"A girl doesn’t sit or not!" He shouted at her and dialed her little talons. How can this apprentice be completely different?

重庆夜网,重庆耍耍网,重庆桑拿论坛,重庆夜生活论坛品茶论坛, 桑拿夜网 "A girl doesn’t sit or not!" He shouted at her and dialed her little talons. How can this apprentice be completely different?

"Get to the point, I haven’t slept enough," she wailed.
"The teacher is a jade shura-Xuankai", and he is afraid that she will not remember it.
Ha ha! It’s a ghost who smiles and asks, "Why are you so serious? Is this name scary? "
Xuankai’s mouth twitched. I dare to ask this, especially in front of him. Ye Nishang is the first person to know.
Mofei, the master of the heartbroken valley in the Jianghu, is his own younger brother, but few people know that this layer of mofei’s stunt of "double skill in medicine and poison" has become famous. There are three people in the Jianghu who know that Xuankai’s attainments are as far away as mofei, and his martial arts training has reached its peak. One is that they taught his teacher, the "Soul Chaser of the Five Halls and Yamaraja", and his old man drove a crane to the west ten years ago. He can’t say that; One is Xuankai, who has been tired of his life and is a loner. He disdains to say that few people make friends. Another person is heartbroken valley, who is obsessed with other people’s medical skills. The most important name is altruism. He refuses to say that Xuankai is strong-willed, and he doesn’t like his younger brother’s injury to Gu. The living people have repeatedly advised him to leave heartbroken valley.
Bravery is an iron man’s color. Over the years, he did not know how many scum in the Jianghu have been eradicated. His martial arts is not to kill people, but once his "death list" is established, whether he is a sect master or a petty thief can escape him. He never likes the method of killing the wicked with one knife, but it is a strange way. Poison is like a million ants eating their hearts once every three months. If the martial arts resistance can alleviate the pain, but the consequence is that the poison will become shorter and shorter as the skill invades the seven meridians, and the pain will become deeper and deeper.
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People are afraid of forcing horses and riding seventeen gangsters. After careful planning, they staged a life-and-death struggle in Qingfeng Mountain. The struggle eclipsed the sun and the moon, and the mountains and rivers sobbed. No one saw what happened at that time. I knew that all the seven of Qingfeng Mountain fell to pieces overnight. The scene was cruel and bloody.
It is said that Xuankai’s retreat was like a bloody shura near-re-embodiment, and the name "Jade Shura" came from it.
Chapter 41 Fairy advice
Wow! It’s great to have such a big backer, and it’s almost full of flowers. No wonder I’m not afraid of him at all. He should be the one who loves her sincerely
She jumped up, put her hands around his neck and kissed him on the left cheek. He smelled like dad, and the familiar smell made her reluctant to let go.
Jade shura’s face is as red as ripe shrimp. This girl is so presumptuous that I don’t know if there is a difference between men and women. He was angry and wanted to push her down, but he saw her reluctant to go there, like a lost deer returning to her parents’ arms to help her, but he was particularly eager for this moment. fine steel became a soft finger, and the touch of her tender fingertips was soft in his heart. Alas, how wronged she was!
"Are you a master who is going to hang on a swing?" He can’t bear to ask him if he can say that his neck is about to break.
"Oh," she shrank back and sat down on the bed. Do I weigh that much?
"Master, why weren’t you with me when I was in the most difficult time?" She made a fuss
"Ha ha, girl, after this question, you will be white. Now I have to go." He regained his black veil and still floated out of the window
No, it disturbed her good dream. Yes, tell her a story and it’s not finished. She just lies back and counts sheep.
For three days in a row, Nishang woke up in the middle of the night on time, but the window was strict and even the flies never came in. Master, did you leave me alone? Nishang feels like a farmer waiting for a rabbit, and she can wait silly if the rabbit doesn’t come.
On the morning of the seventh day, she struggled with the pillow and refused its temptation. She got up straight and got up. Lack of sleep caused her eyes to turn blue. She took last night’s leftover tea and carefully smoothed it and put it on her eyes. The cold and comfortable feeling spread, and people were also refreshed.
Huh? An inch-wide piece of paper was pressed on the desktop, and the dress was close to watch and managed to move to the other hospital. At the bottom, three small words were clearly written-Jade Shura’s dress quickly pulled out the paper and burned it into ashes by candlelight, and then mixed the paper ash into the residual tea without leaving a trace. Intuition told her that Ye Fu no one knew that Jade Shura was a teacher and pupil.
