"shh! After a long time, what you said is all nonsense! " Gave Cang Xie BaiJianBai way.

重庆夜网,重庆耍耍网,重庆桑拿论坛,重庆夜生活论坛桑拿会所 "shh! After a long time, what you said is all nonsense! " Gave Cang Xie BaiJianBai way.

"How can this be nonsense? It’s just that I haven’t thought of a way yet." Cang Xie face reddish way.
"Ha ha ha, you two are so cute!"
Maitreya was sent by his teacher Luo Ya to help Xuanyuan, and he naturally followed this war. After hearing the words of Cang Xie and Bai Jian, only he, a temperamental person, can make this sound.
Maitreya did this, and everyone present turned their attention to him. Seeing that everyone was looking at him, Maitreya said with a smile, "What are you looking at me for? I’m not manly!"
With a bang, everyone fell to the ground by Maitreya’s words.
"In this case, Xianchang has long had countermeasures, and I hope Xianchang will teach me!" XuanYuanZheng is body, come forward to Maitreya devoting a ritual way.
"I’m just a clown in Shan Ye, there will be any plan! However, since I have received your gift, I will remind you that the Jiuli tribe has the great help of ancient witches. Most of you are ordinary people, and you are absolutely no match for others. It is better to surrender. "
Say that finish, it is a burst of laughter.
If Maitreya’s words are heard by ordinary people, you must doubt that he was sent by Chiyou to make trouble! But Xuanyuan, as a natural Ren Huang, is not an ordinary person. He immediately understood the meaning of Maitreya, and said with a smile, "Thank you, Xianchang!"
After thanking Maitreya, Xuanyuan asked everyone to rest, so that they could meet the coming war. And he himself lit the letter that Guang Chengzi left for himself when he left after everyone left.
Not long after the incense was lit, Guang Chengzi arrived, and there were eleven Taoists of different shapes with Guang Chengzi. Xuanyuan guessed that these eleven Taoists must be the stuff of Guang Chengzi, so they hurried forward to Jianli.
Of the twelve people, only Guang Chengzi received a gift from Xuanyuan, and everyone else dodged.
"Now you are about to complete your merits and respect your status, so you don’t have to be polite to us!" Guang Chengzi explained to Xuanyuan, who looked surprised.
"These eleven are all my schoolmates, and we have come to help you this time on the orders of the sage teacher."
Say that finish, Guang Chengzi introduced the bearer to Xuanyuan one by one.
"Thank you, Xianchang. Xuanyuan is here to take the people of the world to thank you for your great righteousness!" Xuanyuan road.
"Ren Huang is welcome. It is also our pleasure to help Ren Huang." Eleven Taoists said politely.
After being polite again, Xuanyuan welcomed 12 people, including Guang Chengzi, into the tent.
The next day, early in the morning, a woman descended from the sky like a goddess of nine days and came to Xuanyuan’s army. The origin of this woman is not simple. She was originally a nine-day Xuan Nv in the celestial world. This time she came to serve the orders of the Heaven Emperor and the Golden Mother of Yaochi, the Lord of the celestial world, and also to help Xuanyuan defeat Chiyou.
Nine days Xuan Nv, like Xuanyuan, is also a good hand in marching and disposal. With such a fairy coming to help, Xuanyuan naturally welcomed him with joy.
Soon, the two armies opened their posture in the plains of competing deer.
"Chiyou, you are one of my Terrans now. You and I are fighting for the position of co-owner of the Terran in this world, and I have nothing to say. But why do you want to involve the witch family? Do you still want the world to return to the hands of the witch family?" Before the two armies, Xuanyuan took the lead and shouted at Chiyou loudly.
"Ha ha, Xuanyuan children, this vast land is originally a witch family. What’s wrong with giving it back to the witch family now? Besides, when did I say I was a terran? I told you that the Jiuli tribe had long been a witch! " Chiyou retorted loudly.
"You are cruel by nature, Chiyou, especially the witch family. If you want the witch family to regain this world, I won’t agree!" Xuanyuan drink a way again.
"Xuanyuan Xiaoer, if you want to fight, you have to fight. Why do you want to use your breath there? Am I still afraid of you?" The arrogant way of human-god.
See so human-god, Xuanyuan also know it’s useless to say more, now a wave of his hand countless Terran warriors swish their spears and stand in front of the Terran army.
Accompanied by general Bai Jian’s explosive drinking, countless long guns were thrown out from Terran soldiers. Their sharp pike, with a sharp piercing sound, quickly flew towards the army of Jiuli tribe.
"Hum!" When Chiyou saw this, he snorted and turned to the army behind him and shouted, "Boys and girls, it’s time to show your toughness and bravery. Go ahead and knock those vulnerable terrans across the street to the ground!"
The warriors of Jiuli tribe, after being commanded by Chiyou, all seemed crazy. They gave a high cry, and all rushed towards the opposite Xuanyuan army, ignoring the sharp pike falling in the air.
Although the pike has taken away the lives of many Jiuli soldiers, it is only nine Niu Yi hairs compared with nearly one million Jiuli troops. In a blink of an eye, a large number of Jiuli soldiers rushed to the front of Xuanyuan army.
"defense!" Looking at the approaching Jiuli soldiers, Bai Jian gave another order without any panic.
Countless shields appeared in front of Xuanyuan army in an instant, and only gaps were seen through the shields, and countless pike came out, harvesting the lives of Jiuli soldiers who dared to come forward.
Soon the feet of Xuanyuan soldiers were full of blood, and their pike was either dulled by killing too much or broken by Jiuli soldiers.
At this time, another wave of Jiuli soldiers rushed up, and the Terran shield wall was breached in an instant.
Shua, Xuanyuan drew out the Xuanyuan sword that Maitreya brought to himself, and with a shout of "kill", he led the most elite warriors of Terran to meet the Jiuli warriors who rushed over.
Thus, a melee began in the plains of competing deer. There was shouting and killing on the plains where deer were fighting, blood flowed into rivers, and a large number of lives were harvested.
The scuffle lasted from morning till night, with heavy casualties on both sides. Finally, Chiyou and Xuanyuan must not both retreat at the same time and agree to fight again tomorrow.
There is another watch today, so stay tuned!

Chapter 13 The Battle between the Deer (2)
"Today’s World War I, our losses are not heavy. There are only 1.2 million left in the two million troops. This Jiuli tribe is really brave!"
After counting the rest of the military forces, Xuanyuan hesitated to the people who came to help himself and his men, such as Guangchengzi, Jiutian Xuan Nv and Maitreya, and Bai Jian Cang Xie, who were full of big tents.
"Yes, with these remaining troops, I’m afraid we will be wiped out by Chiyou and others tomorrow!" Cang Xie is also worried.
At this time, Huang Longzhen, who came with Guang Chengzi to explain the teachings, stood up and said, "If we let our other disciples go today, the human-god should have been destroyed long ago. Tomorrow’s World War I, please ask Ren Huang to promise to let our other disciples play! "
Originally, since the last time GuangChengZi single-handedly slaughtered hundreds of thousands of Jiuli departments, Xuanyuan was really seen these monks who could fly to the ground. Today’s fighting during the day, Xuanyuan was afraid that if Guangchengzi and them were allowed to go, the Jiuli tribe would be wiped out immediately, so he only let Guangchengzi and other twelve people and Maitreya take charge of the big tent, and did not directly participate in the fighting.
Xuanyuan smell speech, the in the mind is also a hesitation, jiuli tribe human-god hasn’t seen any avatar, if you let guangchengzi them on first, it is against your consistent morality.