"I know he’s good to you, and I don’t want to listen to that." Qin Wan looked at Tan Wu’s sharp eyes and there was a flame beating. "Xiao Wu, you should know what I am good for you and what I am thinking about you."

重庆夜网,重庆耍耍网,重庆桑拿论坛,重庆夜生活论坛桑拿夜网 "I know he’s good to you, and I don’t want to listen to that." Qin Wan looked at Tan Wu’s sharp eyes and there was a flame beating. "Xiao Wu, you should know what I am good for you and what I am thinking about you."

"If you want to go back to North America, what will happen to Emperor Tiangao?"
"What can happen?" Tan Wu smiled at people easily. "Sister, you think too much. Besides, there is Lu Si over there …"
"He should still have some interest in me."
"This words say you ah that alpha is really enough to quiet" Qin Wan face dew blame lightly sighed a "ok, then you go back and pay attention to what time is your plane this time? Or … "Haven’t bought a ticket?
"Are you going to see me off on the six o’clock train this morning?"
"Of course," said Qin Wan, and his face looked a little off.
After a moment, the atmosphere was a little awkward. Qin Wan said, "Why don’t you sleep in the guest room first? Will I ask them to wake you up after five o’clock? Be careful with the plane, too. Which alpha is not interested in ega like you? "
"How can it be so exaggerated? It’s not like I have an ega in the world." Tan Wu was teased.
"Come on, don’t be modest in front of me. It’s not the most difficult thing for others to say that you don’t look good."
"Is that their elder sister?" ega showed a clever smile in front of Qin Wan.
Qin Wan couldn’t help shaking his head naively when he spoke. "But my mind is the same as theirs. I am also an alpha fog. Although I said that my primary sexual characteristics show that I am a woman, the alpha quality has not changed."
Tan Wu automatically ignored the meaning of this passage and still smiled at people with a kind of precaution. "Yeah, I know."
Qin wan can’t stand each other’s good heart softening and looking at people.
Come on, I’ll take you to your room.
When Yan Shuhan woke up the next morning, ega also woke up.
It seems that I slept quite well last night, and my eyes are clearer than when I saw it at this point.
"Is Sir going to the base?" Su Mo sat up with alpha.
"Well," Yan Shuhan replied with a slight smile and kissed the guy on the forehead. "It’s still early to go to sleep."
"It’s getting late" Su Mo rubbed his eyes and looked at Yan Shuhan carefully. "Mr. Wang went to the base and I went to the back for a run."
"This is to exercise?" Yan Shuhan was surprised.
"Um … recently" just woke up and the ega sound is still a little continuous.
"Recently?" Yan Shuhan’s eyes changed slightly, thinking that no one had reported it to him. What if people were injured in the venue? These people really have to deduct their wages.
Just before I saw ega, her eyes suddenly went straight and her cheeks became red.
Bow your head only to find that you are staring at yourself to change clothes.
"What’s the lady looking at?" She couldn’t help laughing.
Being caught red-handed, Su Mo was so ashamed that he turned to lie down and covered his head with a lift.
Yan Shu cold gently shook his head "ok" stretched out his hand and gently lift guy caught by.
"Don’t cover your head, don’t be bored, madam. It’s not like you haven’t seen it before. Why are you so shy?"
Of course, ega can’t say that it’s the first time to see Mr. Wang like this in the early morning …
Besides, I’m shy. I just can’t control it.
But I let go of my hand obediently, revealing half my face.
Alpha leaned over and kissed his forehead.
"Come on, don’t bother your wife." Yan Shuhan picked up his pants and prepared to go to the bathroom. "I’ll change my wife inside and lie down for a while."
Said really took something into the bathroom.
Su Mo has some strange emotions in his heart, and he always feels that alpha takes care of his emotions too much.
But he is shy, but he doesn’t hate it
Mr. Kuang is in great shape …
Forget it, forget it. Su Mo thinks she must have woken up too early and not awake enough.
So I closed my eyes and decided to listen to alpha and squint for a while.
If you close your eyes, you will find that you have just seen alpha in your mind.
It seems that it is impossible to make up for sleep.
Su Mo rolled over the bed and went to wash and wash. Yan Shuhan was brushing his teeth as soon as he entered.
It’s the first time to see alpha doing this kind of daily work at home in a special suit. Su Mo feels very novel.
So I looked at it and looked at it.
Alpha gave him a "watch feedback" when he washed up-
The man hugged him from behind, kissed him on the cheek and hugged him like a big dog who couldn’t bear to leave his master.
Deliberately whispering in his ear makes him itchy and crisp. "What if I don’t want to be separated from my wife at all?"
Chapter 87 milli disobedience
Although it is said that I don’t want to be separated, the base thing can’t be ignored regardless of the class.
So they got bored and finally gave each other a farewell kiss.
But unlike before, today, because ega woke up early, she sent alpha to the door.
Watched the carbon black light armored vehicle drive away from the intelligent way box, leaving a small shadow to the corner and then completely disappearing from Su Mo. Then he turned around and walked to the back of the mountain to prepare for a good exercise.
As soon as alpha’s front foot left the little white ball, his back foot came out of nowhere and suddenly jumped on his shoulder.
Even didn’t see in which direction, he called him "Meow Meow" and rubbed his clothes.
"Good boy" Su Mo rubbed his head. "Okay, now I’m going to run."