
"Go to work tomorrow, and don’t accompany me!" She’s just trying to … change the subject!
"Let’s talk about sleeping in the next day!" He pulled it directly and was sleeping with his back to her.
It worked! Ha, ha, ha, so he has a headache when he moves out of work!
In a daze, she also fell asleep.
In the middle of the night, Xiao Cheling woke up several times and saw her being kicked, but it was still very strong. He was very resistant to "no wonder children were kicked". Even so, he helped her build it.
As a result … She threw the quilt away again …
"Han Yiqing, can you behave yourself!"
As a result …
Burst a little body directly rolled to the ground …
Chapter 88 Baby Fence