I’m afraid both of them would have died unconsciously if they hadn’t found out how far they had gone into the Woods before they fell into two arrays in a row, which was tough in mind and will, such as steel and flowers and snow.

重庆夜网,重庆耍耍网,重庆桑拿论坛,重庆夜生活论坛桑拿夜网 I’m afraid both of them would have died unconsciously if they hadn’t found out how far they had gone into the Woods before they fell into two arrays in a row, which was tough in mind and will, such as steel and flowers and snow.

Seeing that the Dreadwind Gate’s gatekeeper array is fierce, the wind is rising and the flowers win the snow, it is even more cautious. It can be regarded as a step-by-step camp to keep your mind from being confused by foreign objects
"It seems that the two times that we just met were confusing the mind, and it was so realistic that it was almost impossible for people to recognize this as the law." The wind raised his eyebrows and locked his head and worked quickly because he was just attacked by the knife and rain. Now his physical condition has dropped a lot, and his whole body is dripping with blood. Every step will involve a physical wound and bring a general pain of tearing flesh.
Neither of them dares to meditate here, and no one knows when they will be in danger of array. When there will be healing drugs to stop bleeding and slowly heal the wound.
Hua Sheng Xue is also not a stupid person. He mused, "This Dreadwind Gate is worthy of being a mainland superpower that has stood for thousands of years, and it has its own advantages. This gatekeeper array can definitely trap most troublemakers. I was seriously injured when I entered the outer array of Dreadwind Gate. I have seen the array there, and I am sure that I will rush out to kill God, but the array here has not tried to be more careful."
"Since it is confusing the mind, we should stick to our mind and warn ourselves that everything is an illusion and we will have a chance to reduce casualties." Feng Yang said with a dignified look that he was not completely sure of the fact.
Hua Shengxue’s face suddenly appeared a thick and strange expression. He pointed to the front like a wry smile and a playful smile. "So what do you say is the front real or an illusion?"
Wind Yang looked up and followed the direction pointed out by Hua Sheng Xue to see hundreds of magic wolves blocking the front two people’s eyes, and there were huge magic wolves everywhere.
These hundreds of magic wolves are all seven levels of Warcraft. Every magic wolf has the fighting capacity of ordinary Wu Xian’s strong. Even Wu Sheng’s attack on the strong is still a far cry from the strong Wu Sheng.
"It should be an illusion." Feng Yang’s clear and deep eyes are full of magic wolves, and he is a little less confident in speaking.
"Do you want to make sure this is not a joke?" Hua Shengxue stared at Feng Yang fiercely. At this moment, it is too hasty to decide things with such an irresponsible word as "should". After all, this is a major choice of living and dying, and a wrong decision will kill both of them.
In the sight of hundreds of Warcraft slowly approaching each magic wolf, the maw is constantly dripping saliva, which seems to have not tasted the taste of human beings for a long time.
Seeing that hundreds of Warcraft heads are approaching, they bring a foul smell, and from the magic wolf side, they also send out a chilling momentum. The overwhelming momentum generally sweeps over, and everyone feels that they are oppressed by this magnificent momentum. According to the former law effect, the wind Yang guesses that the main effect of these laws is psychedelic.
If everything in front of you is an illusion and you really attack, then the fact of attacking is that you are fighting with the gas and consume your energy and physical strength to kill hundreds of first seven Warcraft, which will definitely make a strong man in Wu Shen exhausted and exhausted.
And if Warcraft is real in front of you and you don’t attack it as an illusion, then you and Hua Shengxue will be instantly overwhelmed by these hundreds of first seven Warcraft and will be brutally bitten into pieces when you blink of an eye.
"Is there a result in genius doctor?" At this time, the magic wolf has approached the place three feet away from the eyes, and the magic wolf in the front row has stopped to be bloodthirsty and ruthless, staring at the wind and the flowers to win the snow. Two people, humans, look at their posture, and they may come at any time and win the snow.
"We are now in physical condition and strength to deal with so many seven levels of Warcraft, and it is difficult." The wind raised and sank in the face of stopping at the magic wolf road three feet away, "gambling."
"You are indeed a qualified gambler," Hua Sheng Xue Gherardini said, but the line of sight has been locked in front of the magic wolf, who stood side by side and waited for the magic wolf to rush.
Those magic wolves didn’t disappoint Feng Yang and Hua Sheng Xue. The magic wolves in the front row suddenly swooped forward, followed by the magic wolves who swooped toward Feng Yang and Hua Sheng Xue. The distance of the seven magic wolves was three feet. Before the blink of an eye, they had already gone to Lingchao Feng Yang and Hua Sheng Xue to grow up with a big mouth and sharp paws on their forearms, which seemed to be trying to tear them to pieces.