Where to live? Hehe, the farewell hospital said that it is a place for leisure and retreat. In fact, big families often come to confinement and make mistakes. When she was stupid and fat, her parents were not willing to send her there. What reason does she have to talk about them now? Pretending to be sick? Forget it, forget it. I’ve been sick for two years, and my family is used to it. This road is blocked. No, Mrs. Liu can’t get through this. She can’t bully her sister and make a family feud, can she No, no, no, she can’t bear the notoriety. The king’s egg is still three feet high. Is it so difficult to find a legitimate reason? God, help me. God? That’s the idea when my eyes shine on the dress.
When Laner came in to wait on her, she found Nishang lounging in bed. "Are you uncomfortable, Miss?" She touched the young lady’s forehead closely. It doesn’t seem that she caught a cold.
"Laner, I’m not sick, but I’m not comfortable." She is weak and tired.
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"Miss, I’ll call a doctor." Laner is a little nervous and hard to treat, and said it was not a disease!
"My doctor can’t cure me after breakfast. Please ask my mother to come over. It may be good for us to talk." Nishang said with strength.
Huh? Miss won’t have an old disease, will she? Bless the Bodhisattva! Listen to Yuxuan. Do you like Miss Now?
"Handmaiden go now" LanEr in a hurry.
"Silly girl, don’t disturb others quietly. I have something to discuss with my mother. Don’t worry, I’m not sick." The dress set up half an ID card to show her.
"Well," said Miss Laner, she was convinced that her idea could not be wrong.
After dinner, Laner went to invite Mrs. Liu. "You all go. I have something to say to my mother." She dismissed the servant girl and leaned back on the headrest.
"Daughter, what happened mysteriously and sent everyone out?" Mrs Liu asked strangely.
"Mom, when I’m going to live in another hospital for a while," said Nishang Gate.
"Silly child courty what are you doing there? Listening to Yuxuan doesn’t call you heart? " Mrs Liu asked lovingly.
"Mom, do you know what your daughter can’t afford to get sick?"
"Well, how many famous doctors your father invited can’t tell why? What can Mother know?" It pains her to think of her daughter’s suffering.
"My mother and daughter had a strange dream last night about a white fairy. She said that her daughter was reincarnated as a hundred flowers fairy, which was different from ordinary people."
"Ha-ha, I knew my daughter was a lucky girl. When you were born, a hundred flowers really blossomed." Mrs. Liu proudly took over.
"But mother, do you know why my daughter has a strange disease?"
"Does this fairy know?" Mrs. Liu easily walked into the nishang to set a trap.
"Yes, she said that although her daughter was expensive, it was the evil spirit that caused this disaster." The dress said seriously
"ah? Then will you be safe after you are well now? " Mrs Liu asked hastily.
"Of course, it’s not the fairy who said that after the age of ten, her daughter must choose a clean place away from the noise and disturbance every year to live for a period of time and concentrate on worshipping Buddha, so as to resolve her bad luck." I think the temple is clean, mother. It’s not as convenient for people to come and go as it is for her daughter to worship Buddha there to eliminate disasters and take refuge. What do you think? " Dress with drooping eyes and sincere attitude
"Nishang Niang will accompany you?" She is not at ease.
"No, mom, I’m just staying for a few days, and my daughter’s fate will definitely improve when I come back. This time I’m going to take Laner. If you don’t trust me, just send more guards." The bride shook her mother and couldn’t help coquetry.
"Well, you’ll be wronged for a while in the future. Tianniang sent someone to inform the housekeeper of the other hospital that it was arranged for your brother to send you. He lived there when he was hunting and was familiar with the situation in that area." Mrs. Liu made a decision
"It’s still thoughtful of the mother." She kissed her ass intimately.
Forty miles outside the city is a three-way courtyard in Yejia Yard, which is neatly repaired. Except for Ye Lingfeng, who occasionally stays here, almost no one from Yejia Village has been to the surrounding rows of houses. Ding Henong of Yejia Village has worked hard every day and has the opportunity to enter the Xiangfu Yard.
Chapter 42 hungry
"Miss Master Ye is going to live in another hospital outside the city" and reports regularly on cold days.
"Why is she going to recuperate or reflect?" It’s inconvenient for a dead girl to take a look when she runs so far on a whim.
It is said that "it is said that good deeds are caused by good results".
"Do you believe it?" The man in red rapped on the desktop and stared at the cold face.
"Don’t believe it but have to believe it" Lengri replied.
"What is this?" The man in red one leng.
"Of course, the owner doesn’t believe it, but the owner can’t find out the truth." The word "alas" is a shame in cold days.
"Ha ha, high winds open the Lord also have not found things! Has that girl been in contact with anyone recently? " Only a cunning fox can arouse the interest of a good hunter. This scene is getting more and more exciting.