"I take my mother’s surname …"


"Don’t give up if you cheat, or do you think you want to lose something besides these hands and feet? For example, come to Geng Guo Palace … as a cop? "
This qiaotai qu body shook a "she …"
A bow and arrow broke through this platform directly, and a white mist suddenly filled around Qu’s chest. As soon as he woke up, he reacted, "This is ecstasy. Let’s go!"
Jing Zhe has a certain resistance to roofies, and she can’t go back from the north of the city when she has just come. After all, they are very unfamiliar here, and those people will probably judge that they will return to their familiar places instead of taking risks in strange places.
"What was he hiding before he was killed?" I can’t even think about it
"Qu … He just said that he is Gotama Qu … This is a surname!" Jing Zhi suddenly noticed a very strange point and didn’t even say anything when he stared at her.
However, this shock just means that she feels this way, but even Jianjia shook her head. Now she can’t understand what this Taiwanese Qu said and how she would care. This has never been sensitive enough. What she said was refreshing and went to [Vertex Network O]
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Chapter 367 Yucheng (6)
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After leaving the hospital, Lianjia and Jingzhe went to the alley behind this room. Lianjia took out a blue ribbon to track the bee’s Jingzhe, but she stopped it. She even knew that she must be the first one to find someone, but Yang couldn’t reduce her staff. @++www* C
"Empress, I’ll take you to Ann’s place first."
"No need, I won’t hold you back too much." Even the cockroach released the bee, which flew due east and stayed at the house not far away
LianJianJu and Jing Zhi immediately ran to the other side and Jing Zhi picked up LianJianJu and turned into the courtyard. This courtyard seems to be very quiet. LianJianJu nodded at the Jing Zhi point, indicating that she should find someone to go there slowly. Although she knew that LianJianJu was hiding herself, it was not bad, but she just killed ShenTaiQu people.
Even when you enter the hospital, you dare not speak. After all, this hospital is too quiet. If it’s summer, there may be insects whispering. It’s nothing, but it’s winter, and even birds are rare. I didn’t go to action for a long time to push her.
Jing Zhi shook his head, but he agreed when he saw a frown.
Jing Zhe stepped out of this courtyard first and groped for the core of this mansion a little bit, but the speed was not slow. Unfortunately, she didn’t carry this claw with her now, and she was used to protecting herself. She chose to take out her pistol to face these martial arts people, and even she didn’t dare to say that she really had the speed to draw a gun.
There was some wind in the courtyard, which brought a faint smell of plum wine, and even the tandem moved rapidly toward the place where the wind came. After all, it entered the same courtyard as before. At this time, a man sat in the courtyard with his back to them and was stunned. He went there first, hid his breath and slowly walked over there.
It’s almost the same distance. The man rushed over there. He not only stopped the fright, but also pushed her to the ground. When the man got up, a person fell to the ground, and that person was Yangyang, who seemed to be in a coma.
"Let her go" went there and pointed a gun at the masked man.
Yuheng let go of the fright and knelt down to the ground, while Yang lay there quietly beside her.
"What’s wrong with her?"
"When I came, there was no breath …" Zhen Yuheng looked at lying in the ground with a frown and his face was very sad.
Even Jia Jian and Jing Zhe were slightly stunned and hurried over. Even Jia Jian tried this yang gasp and put his finger on this yang neck. There is really no pulse, but there is no blood in this yang body. This lip and skin color don’t look like poisoning. The most suspicious place is what is protected in Ziyu Pavilion? Yuheng will be here?
"Yuheng, why are you here?"
"After learning that the Empress is going to visit the battlefield, I have been secretly following the Empress to protect her Anye. When I saw that the Empress and Yang were taken away in their sleep, I secretly followed them until those people came in and saw that something was wrong …"
Even the facial expression has become a little serious. How could Yang be killed so easily? And Yu Heng’s presence here is really confusing. Even Jia Jian clenched his gun and put his finger on the trigger. "You don’t seem so sad about Yu Hengyang’s death …"
Yuheng’s expression was still very sad, but she didn’t cry or showed any anger. "It was my fault that my people fainted. She should have had a different purpose instead of killing her."
"Yuheng, you and Yang are brothers and sisters. Is that how you behave when you know that she is dead?"
"I don’t know … I feel terrible now … but …"
It’s a little strange to even look at her with a frown. Although I know that this Yang is dead, it should be the so-called, after all, even if it is executed together or long-awaited, but she can see that this attitude towards Beidou people is actually that she is not angry from the bottom of her heart, but she is also a mean person. It is normal for her not to be sad.
Looking at Yuheng and Yang in shock, she is a little embarrassed now. The feeling of blockage is stuck in her heart. It is difficult to tell those people that if they want to kill people, they choose such a troublesome way instead of poisoning them in wine.
"Empress, can you leave me alone with her?" Yuheng suddenly said
Even looking at her, she always feels that this is not Yuheng Yuheng. Although she can’t say that she knows her thoughts 100%, she doesn’t have much contact. But if Yuheng is an ordinary person who saw her sister die but reflected so much, she wouldn’t have the slightest trust in this person from the beginning.