In fact, at the moment, Feng Yang is also extremely nervous and still has a little fright. Once the bet is wrong, it will be a narrow escape.
Seeing the magic wolf fly over, the wind blows and Hua Sheng Xue smiles at one another. Soon, both of them force themselves to keep their eyes wide open and stare at Ling. The magic wolf came over and let himself not blink.
In the face of hundreds of heads and seven levels of Warcraft, I choose not to flash or avoid my eyes without blinking. This eye is not tough in mind, which can explain that this is a kind of courage, a kind of courage and a belief in myself.
I wonder how many people can make a choice and implement it with such boldness in the face of life and death. I am afraid that most people will choose to give it a try in such a situation.
"It’s all an illusion." Feng Yang’s heart strengthened this idea, and the magic wolves also jumped on the wind and the strange scene reappeared for a moment.
As the front row of Warcraft dives into the wind, the dense magic wolf department disappears at the same time and flies to the wind. The magic wolf is also a sign of disappearing. * The wind and the flowers win the snow without even shaking the body.
"Bet on it." Hua Sheng Xue smiled indifferently and they continued to move forward.
After about a wick of incense, I came to the central position of the forest, and when they were a little slack, the danger came again.
Seeing their position in all directions, including Zhongdu, all kinds of energy attacks one after another, which are as dense as a storm, and the wind blows and the flowers win the snow, so that the two people can’t find the slightest dodge gap.
"Is this an illusion or a reality?" Hua Sheng Xue looked at the wind with a wry smile, and at the same time wielded a sword to tear up the attacks from all directions.
"According to the characteristics of the previous array, there should be a possibility of psychological game. It is impossible to confuse the fantasy every time. This time it may be true. They estimate that they want people who break into the array to have an inertial thinking and think that the previous array is an illusion, so this one will be an illusion. However, they have made this array a real attack, which can definitely make people unprepared."
Feng Yang said it was very cool, but he didn’t carry the fastest speed in his hand, waving the dragon’s blood sword, scaring the sword, and resolving the azimuth attack.
"I hope so" flowers win the snowy road
The two men pushed forward while resisting the attack. Although the speed of their swords was terrible, the attack in this area was azimuth. Several attacks attacked them from all sides at the same time, and their legs, hands, head, chest and belly were all within the attack range.
No matter how fast they shoot, they can’t prevent attacks from all directions at all times. Almost every wave of attacks, Feng Yang and Hua Sheng Xue, will be hit by several attacks.
The two men gritted their teeth and insisted on holding back every inch of the body’s skin from spreading, causing severe pain and blood loss, weakness and moving forward quickly. Each array has a specific area, so you can avoid such an attack if you want to break out of the array area.
"Forced to rush into the array" Feng Yang saw that it was not a way to resist this. Every wave of attacks would sometimes dissolve the attack and increase consumption, but it also made the injury of * * more and more. He simply cast out the Yuan soul gas mask to cover himself and Hua Sheng Xue and let the Yuan soul gas mask guard against the offensive from all sides.
"Rush" the wind blows and the flowers win the snow. With the protection of the Yuan soul gas hood, they can show their fastest speed and dash forward. Fortunately, the speed of flowers winning the snow is not slow, but there are always attacks on the Yuan soul gas hood, which produces a fine impact force, so that both of them should try their best to stabilize their bodies. The speed has not dropped a lot.
When the two men left the array, there were many cracks on the Yuan soul gas cover, as if an eggshell was about to break, which was a mess.
The wind is getting paler and paler, and even the lips of the white paper have no color. The Yuan soul gas mask was released by his Yuan soul force, and the Yuan soul gas mask was attacked, which is equivalent to the direct attack of Yuan soul force, so this situation will occur.
"Can you still insist?" It’s too risky for Hua Shengxue to worry about watching Feng Yang rush into the array like this, and it’s also too risky for Hua Shengxue to see the super power of the mainland. If it weren’t for the defense, the terror, the soul mask and the gambler’s quality, he would be very lucky. I’m afraid that Feng Yang would have died in the law in the forest.
"Must insist" Feng Yang grinned and immediately said "He’d better pray that he is always trapped in these arrays, or he will always go out and kill God. The first thing to do is to destroy these celestial killing arrays"
"It’s one of the great things in life to be able to fight with you." Hua Shengxue turned out to be a little excited at the moment, perhaps because the firm tone and domineering words just now infected him, which made Hua Shengxue feel a kind of heroism.
The pursuit of a strong man’s life is not to defeat all the strong men, but to find a appreciate each other brother to fight side by side and despise the pack is not in vain.
This kind of danger can always inspire a strong heart * * and boiling blood.