Although they are facing more than 30 thousand reward points at the moment, no one is so happy

重庆夜网,重庆耍耍网,重庆桑拿论坛,重庆夜生活论坛喝茶资源 Although they are facing more than 30 thousand reward points at the moment, no one is so happy

This line of words is like a curse at the moment, and it is so depressing that people can’t breathe, because they are all from the Lord God like them, and the Beihai team has been completely destroyed in just three days. So, can they return to the Lord God intact or how long can they last …
"I corrected what I said before." Chu Xuan suddenly sneered. "Now we must be ready for the mass annihilation at any time."
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The second chapter is about finding the protagonist.
There seems to be some trouble …
Qin Jing suddenly felt a chill in his heart. There was a samsara squad just like him, but he knew nothing about that deadly force.
It’s like there are several eyes peeping around, waiting for you to slack off and then giving you a fatal blow …
Chu Xuan, however, seems to be quite interested in this corpse. He examined the wound of the whole corpse and said with great interest, "Judging from the lividity and rigidity of the corpse, he should have died. It hasn’t been a day since the body remained dirty and there was no pathological change, and he still carried a mountaineering bag with him …"
"What did the mountaineering bag say?" Jason swept the flies.
"Did you say anything?" Chu Xuan bowed their heads and took out the vibration Bi from the bag and cut the man’s wrist, which made the people around him take a step back.
Chu Xuan still has a habit of abusing corpses? Everyone has a cold heart.
While the people criticized the object, they took the watch of the Lord God like nobody else’s eyes. "Where was the mountaineering bag just now? The North Sea team is not rich and should not be very embarrassed, otherwise they won’t even be able to exchange the D-class bag …" Chu Xuan said this sentence and threw the watch in his hand into the bag.
"and then? ….. "They still seem to be not too white.
Chu Xuan got up and took off his white gloves. "It’s a question of survival rate." He looked up at the crowd. "Because the team that entered the horror movie world first can gain momentum in this world, I guess that the North Sea team entered this world first because they were weaker than us, and this backpack also accepted the certificate. I infer that since the North Sea team has persisted in this world for nearly three days, the chances of seven days should be higher by one percent. One or two of us can persist to the Lord God. This is my current clue."
Chu Xuan didn’t seem to realize that his words made the Zhongzhou team more gloomy. No one wanted to die. Chu Xuan inferred that it made the living more worried.
But Qin Jingbai Chu Xuan means that there is something in it. He knows that if the Zhongzhou team is not destroyed, there will be hope for reconstruction because there are many props in the Lord God that can resurrect the dead …
Chu Xuan looked up at the sun shining overhead. "It’s noon now, and before dark, we have to find the protagonist to live in, otherwise we may not even last a day."
They nodded their heads.
In Chuxuan No.1, the biochemical man helped Qin Jing connect the bus bumper string to the anti-gravity power car body, and the newcomers got into the bus in turn, not because they all believed Qin Jing, but because they said that they were not too infiltrated in this seemingly deserted place.
The bus ran over the ground and pushed the stone weeds aside one after another. It hit the crow gently and kept croaking and hissing overhead, which was particularly harsh in such a quiet environment.
Qin Jing took out the invasive navigation device that had been corrected for a long time from his bag and gave it to Chu Xuan. Although the world has been completely paralyzed, the metal machines in Wan Li probably haven’t been able to react. They used to work day and night, and the workers have long since perished.
After all, there is nothing anyone can do. At any time, there may be antelopes and cheetahs running out from behind the tarpaulin. Joking Zhan Lan has been spreading his spirit around the car to prevent any sudden changes. Qin Jing wiped the layer of ash outside the window by hand. Looking out from that small circle, the glass of the surrounding high-rise buildings seems to be broken. Most of them occasionally have one or two windows covered with dust.
Qin Jing remembered that there was a program about how long it would take for human beings to devour these literary products after they disappeared. When he was witnessing all this at the moment, he suddenly felt a little ironic that human beings had always believed that they could change nature, but in the end they would not be buried by a handful of loess …
"Fortunately," Chu Xuanyin came out from the intercom, "We and the protagonist should be both in the Manhattan Islands. All the bridges in this city have been blown up. It will take some time to send all 16 of us to another island with this anti-gravity power car."
"Well, how long do we have in Chu Xuan?" Qin Jing took his eyes back from the window. He looked at the newcomers, except that he threw them to the Lord God to shield them. The big man in Northeast China has been hiding in the back. Other newcomers looked out of the window with a novel face. In such a seemingly calm world, newcomers will never worry about life and death.
He looked at the horror film in which the future member of Zhongzhou team Ming Yan Wei was wearing Zhan Lan’s clothes, which were a little tight because Zhan Lan was smaller.
At this time, Ming Yan Wei seems to be sleeping lazily in the car chair.
It seems that it’s counterproductive. Qin Jing looked at Ming Yan Wei and was more highlighted by tight clothes. She had some headaches.
Zhao Ying never looked away from her after talking to Qin Jing, which seemed like a complete attitude.
Is Qi Teng a very active and Jason aside saying something?
"There are still about twenty minutes left in the first place." The voice in the intercom hesitated. "There are two places in the navigation system at the bridge head of Nanjie because of the shadow. I’m not sure about the exact location."
"Well" Qin Jing will look out the window again.
"This is probably it," Qin Jing said to the walkie-talkie at the bland table in the shadow.
Chu Xuan didn’t come from a power car, but Jason climbed the bridge with Qin Jing.
"Robert doesn’t seem to be here," Jason said. He looked up into the distance and looked across Brooklyn. From such a distance, it seems that there are still tall buildings standing, and there are collapsed bridges in two areas, which shows that there was a fact here …
There is no dust on the table, saying that he hasn’t been away for too long. Qin Jing looked at the traces of his hands.
He recalled the protagonist’s habits in the film. He likes to play golf in fighter planes and visit dvd shops … It seems that it is not easy to grasp his whereabouts.
"Chu Xuan, are we waiting here or should we find a shelter first?" Qin Jing turned on the intercom and asked Chu Xuan.
"Wait for two hours. In the novel, the protagonist once eliminated the body odor to prevent the nightmare from tracking, but these things are exactly what we lack."
"How about this?" Qin Jing hesitated. "You should go and find our shelter first. It’s up to me and Jason to stay here. This walkie-talkie power can cover 50 kilometers. There should be no problem."